Packaged Products

I'm not sure this how many people offer these kinds of deals on their stores, but we would love to offer a single item packaged purchase. We want to be able to include multiple products into one nice single add to cart item. We've done this a few times on our store by creating a product type specifically for that package and using custom fields to indicate sizes and each view to be the product, but it’s very unclean and does not work large scale having to make new product types all the time. Just have the ability to package preexisting products from our library into a single product type.

By Kevin on 26 August 2014General ideas Submitted


Stephen Nolan says:

Would be great to be able to offer a package deal. We sell to soccer, baseball, football clubs. To offer a package deal of cleat, sock, shorts and tee, for example where you could have the player pick each, maybe then add number / name to tee, etc. would be huge. Right now, have to do this on printout order forms.
By Stephen Nolan on 30 August 2014
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