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Limit Vinyl colors

For those that do not do full digital vinyl transfers, it would be great to see a way to limit colors like we have with screen printing as well as minimums if need be. 



Decorated Products: Same Management Capabilites as Catalog Products

1. Decorated Products need same management tools as catalog products

For example,we need to have the same availability tools as the catalog products:

  • Availability: Determine where decorated products are allowed (stores, business hub)
  • Product Status: Active/Inactive (so we don't have to delete products that are not currently available)
  • Size: Determine size availability by decorated product as well as catalog
  • etc...

2. Decorated Product Creation/Management from 2 Locations;

  1. From the primary settings
  2. From the affiliate store (so affiliates can still create there own)

By NICOLE DORR on 12 August 2016General ideas Submitted

New pricing table

We need a pricing table that multiplies the square inch size of the logo by a defined price. But the price per sqaure inch will change based on a definable size range and quantites. See our website for an example.

By Samir Sifri on 03 August 2016General ideas Submitted

Free use registration fields

We need to know if our customer fill right some important fields.. we notice that under "configure" we can decide only the Maximum Characters, and not the minimu, and if it can be numeric or alphanumeric... it's useful to have controll on this thing!

Another useful thig is that if a store have 2 types of customer: company and private person, come out different field during the registration, if one choose company, appare some fields, and if choose private there are some other fields... so you have all the information you need for invoice.



By Ilaria Turco on 06 July 2016General ideas Submitted

Abandoned Cart Email

I like this function a lot BUT It would be great to see the Abandoned cart email feature images of the items left in the cart. 


Ability to pick which live products get added

Currently when we add a brand into our system, it adds every product listed under that brand. Some products we do not want to offer but there is no way to delete live products that are not being used. This adds a lot of clutter to the back end and it would be nice to see an option added


Manually Override Product Categories, Product Defaults & Status when Importing

We really need to be able to override product defaults, categories and status when imporint products live products. It would be nice to review live products before activating or at least override these options before adding to our live products


Facebook Store & Pinterest Buyable Pin Integration

I'm considering paying for Shopify just to get the ability to allow people to shop my store directly from Facebook and Pinterest. I would LOVE if Deco would integrate, so I don't need to pay for another service.

Social Media is such a large part of our culture, it makes sense to allow people to shop right from their profile.

By Kristine Hamaty on 06 June 2016General ideas Submitted

Bulk Action to change Product Defaults

I would really like to have a bulk action to change the product defaults.

It is very laborious to go into each product individually especially when pressing save you are returned to the start of the product list not where you just came from.



Set Product Defaults when Manually adding Products

I would really like to be able to set the Product defaults when Manually adding a bunch products.

Currently, I can't really determine what sets the product default!



Better Search Options

It would be great to see better search options implemented. Here are a few I think would be great:

1. Search by garment color

2. Search by garment size

3. Search price range (Ex: $9 - $12) 

4. Search by print method



Coupon Start and End Date

Would like to see the added functionality of being able to add a start and end date (and time if possible) to coupon codes.



Wilcom to auto digize designs? 


Override retail prices by wholesale prices on bulk orders placed by affiliate stores

It would be great to have the ability to charge wholesale prices on affiliate orders that come directly from the registered email of the affiliate site owner. 

Orders coming through as internet orders are locked to the affiliate store, which I understand and appreciate, but there is a need for bulk orders that are placed from the affiliate site to be priced at wholesale prices and not retail.


User manual - detailed

I wish there is a comprehensive and up to date user manual prepared that gives detailed and precise instructions on how to use the program, how changing a setting will effect the end user or the store owner.




Campaign Integration with Shops

I'd like to be able to offer pre-order function provided by the campaign function within my shop.  Here's a competitor that has this function implemented:  Pre-orders and non-pre orders are fulfilled together, streamlined checkout process.

The idea is to provide the ability to offer a product in my store, along side all of my other products as a pre-order.  If the pre-order tips, I print it, if it doesn't, cancel the pre-order and no one's card is charged.

I think this would be a nice feature to have after perhaps Campaign 2.0 is delivered.

By Kimberly on 15 March 2016General ideas Submitted

The Ability To View "My Ideas" in The Idea Center

It's frustrating that we, Deco Idealists, do not have the ability to see all of our past Ideas that we have submitted. Currently there are 25 pages within the idea center and searching for the ideas a person has submitted is not easy. We should have the ability to simply click a "My Ideas" button that would then take us to a page of all of the ideas that we have already submitted. Than we could quickly see all of our past suggested ideas and make sure we don’t submit the same idea a second time. It should be a very simply function to implement into the idea center.

By ZACH DEWHURST on 08 March 2016General ideas Submitted

Add Custom Meta Tags at Page Level - ie:og:image

As you know Facebook open graph is a pain in the neck - especially for images (og:image)

I would like Deco to add a section for Custom Meta Tags at the page level.

This would allow us to do more than edit The title & deciption of the page, but also control Social Sharing.

As it is now, we are at the mercy of Facebook for selecting images from a page share (if it selects an image at all)

The only solution is to define the og:image in the main html, but of course, this means every page will share the same image.


Clone Store with limits

It would be nice to clone stores with the option of being able to choose to whether to include designs and decorated products.

By cindy on 23 February 2016General ideas Submitted

Bulk Design Adding Funcitionality

Please add some type of functioinality to help with the process of adding designs/templates to stores in bulk. Simply put, if I want to move my entire design library to a store in the categories/folders listed I should be able to do this in a few easy steps, not by having to go folder by folder to get this done. Even if not a massive bulk option, at least there should be an option to add all designs in a folder without having to go through and select each one.