Decorated Products: Decoration Process Min Quantity Override & Select Price Table

Pre-Decorated products require the same minimum quantities that are set for the Decoration Processes used.  This does not work for online stores where people are ordering indvidual products.  The current work-around from support is to make a copy of the product and use a different decoration process that is set-up with a minimum of 1. This is very time consuming requires many additional work arounds, and is not efficient.

I have 2 ideas that would help solve this issue:

  1. Add an option to Decorated Products: Decoration Process Minimum Quantity Override
  2. Add the option to Decorated Products: Select Decoration Process Price Tables 

These 2 options would allow:

  • The use of the correct decoration process
  • Customers to purchase decorated products at quantity of 1
  • Manage Decorated Product pricing in pre-formulated uniform way.
  • Reduce the number of duplicate products that need to be created and managed in the product catalog.

By NICOLE DORR on 07 March 2019General ideas Submitted


Cole Weinman says:

I can't believe this feature doesn't exist already! How are you supposed to create stores with predecorated items if the products are forced to use the global price table?? I believe the simple solution to this is having the option to override the decoration cost in predecorated products.
By Cole Weinman on 23 December 2019
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