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Search Functionality for Stock Designs in Manage Fulfillment

Add functionality to search within stock design collections under Manage Fulfillment of the system.


Klarna payment gateway

One integration
– all major payment methods

With Klarna, you only need one solution to offer all the popular payment methods, saving you both time and money on administration. 

For your customers to be able to buy, they only need to enter absolutely necessary information. Simplicity that significantly helps improves your average order value as well as cart conversion rates.


-Pay Now
Pay straight away with your credit or debit card

-Pay After Delivery
Receive your goods first, pay later

-Pay Over Time
Enjoy the flexibility to Buy Now, Pay Later or make Planned Payments

customers deal with Klarna in 65,000 stores
In over 18 different countries.

By Daniel Listerud on 15 October 2015General ideas Submitted

Digitizing Fee Minimum

Would like the option to not only charge a digitizing fee per sq inch, I would also like the option to charge a minimum $ amount for such services. So any order that requires digitizing that is below this minimum $ amount is automatically charged my minimum for this service. All others that are above this minimum $ amount will be charged according to the digitizing fee per sq inch cost.


My Ideas

 It would be nice if I could see all my submitted ideas without searching through all of them, similair to "My Topics" in the forums but my ideas. I hate that I have to even submit and Idea for the Ideas.


Improve scalability of custom domain configuration

This is a techy one, but you should get it sorted...

You currently instruct users to hard-code one IP address as an A record when adding a domain to deconet:


. Will tie you forever to the 1 IP address - if you want to use geo DNS you're stuffed, if your provider goes bust or otherwise wants to use that IP address for something else you're stuffed, if you want to move hosting providers you're stuffed.

. Won't work in the future with IPv6 (they'll need to add AAAA record too)

. Will give your all your stores permanently poor latency (particularly to European end-users) due to the round trip down-under - unless you want to try and get control of that whole IP block, and shift it overseas and introduce multiple routes to it with BGP (you probably don't want to go there).

In short it's a bad idea, and it won't scale...

What you should be telling people to do is point their domains at you using CNAMEs and or NS records - then YOU can change the IP address(es) of the web server yourself when you need to.

By Tim Small on 12 August 2015General ideas Implemented!

User Limitations and Access

There needs to be a way to limit users from being able to see the Dashboard and sales data in any or all stores not matter what their level of access is.

By Jeff McClure on 05 August 2015General ideas Submitted

Price based on Cost +%

Have an OPTION to have your price set by your cost + markup


For instance if you use a standard mark-up of cost+50% on all your products, you just input your cost in the "cost" tab and then in the "price" tab there is a check-box where you can select to set your price based on cost. You could either have an are right there to input this percentage or when you select your product default that changes the percentage (i.e. hats are 50%, jackets are 25%, etc). Saves us having to do the math on every product we have and would eliminate the size surcharge having to be filled in as well.

By Rylan Grose on 31 July 2015General ideas Submitted

Cost by Size

Simple idea since it applies to about 75% of all the products out there. Have an option to create costing based on size!!!


9 times out of 10 a product will have a different price based on size, however the price across different colours will be the same. That being said, we currently still need to input a price for "white, light & dark" regardless of them all being the same. Most products this doesn't take too long to do as there are only 6 sizes x 3 = 18 boxes to fill in. However if you have pants or dress shirts with upwards of 30+ sizes, it takes an extremely long time to do.

By Rylan Grose on 31 July 2015General ideas Implemented!

Price table for Area pricing

Well, i thought i better add a post here, since the other one seems to have died.. 

The area based pricing method seems be half way finished, its a shame since its a very good feature, but it cant be used yet. 

There is no way of making a discount on this method, which really is a shame,.

We need a pricetable just like in the printing section, with white/light/dark, AND a setup fee. 

We get a lot of customers on our site who order 100 pcs and up, and we would really love to start using the area price, but since there is no discount we cant use it. 

