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Idea comment(s) notifications

Would be nice if it were built in to the UI here, but email notification would also suffice- I think it will really increase community engagement and discussion of all these GREAT ideas being submitted.

Should notify when community member comments on idea you submitted OR idea you have commented on.


Downvote button?


Voting only works if you can voice your dissent on an idea.



Add product selector to Quantity Discount area

Since coupons currently can't be limited to specific products, we use the quantity discounts a lot to put specific items on promotion.

Right now this involves:

  1. Creating Discount Structure
  2. Opening each product that I want discounted, apply, save product.

It would be awesome if I could just pick the products for that discount right from the quantity discount area.


Packaged Products

I'm not sure this how many people offer these kinds of deals on their stores, but we would love to offer a single item packaged purchase. We want to be able to include multiple products into one nice single add to cart item. We've done this a few times on our store by creating a product type specifically for that package and using custom fields to indicate sizes and each view to be the product, but it’s very unclean and does not work large scale having to make new product types all the time. Just have the ability to package preexisting products from our library into a single product type.


Product Search In Adding Decorated Product Section

In our master library we've now reached about 100+ pages of products offered. As it stands the only way to quickly find products when adding a new decorated product to a store is you have to go to the category which the product is under and then remember which page you can find said product on. It would be great to have a similar search bar is in the product section in the decorating section, just type in the product id or name and get the same results.


Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time.

Deco triggers could include:
New customer, New order, Order ships, etc



Better Strip Integration

Deconetwork currently integrates with for credit card processing, but doesn't take advantage of Stripe's ability to store customer information.  

Alternatively, Deco could just integrate stripe's 'Checkout' option --


Add Mandrill Integration (Transactional Mail)

Integrate fulfillment center with Mandrill for transactional mail


User Added Coding for Snippets

I know that there are some pretty coding savvy people that have posted on the forums, but I don't want to search through the posts to find them. If we could add our own html or css coding to the snippet section, I think it would be a more valued and used resource.

I remember that someone created a snow fall effect on one of their pages (pretty awesome!!), so maybe a place to upload images as well?

I wouldn't mind if there needed to be an approval process from Deco to make sure that the snippets do work properly and don't go against any terms of service, laws, etc.

By Kristine Hamaty on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted


Allow fixed rate as well as % commissions


originally raised & discussed in topic:

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted

Vote Status

This idea is for this Voting system, I know that if you try to vote again in an Idea that you already

voted the system will pop up a message telling you that you have already voted, but as the list keeps

growing the harder to remember if you have already voted for it or not and it may become annoying

to click on all of them to find out if you already voted or not, you may even skip an idea that though

you vote for it and you didn't, so how about a visual status that can tell that you already vote in that

particular idea? like, "you voted for this idea" or something along those lines, I hope this is even

possible to implement.


More process modules (vinyl, transfer, engraving, etc)

More modules for other processes like laser engraving, etc.


Private decorated product

To be able to upload a private decorated product/s to a certain customers to approved and buy


Reward program

A reward program for frequent buyers