UK Shipping Intergration

Hi Guys,

We are expanding all the time so it is important to us that our platform (Deco Network) is as streamline as possible to keep customer enquiries/quotes/orders to an efficient level.

We curracntly use DPD and would love the Deco network team to seriously consider setting up some UK shipping Suppliers so as we can book on shipments with ease and keep the system down to one system for 80% of our work so as we can streamline the process from order/production/shipment.

If you need any further information from us then please let me know.

I would love to hear from other UK suppliers using deco network as to if this would benifit them also.


Daniel Blake

By Daniel Blake on 30 November 2018General ideas Submitted


Martin says:

This is a great idea, everything seems to be USA orientated, what about us Europeans?! :-) Royal mail integration would be great too!
By Martin on 12 February 2019

Evan Cockshaw says:

Yes - can i add weight to this one too please. The problem we have being UK users is that everything does seem US centric. Would love to see some UK love here by seeing this boosted to development even though there's only a few voting for it. It's quite a critical issue for us over here.
By Evan Cockshaw on 19 July 2019

Mark Dodd says:

agreed, UK Live shipping options are very poorly supported. the addition of shipstation doesn't solve the problem as it's another paid service. Most of us will already have good rates with the likes of DPD etc and so DO NOT want to be paying extra!!
By Mark Dodd on 10 December 2019
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