Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time.


Deco triggers could include:
New customer, New order, Order ships, etc


By Sara on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted


Adam says:

Would also love to be able to define our own triggers (ie, customer hasn't purchased in 3mos, customer hasn't ordered but has created account)
By Adam on 27 August 2014

Sara says:

Absolutely. Integration with Intercom.io would be lovely too.
By Sara on 01 September 2014

SDPH says:

This would be great! I would love to integrate BASE CRM, EVERNOTE, XERO, Shopify and so many others... Please bring apps to deco!!!
By SDPH on 08 December 2014

Greg Pentland says:

Letting you guys know we just did mailchimp , are currently doing zoho then will get onto zapier.
By Greg Pentland on 15 September 2015

Devyn Lado says:

Love this idea!
By Devyn Lado on 10 October 2015

Justin says:

By Justin on 18 January 2017

Larry Sainte-Marie says:

+1 since this would improve the API. integrations with external apps is pretty much a requirement these days.
By Larry Sainte-Marie on 06 February 2017

Jared Fullinfaw says:

Hi has Zapier been done yet?
By Jared Fullinfaw on 11 March 2017

Paolo Nardi says:

Any plan to do this anytime soon? I think it’s crucial
By Paolo Nardi on 27 October 2018
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