Hi Deconetwok,

I subscribed to Deco in late July this year as I see there is potential in the system and I was told that some missing features will be in future release. But I was disappointed that the latest release did not solve the most crucial issues for many printers, there isn't complete pricing structure for all the printing methods in this industry.

With the Area pricing added in V7, it is possible to have a temporary work-around solution for Vinyls but I did have enough process to replace for that many other Heat transfer material I use and the current solution cannot apply for special effect/colour type of Vinyls which cost more.

This is a big problem, pricing is the core of our business, if we can't work the math right....we can't sell. Deco should take "PRINT METHOD & PRICE STRUCTURE" as the No. 1 priority for updates next to security and bugs issues.  

Instead of working on a Vinyl module and then a Laser Transfer module and then a Printable Vinyl module one by one. Deconetwork should work on an ALL-FOR-ONE SOLUTION - which is the flexibility to let us add any number of Printing Process on our own and let us choose which pricing structure to go with the print method we added. There are already, single print, area print, colour print etc pricing structure in the current solutions, thou still not perfect at the moment ( still missing of specific print size price calculation method and additional cost option for Vinyls colours that cost more ) but implementing a flexible "ADD NEW PRINT PROCESS" and "CHOOSE PRICE STRUCTURE TYPE" should not be that difficult? It will seriously resolve a lot of limitations now.

I have been wondering how many developers/programmers does the company have too.... a Vinyl feature took so long to be added??????
I hope someone can let us know how long we have to wait for the price structure to be complete!

Thank you!





By laine on 22 December 2014General ideas Submitted