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Duplicate a Custom Shipping Method

It takes time to create an entry for each additional kg and select Shipping Locations for a shipping method. Only to have to do it all again for each variation, e.g. By 10, By 12, Saturday, Saturday by 10, Saturday by 12, Sunday, Sunday by 12.

Could you please add the ability to duplicate a Custom Shipping Method.

It would save time only having to change the description and prices of each variation.

By Andrew Smith on 12 February 2015General ideas Submitted

UK Live Shipping Integration

I know you have UPS integration, but some of the most common couriers in the UK are DPD, Interlink, UK Mail, Parcelforce and Royal Mail.

Could you look into integrating some more UK couriers please. My vote would be Interlink, Royal Mail and UK Mail in that order.winking


By Andrew Smith on 12 February 2015General ideas Submitted

Email Marketing Database API/Sync

I would like to be able to have an api to have my email/customer database be synced with an outside email marketing platform. For instance Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. 

There are a lot of sync companies that do this now. One would be Zapier, it connects an API to one system with another and lets you send data back and forth. 

By Soleiman Bolour on 11 February 2015General ideas Implemented!

Product listing Order

Edited: Found that if all products are selected, four arrows are displayed.

On the Manage Fulfillment products page, the sort mode arrows only move the product to the top or bottom of the selected list, not up or down the list one product at a time, when you have selected a category from the left. If you select all products, four arrows are shown.

Need to have the extra arrows that move the product one place up or down the list, added for individual category selection.

Would also be great to be able re-order groups of products using the selection tick boxes on the left of the product listing to select the products to move and use the bulk action or drag and drop to move them.

By Andrew Smith on 07 February 2015General ideas Implemented!

Sorting Products & Categories

I would simply love it if there were a quicker way to sort products into categories. Rather that having to configure a product and saving any changes, which takes a while when loading, it would be awesome if we could drag and drop products into category folders, much the same way we can reorganize the categories themselves.

Or a "move to category" drop down option included in the bulk option area similar to most email browsers which would make the sorting process much simpler. Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 03 February 2015General ideas Implemented!

Sales team commissions

it would be great to assign a sales team member to a order / quote and then once closed the sales team member makes a commission (editable) on that sale. Maybe integrate PayPal or use zero / intuit payroll to pay out employee.?? 

If the above is not possible then a way to generate a report based on sales member would be great.. 


Pick up in store

We have a lot of cutsomer who are local to us and also ones who are far. We love giving the option to our local customers to be able to save on shipping and pick up in store, but we seem to have customers from all over our state who choose to pick up in store. We end up losing money on shipping for the customers who aren't local and are choosing "Pick up in store." There should be an option for us to be able to put zip codes, cities or something so the customers who aren't local won't be abe to choose that option. smiling



Hi Deconetwok,

I subscribed to Deco in late July this year as I see there is potential in the system and I was told that some missing features will be in future release. But I was disappointed that the latest release did not solve the most crucial issues for many printers, there isn't complete pricing structure for all the printing methods in this industry.

With the Area pricing added in V7, it is possible to have a temporary work-around solution for Vinyls but I did have enough process to replace for that many other Heat transfer material I use and the current solution cannot apply for special effect/colour type of Vinyls which cost more.

This is a big problem, pricing is the core of our business, if we can't work the math right....we can't sell. Deco should take "PRINT METHOD & PRICE STRUCTURE" as the No. 1 priority for updates next to security and bugs issues.  

Instead of working on a Vinyl module and then a Laser Transfer module and then a Printable Vinyl module one by one. Deconetwork should work on an ALL-FOR-ONE SOLUTION - which is the flexibility to let us add any number of Printing Process on our own and let us choose which pricing structure to go with the print method we added. There are already, single print, area print, colour print etc pricing structure in the current solutions, thou still not perfect at the moment ( still missing of specific print size price calculation method and additional cost option for Vinyls colours that cost more ) but implementing a flexible "ADD NEW PRINT PROCESS" and "CHOOSE PRICE STRUCTURE TYPE" should not be that difficult? It will seriously resolve a lot of limitations now.

I have been wondering how many developers/programmers does the company have too.... a Vinyl feature took so long to be added??????
I hope someone can let us know how long we have to wait for the price structure to be complete!

Thank you!





By laine on 22 December 2014General ideas Submitted

Edit Meta Information for Decorated Product Category Pages

Provide the ability to edit meta information, with page title being the most important, for decorated product category pages.

By Kimberly on 30 November 2014General ideas Implemented!

Adding Yelp and LinkedIn to the Social Sharing Sites list!

Please add Yelp as an option to when adding social sharing links.

So what can we do? Add Yelp! Oh and why not LinkedIn too?

Please vote!

