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Sorting / Listing Products in the Fulfillment Center

Currently Deco gives fulfillment centers the ability to choose the order for listing customizable products within the product fulfillment settings. The problem is the listing / sorting function does not work ideally. If you ever want to add new products it is nearly impossible to get them to be listed where you want them to be. We have over 30 pages of customizable products and whenever we add more products they automatically get added to the last page. We can slowly move them up the order one at a time or have to push them all the way to the top of the list. Even worse you can't go into a subcategory / folder and rearrange their order without messing up the master order for all of the products.

So somehow Deco needs to make organizing the list of decoratable products more friendly (perhaps choose which page the product should be listed on like when creating a pre-decorated product on an affiliate site).

By ZACH DEWHURST on 11 February 2016General ideas Implemented!

Ability To Upload Price Tables Via CSV file/ Set Up Fee Inclusion

Would be nice to be able to upload and edit price table via csv file.  If you are doing inclusive pricing you need to create a lot of pricing quantities. This could also be solved by having an include setup fees in decoration pricing function. 

By Corey Hyde on 01 February 2016General ideas Submitted

Add Bulk Ship Option to Campaign Setup

During campaign setup, add checkbox for bulk ship. If selected, campaign creator then is prompted to enter shipping address.

How this woul work - on the backend, the FC would would setup a bulk ship method and price to use if selected.

By Tommy on 27 January 2016General ideas Submitted

Allow Team names & Numbers in Campaign Designer

Campaigns are also great for group order. Allow us to use the Name & Number Feature. Would be perfect for team orders.


Max Colors Per Product

InkSoft is rolling out the functionality to define maximum print colors allowed per individual product. This would be a great addition on DN.


Better custom colors & manufacturer management

Now if we create manufacturer and custom colors there is no way to connect that manufacturer with those new colors. So if we have created colors for more then one brand they are all messed together but the manufacturer appears in the dropdown menu when adding colors but with no colors.

Also we cannot edit those custom colors, at least possibility to delete would be great.

By Jan Kyselák on 16 January 2016General ideas Submitted

Cashstar (Gift Card) Intergration Needed

Please add the functionally to integrate with Cashstar for gift cards. The existing Gift Card design, setup and functionality is horrible.


1 time use coupons

It would be great to limit the # of times a user can use a coupon. Of course they can keep signing up with new emails but at least allow us to limit the use per user. 


Add Tultex & Alstyle to online catalogs

It would be great to see tultex and Alstyle added to the online catalog resource. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015General ideas Submitted

Order Reply Email For Affiliates

 it would be great to let affiliates set up thier own order reply emails so that order confirmation emails show its coming from thier own email vs. our fulfillment center. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015General ideas Submitted

Live Inventory From Suppliers

It woul be great to pass through live inventory from suppliers to our site BUT have an option to turn on / off as some people may not want this but for us, THIS WOULD BE HUGE as a print on demand company that doesnt hold inventory.

Lets say someone wants 48 - Next level 3600 in black, size XL but with live inventory it showa there is only 36 left.. the client can either order the 36 and the other 12 in a different style or just go with a different style altogether or even pick a different color with more inventory..

This would save us from having to stop production but it would also save us the headache of having to tell a customer that we do not have what they just ordered.. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015General ideas Submitted

Sort Purchase Order Line Items by Size

So this may not apply as much to our American users, however for us Canadians we cannot use the purchase orders for live ordering. We still have to manually contact our supplier to submit our orders, item-by-item.

It would be extremely helpful to have the line-items in the purchase orders to be organized first by product, then colour, then size. Currently it is organized entirely alphabetically. This creates a huge annoyance and a higher chance of error having to jump around the P/O sheet when ordering the garments.

Since you have sizes already in a separate field I feel like this should not be a very difficult thing to implement, but I by no means know anything about coding so I could be completely wrong. Either way, I feel it would be a great help?

By Rylan Grose on 21 December 2015General ideas Submitted

Sort Consolidate Products by Supplier for Back Ordering

Provide the ability to sort by Product Code when creating Consolidate Products by Supplier for Back Ordering. This will make it a lot easier to place an order with my supplier when there are multiple blanks needed from a style family, like Gildan G240, G240L, etc...  Right now it's a random mishmash of codes.

