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More process modules (vinyl, transfer, engraving, etc)

More modules for other processes like laser engraving, etc.

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Accepted!


Richard Mattinson says:

Too right! It's 2014, time to allow the designer to do something basic like vinyl print!
By Richard Mattinson on 24 August 2014

Kristine Hamaty says:

I would like to see: cut vinyl, laser engraving, applique (in addition to embroidery), UV/Solvent Direct to Substrate Printing. OR if it's too lengthy of a coding process, just give us access to all the options on the main process page (screen charges, maximum colors, color pallets, etc.) so we can adjust these for each price table. If this doesn't make sense, please let me know and I can try to be a little more eloquent!
By Kristine Hamaty on 25 August 2014

Brenden Prazner says:

Hi there, We're accepted this idea and would like your input on it. Please visit http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/general/19-more-process-modules to discuss how you see this feature working.
By Brenden Prazner on 25 August 2014


Being able to add new processes is awesome. Screen print transfers are a great process that fulfillment centers and affiliates will want to take advantage of and this idea being accepted will allow that to happen.
By ZACH DEWHURST on 27 August 2014

Adam says:

Shouldn't be pre-defined processes. Let store owners define their own with access to all different pricing methods/tables
By Adam on 27 August 2014

Ruben says:

I like your Idea, Adam.
By Ruben on 27 August 2014

Nabil Ahmed Khatri says:

Hi Brenden, when we go to that link we come back to this page? EDIT: nvm
By Nabil Ahmed Khatri on 27 August 2014

Brenden Prazner says:

Hey Adam, We have considered allowing custom decoration processes and probably will. The issue is... they wont really be known to DecoNetwork. i.e. we don't know that is really "Vinyl". So come new features like integrated outsourcing where you can search for a contractor in DecoNetwork doing Vinyl we don't really know its vinyl. Perhaps we can work out some custom-to-system mapping of decoration processes, but for now we want to storm ahead and do all major, common processes to ensure that 'system mapping' is in place.
By Brenden Prazner on 27 August 2014

Adam says:

Well, in that case, I would request the ability to duplicate a process. Right now, we have DTG completely structured and priced for the way we print our name tags BUT when we add a DTG printer (soon) we'll need another copy of the process with pricing structures for actual DTG printing
By Adam on 28 August 2014

Mark Holland says:

I like Adam's idea as well. We find ourselves trying to work around the limitations of the current decoration processes in order to sell products such as vinyl signs, rhinestone apparel and promotional products. If we had the ability to apply and edit all available decoration settings at the product and/or product type level, the system would be far more useful. For instance, the current system forces you to charge the same setup fee for all screen printed products, which means in order to be competitive in the t-shirt market, our setup fee needs to be lower than our cost when selling promotional products. We also seem to be forced to charge a setup fee when selling a vinyl sign unless we use another decoration method like DTG, but that process doesn't allow for additional charges for extra colors, etc. I understand the need for decoration process mapping, but it may be more user friendly to provide us with the flexibility described above along with the requirement to select the most appropriate "decoration process category" from a list that we vote on here. This would provide us what we need to sell custom products online while giving Deco what they need to support new features like integrated outsourcing. Thoughts? Thanks, Mark Holland Bayshore Brands
By Mark Holland on 05 September 2014

Greg Kwiecien says:

Yes we need more option as I offer Embroidery, vinyl (Sports film/Heat seal) DTG, Screen printing, Rhinestones etc... I would really love to be able to have a rhinestones store that has the option to change lettering similar to team names but with a lock size on the font. I have seen sites already doing this. Here is one store link just click on the cheer Mom image (stones) and you can see how to custom it and the different fonts with added cost http://www.customizedgirl.com/modifydesign/be7b4c54cfc899c7ea2bb3e9afdbdb9b_1523824 also has a design Category Rhinestones http://www.customizedgirl.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi?cm=1&cm_c=1&category=Rhinestones&cm_v=1&sub=0 Greg K
By Greg Kwiecien on 15 September 2014

Cheryl Brooks says:

Definitely!! We are currently looking for a way to add Large Format printing, decal printing, etc. to our site. Flexibility with adding processes would be a more than welcome addition for many users!
By Cheryl Brooks on 16 September 2014

Sara says:

Here's the link to the forum for discussion on this feature: http://deconetwork.com/forums/accepted-ideas/4593-more-process-modules
By Sara on 18 September 2014

Mat Henderson says:

Vinyl would be by far one of the best things to add - not everything is best on DTG!
By Mat Henderson on 11 June 2015


Hi. Need to add way to differentiate pricing in media types...HTV Glitter, HTV Vinyl, Screen Print Glitter,EMB Metallic Thread, etc...
By NICOLE DORR on 12 May 2016

Lloyd Rees says:

It would be amazing to see the extras added. Hopefully one for engraving will be soon!!
By Lloyd Rees on 12 February 2017


By NICOLE DORR on 12 September 2018

Daniel Listerud says:

How is the status of this one?
By Daniel Listerud on 12 September 2018

Bryan Johnson says:

By Bryan Johnson on 12 September 2018

Mark Holland says:

Any update on allowing more pricing flexibility by allowing custom decoration processes as mentioned by Brenden above?? almost 5 years ago...
By Mark Holland on 27 January 2019