DN Support Ratings...Need to ask 2 Questions

DN Support Ratings

Will you please change your support rating system to ask 2 separate questions?

1. Please rate your experience with you Support Represenative (or something to that effect)?

2. Are you satisfied with the answer DN provided on your issue?

I am guessing your rating system is not accurate.  I am also guessing that your Support Representatives have compensation tied to their ratings.

Here is why it is not accurate. 

Most of my experiences with DN Support Reps are awesome. 

DN technicians are generally well trained and know their stuff.  Many times they are messengers delivering content from Development or the Catalog Team that may not meet expectations,  My ratings do reflect my optinions of the contaent because the Customer Support Technician does not deserve it. 

The feedback you receive will be more actionable bc it will tell you if you have Customer Service/Technician Training vs. Product Functionality challenges....or to say that in a more positive way satisfaction:)

Not sure if an idea is the right place to put this.

By NICOLE DORR on 17 April 2018General ideas Declined


Cristofer Cruz says:

Hey Nicole, we use Zendesk for our support system and it doesn't offer the option to ask two questions as you are suggesting We appreciate you providing feedback to our support reps. The feedback is meant to be based on your interaction with the agent not necessarily the outcome of a specific issue. This ideas section is better for requesting things to be changed which you don't like in the software today or new features that you would like to be added.
By Cristofer Cruz on 20 April 2018
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