Thanks .. hope this is something that is already on the table for future versions..



Multiple products for campaigns

I would like to see multiple product options and designs for the campaigns implemented.  It would be great if a fundraising group could sell both a tee and a long sleeve shirt or have the ability to add a bag or a mug to a campaign.

The ability to have multiple designs would be great as well.  Having 1-3 design options as well as multiple products would be beneficial. 



By Nia McAdoo on 02 July 2015General ideas Implemented!

UK Post Code Validation for Shipping Methods

Hi UK DN Users,

For Shipping Methods for DN in the UK,  a list of counties are displayed for which that Shipping Method is to be available.  Here in the UK we have been using postcodes since the 70s and for our courier service to deliver we will need a valid postcode.  Different timeframes and costs apply to different areas of the UK, so we have provided DN with an extract file of valid postcodes prefixes and associated areas such as  UK Mainland, UK Offshore, Scottish Highlands and Islands and non-UK Offshore.  Using this we will be able to calculate correct timeframes and costs. Without this, I don't see how we can use Shipping Methods at all.  Vote here if you want an up-to-date solution for Shipping!

How have other UK DN suplliers dealt with Shipping?  Please let us know how you have got around this problem, or if you just don't use it.






In the Index why can't there be a direct link to this area "DecoNetwork feature ideas & voting" I feel like it gets lost and you have to click three links before getting here. Feature Ideas and Voting should have a main area that shows the newest post like the other areas in the forum. I don't think all the users are aware of its exsistance or there would be far more voting!


Include Paypal and Bacs Payment on Banking Reports

I would like to see this Paypal and Bacs Payments on the Banking report also have a columb for Any tax paid, would be helpful of me if any others would like this please vote thanks

By Daren Wright on 04 June 2015General ideas Submitted

Secure Passwords

Allow admins to see passwords of other company profiles on the site, or set rules with regard to passwords. Must be X number of characters, have a symbol, or could be randomly generated with the requirement to change the password within 10 days.

By Steve Wald on 28 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Multiple sizes when min requirement is set

Our Minimum order is 36 for screen printing and at times our clients want to order 250 but with multiple sizes... it would be great to allow customers to pick multiple sizes when pciking an item with a min order requirement set to it. Maybe set an option to allow this or to deny it like it is cureently set at but i can see how this copuld help with screen print orders. 


More Options for Generating Reports

It would like to see more options for what can be exported in the Reports section.  Specifically, I would like to be able to export Shipping Weight in the Order Line Items report.  Maybe a bood solution is allowing people to create and save their own reports.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 21 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Add Cost of Good Sold / Cost of Decoration

Hey, we would like to see the cost of decoration, and # of decorations, added to the sales report / export. We need this information to accurately determine the Cost of Goods Sold for accounting purposes. Currently it only shows the decoration price. 

By Matthew Walls on 15 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Other blank products

How about other blank items that we can create designs on like:

dog clothing/shirts

Canvas or cotton Tote bags

Jackets or coats


Table cloths, place mats, cloth napkins

plastic cups, plates, paper napkins

baseball caps




By Kathy Lykins on 07 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Add/ Remove all products from Catagory...

Simple in thought, but not too sure on implementing it...

Simple selection to add or remove all selected products to a specific catagory...

Apologies if already posted, the search didnt bring anything up...

By Luke Lavelle on 25 March 2015General ideas Implemented!

Option to make products active/ inactive from catalogue updates...

When adding new products from Catalogue Updates, items are automatically loaded into the site as an active product, even if they are not configured, catagorized, etc.

Just a simple tick box option that if new products are added via smart select or anyother way through a catalogue update, they are made active or inactive depending on user settings, this would help us to have them inactive immidietely so we can catagorise them correctly, check decoration areas and so on without having to take note of the product and find them in and amongst 1000's of other products...

By Luke Lavelle on 12 March 2015General ideas Submitted