By Caesar Rubio on 21 November 2014General ideas Submitted

Related Items

When creating decorated items, we would like the capability to make items that are decorated with the same design related to each other without having to go in and relate the items to each other individually? It seems logical that we would be able to make this selection during the initial item creation stage. It would also be very helpful if there were a way to make relationships mutual. For example, if Item A is related to Item B then it would make sense that Item B should be related to Item A as well...possibly a check box?

By Mark Holland on 17 November 2014General ideas Submitted

Provide the ability to share Decorated Products between stores

We have 4 or 5 main stores that we operate that have unique niches, but some of the decorated products could be shared & available to 2 or 3 orther stores.  We have 100's of decorated products.  

For a decorated product that we want to use in multiple stores, current implentation requires us to create a decorated product from scratch in each store.

Provide the ability to designate that a decorated product is applicable to one to many stores.  This could take the form of designating the decorated product for availability in multiple stores, providing the ability to import decorated products from other stores...anything that minimizes the clicks / time needed to make a decorated product available in multiple stores.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014General ideas Submitted

Improved Sorting of Products, Decorated Products, Designs

Our shop has 100's of products, 100's of decorated products and 100's of custom designs.  

The current implemenation displays these products / designs in pages.  If I want to move a product from page 10 to page 3, I have to either move it page by page 10 to 9 to 8, etc... or move to top page 1 and then move to 2, then to 3.  

This is very time consuming, particularly when moving many products / designs.

Please improve the ability to sort and move products & designs within our shops.  An interface that I think is simple and easy to re-organize is Netflix.  I can easily move movies in my queue from 50 to 15 with one click.

Generally need improved ability to rearrange products / designs within store.  This should be uniformly applied to all locations that provide sorting.  I only listed to the two that are most commonly an issue.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014General ideas Implemented!

Adding a color picker

I would like the team ad decontwork to add a color picker instead of the color slider....Dye-sublimation gives us the option of every color combination available. A color picker makes it simple for our customers to match they color they desire...The slider is a constant guessing game whereas acolor picker is an exact science for my customers...This is about my customers....Please vote on this so Deco-Network will move this to the top of their list.. 

By Tony Cooper on 02 November 2014General ideas Implemented!

Private Forum - Deco members only

With our frustration for the lack of Deco team members communication at the current forum, I like to think that is do to not wanting to share publicly (hoping this is the reason) their plans or whatever they are doing that they would like to have in a closed circuit, even if this is not the reason I still would like to have a private forum, I don't like much thinking of my potential competition watching and reading what I'm up to, if they are also members of Deco then I would feel that we're in a fair game.

So if you like the Idea please VOTE!


If you like to discus this idea please go HERE


Thank you.


Automatic Rewards Program

We are in the process of launching a website for Fraternities and Sororities and using some sort of Rewards Program is important to us. It would be beneficial for other retail sites as well, but this market responds to this type of program more than any other I've looked into.

Points would be earned by purchasing (an item priced at $19.99 would earn 20 points), referring friends (10 points when a friend signs up for an account) and on friends orders (get 10% back in points from referred friends orders).

I want to set up options for points to be redeemed for exclusive products, credit towards an order and as a "gift" to a friend.

By Kristine Hamaty on 21 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Ability to use Radio Widget over drop-down lists

There are a few places within Deco that it makes better sense for using radio buttons over dropdown lists.


The first place is when affiliates sign up for a new website and they have to choose a custom website template. Most affiliates don't even notice that the templates are in a drop-down list, and nearly every new affiliate starts with the default custom store template. 

The second place where radio buttons make more sense over a drop down list is on the shipping page. It makes more sense for customer to be able to see all of the shipping methods at once and make a choice from there. Our customers can pick up their orders if they like but most do not because they didnt see that it was a shipping option. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Bundle items for offer

Allow shop owners to create a bundle sale item eg 3 Polo shirts and 1 jacket for £80.00  The customer can then choose colours and sizes as well as add a logo in the designer etc.

By Justin Pugh on 16 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Button to "Add All Colours" when configuring custom product

I would like the option of adding all colours within each specific section when configuring a product. For example, when you create a custom product, on the left side of the tabbed section is colors. Within there, you're able to all all the colors you want, but at this time, you need to select them one by one.

You should be able to either add them all at the same time, or all the colors would have checkboxes next to them so when you select the ones you want, you can click a button that says "Add Selected" at which case, would add all the colors you specifically chosen...

The reasoning is because I constantly create custom products and am always needing to select the colours one by one which makes the whole process rather slow...

By Caesar Rubio on 10 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Sales Team commission

I think it would be nice if we could automaticaly pay out a percentage of each order a sales team member creates to their personally paypal. Say if I give my sales team a 15% commission based on the total or their order, that would be automatically help and paypal could mass pay them. I know there are work arounds for this, but not very good ones.