Let me know if any questions / clarification needed.

By Kimberly on 05 December 2015General ideas Implemented!

Order-Specific Custom Fields

There are currently customizable fields that are related to the customer, but no function to create fields that are order specific. Essentially, the same customer could have multiple orders, but each time, these order specific fields may be different.

We are hoping for a way to have fields that are only specific to the order, not the customer.

(One step further would be if we could add conditional fields to both the customer fields, and these order fields. If in question 1, the customer selected option B, and option B required more info, then there could be a related field that only shows if the customer selected option B.)

Thanks for considering this idea!

By Jenny on 28 November 2015General ideas Submitted

Ability to Add Blank Products As Related Products

When creating a decorated product, there is the ability to add a related decorated product. I would also like to be able to add products that can't be decorated as related products.

For example for a hoody that has a design related to snowboarding, I could add a woolly hat (that can't be decorated) as a related product.

By Paul Dorey on 24 November 2015General ideas Submitted

Please let us put our t shirt designs in more than one category?

It would be great if we can select multiple categories for the graphic designs we upload on deconetwork.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 04 November 2015General ideas Submitted

Discount artwork use instead of garments

I'd like the ability to have the artwork discounted for quantity used, rather than the item. This way they could use it on multiple items to tally up to the minimum total. It would also help with discounting embroidery when they use that artwork so many times per order.

ie. The customer could mix and match 6 t-shirts, 6 sweatshirts & 12 bags for the 24 piece minimum of screenprinting. Or, they could get different items embroidered and get the price break associated with the quantities.

By Rebecca Alumbaugh on 02 November 2015General ideas Submitted

Canada Post live shipping integration

I'd like to see Canada post live shipping integration added

For Canadians, the only live shipping option available is UPS.  Just like USPS, it is generally less expensive and more forgiving to use Canad Post



Increase Sales with easy 'Shopify' Fulfilment Integration

Ability for a Fullfullment Centre to create a 'Shopify App' for their store that integrate's with Deconetwork

So we can offer services such as these;

By Jared Fullinfaw on 28 October 2015General ideas Submitted

Sales Tax % by Item or Category

In many States within the US have sales tax varies on garments vs. non-garments items, some states even have sales tax difference between adult and children clothing.

A feature to either override line item level tax or the ability set a specific category to a different tax percentage would be awesome!

Reporting is also key, in NYS I have to file with total sales and then an exemption for the sales that were @4% vs. I have to know exact $ for each percentage.


NYS as a State has exempted there 4% tax on cloths tax in my area is 8% on non-garment items 4% state 4% county. On clothing NYS waves the tax is the unit price is below $110 thus mixing the in-state tax ONLY the applicable county level tax...

Here is the documentation from NYS:

Sales and Use Tax Rates On Clothing and Footwear
Effective September 1, 2015

Clothing, footwear, and items used to make or repair exempt clothing sold for less than $110 per item or pair are exempt from the New York State 4% sales tax, the local tax in those localities that provide the exemption, and the 3⁄8% Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) tax within the exempt localities in the MCTD. The MCTD consists of the city of New York and the counties of Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester. The exemption applies only to clothing and footwear worn by humans. It also applies to most fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, snaps, hooks, zippers, and similar items that become a physical component part of exempt clothing, or that are used to make or repair exempt clothing.

The following are not eligible for exemption:
• Clothing and footwear that sold for $110 or more per item or pair.
• Costumes or rented formal wear.

Part 1 – Jurisdictions that provided for this exemption
Sales of eligible clothing and footwear costing less than $110 in the jurisdictions below are fully exempt from all state and local sales and use tax (including the MCTD tax).
Publication 718‐C
• Items made from pearls, precious or semi- precious stones, jewels, or metals, or imitations thereof, that are used to make or repair clothing eligible for exemption.
• Athletic equipment.
• Protective devices, such as motorcycle helmets.

For a detailed list of exempt and taxable items, see TSB-M-06(6)S, Year-Round Sales and Use Tax Exemption of Clothing, Footwear, and Items Used to Make or Repair Exempt Clothing (Effective April 1, 2006).
Use this publication to determine the applicable sales tax rates in each county and city that imposes sales tax.




By Robert Phillips on 19 October 2015General ideas Implemented!