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Sell Non Printable Products

I want to be able to sell non-printable products. I want to sell Fabric Markers for instance, I want to be able to keep inventory on this product. 

I want DecoNetwork to add options beyond selling printbale products. I want to click on an option so the printing design feature of a new product does not come up. This is just a product for sale and I can add the image and sell the product. No need to add shipping info, sizing, quantity, etc. etc. 

The best way to describe this, is selling a product that just like a Shopify, SquareSpace, or any E-Commerce selling website. 

Hope this makes sense to people. 


By Soleiman Bolour on 12 September 2014General ideas Submitted

More Developers

Deco needs to hire more developers, so our wonderful ideas gets implemented tomorrow, the ideas just keeps piling up... and Deco needs to keep up, or what you all think? :-b

Well... is just an idea.


By Ruben on 11 September 2014General ideas Implemented!

Gift Cards/ more functionality

I would like to be able to edit gift cards. Expiration date ect after they have been created. Also when doind a CSV import the "valid till" date is always automatically in the past for some odd reason which creates problems that cannot be fixed if you don't notice and click import. 

By pete on 09 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Post Order Review/ website review

Would be nice to have a post order review email option. I currently use Yotpo whichs works great, but I would like to see everything in one place on deco instead. 

By pete on 04 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Crowdfunding for Groups

For group orders, allow individuals to log on independently to the same account to pay for their own garments out of the group order by letting the organiser share the link through social media to all members of the group. Only when the full amount is reached do you then start fulfilment of order.

This would prevent large orders falling through because of the hassle for the organiser of rounding up everyone’s payment and then processing a batch payment.

By Andrew on 04 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Custom Production Blackouts

Love being about to disallow weekends as production days, would also love the ability to define OTHER non production days (holidays, shop maintenance days)


Idea Difficulty level

I think each idea should be "rated by difficulty to complete" by a deco team member eventually. This could include how long each project may take to complete if the idea is accepted.  Or the reasons why it's not possible to keep people from further voting. Some of the ideas on here are way way easier to implement then others. 


Add All Colors when creating new products

When adding a custom product and selecting the specific colors you want for the product, you should be able click a button that says "Add All Colors".

This would prevent us from having to select colors one at a time even though we want to add all of them. I've had to create dozens of custom products and select the dozens of colors one by was very tedious which is why a button to quickly add all colors would save on creating products...

By Caesar Rubio on 27 August 2014General ideas Submitted

Square Inch Pricing by Color (White, Light, Dark)

This was mentioned in the Feature Ideas section of the Forums, but this needs to be addressed. Under "Decoration Pricing" when you choose "Price per Sq. Inch" there needs to be an option to change the square inch price for white, light and dark products. I can't charge the same amount for a white shirt as I do for a black shirt - it's just not plausible nor good for sales.

I originally wanted a price table, but I can live without that for the time being - as long as this can be fixed sooner rather than later...... ;)

By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014General ideas Implemented!

Designer effects / No Underbase Option DTG

I would like to have a designer effect that would allow the design to be previewed without a white underbase. Or allow us the option to upload our own effects on the designer / like photoshop's multiply ect. 


Better Coupons...

We should be able to define if/then statements for promotions for order criteria (ie IF a customer orders this specific shirt + this specific jacket THEN this will happen. This could be useful for 'grouped product' promotions and all sorts of other clever stuff.)

We should be able to limit coupons to a specific color of a specific item if we want. Go nuts with specificity here.

There should be custom messages to the customer when a coupon is applied/when it fails to apply about criteria for that offer being met/not being met. These should be store-owner defined on a per coupon/promo basis.

There should be a way to auto-apply a coupon/promotion based a specific URL or query string (ie customer clicks on 20% off _______ PPC/Email/Social ad, and that pricing discount is automatically applied to their session for that item (or whatever items are included in the promotion) while keeping the regular list pricing the same for other visitors)


Production Time based on Product.

I have many products that have way different production times. I would like to see the ability to base the production time on the actual product/ quantity order. Currently I believe it is one standard production time which doesn't make any sense. 


Multiple Colors/Products for Quantity Discounts

If this has been added, I apologize - I thought I saw it earlier but couldn't find it on my last search.

Inksoft has had this feature available for a while - you can add multiple colors of a product (25 Red, 25 Royal and 25 Purple in Gildan 2000 = 75 pieces) to get a lower price because of the quantity. 

I haven't looked recently, but I "think" you also can choose different products to get the same result. This is important to our business as screen printers and embroiderers - we have camps that order youth, ladies and unisex styles and will get the price break that corresponds with the total number of shirts ordered over all three styles. 

By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014General ideas Implemented!

Idea comment(s) notifications

Would be nice if it were built in to the UI here, but email notification would also suffice- I think it will really increase community engagement and discussion of all these GREAT ideas being submitted.

Should notify when community member comments on idea you submitted OR idea you have commented on.


Downvote button?


Voting only works if you can voice your dissent on an idea.



Add product selector to Quantity Discount area

Since coupons currently can't be limited to specific products, we use the quantity discounts a lot to put specific items on promotion.

Right now this involves:

  1. Creating Discount Structure
  2. Opening each product that I want discounted, apply, save product.

It would be awesome if I could just pick the products for that discount right from the quantity discount area.


Packaged Products

I'm not sure this how many people offer these kinds of deals on their stores, but we would love to offer a single item packaged purchase. We want to be able to include multiple products into one nice single add to cart item. We've done this a few times on our store by creating a product type specifically for that package and using custom fields to indicate sizes and each view to be the product, but it’s very unclean and does not work large scale having to make new product types all the time. Just have the ability to package preexisting products from our library into a single product type.


Product Search In Adding Decorated Product Section

In our master library we've now reached about 100+ pages of products offered. As it stands the only way to quickly find products when adding a new decorated product to a store is you have to go to the category which the product is under and then remember which page you can find said product on. It would be great to have a similar search bar is in the product section in the decorating section, just type in the product id or name and get the same results.


Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time.

Deco triggers could include:
New customer, New order, Order ships, etc



Better Strip Integration

Deconetwork currently integrates with for credit card processing, but doesn't take advantage of Stripe's ability to store customer information.  

Alternatively, Deco could just integrate stripe's 'Checkout' option --