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Basic Embroidery Settings Density

There should be basic embroidery settings for garment types, the one we download from Deco has very low density for hats that we have to use our software to edit it , when it should be just download from deco and use it instead of spending more time and labor

By Eser T on 30 August 2018General ideas Submitted

have an easy way to see what order a gift certificates certificate was used on

On gift certificates having the ability to see what order/s they where used on encase a customer quire the order  


The scenario some schools we work with give the parents gift certificates to buy school uniform with us, we where contacted by a parent asking why her code was not giving the full amount. After checking if it was used (it was) I tried to check if it was used by the right person but with the easiest way to find where a code is used is to generate an order report that would take a while as the code could have been used anywhere in the last 2 years


So what I am asking to happen is have gift certificates be able to tell me the orders they have been used on for the purpose of checking when and who used them encase it is queried by a customer

By Matt Moore on 10 August 2018General ideas Submitted

Non-Supplier Products

I would like the ability to be able to add non-supplier products that don't necessarily print on apparel or mouse pads such as custom vinyl decals. The custom vinyl decal is the actual product. 

Thanks, Anthony

By Anthony Rodgers on 04 August 2018General ideas Submitted

Modal Widget

I would like the option to add a Modal Widget to the website builder.

I'm imagining it working in 2 parts, the Modal Link and the Modal Window. The Link works like the Button Widget, and the Window works like a 1-Column Widget, letting you use other Widgets inside the Modal Window. 

The settings will let you change the normal options, like backgrounds, borders, max-width, padding etc, but you can also choose the overlay colour/transparency and how rounded the corners are. You also have an option that lets you open the window on page load instead of with a link.

By Matt Kennedy on 22 July 2018General ideas Submitted

Lightbox Added to Image and Gallery Widgets

Is it possible to add lightboxing to the Image and Gallery Widgets? You can already add a link to an Image Widget, so maybe add a checkbox below that to open the image in a lightbox instead, then do something similar with the Gallery Widget.

By Matt Kennedy on 22 July 2018General ideas Submitted

Clone DN8 Website Builder Pages

I want to be able to clone or duplicate an existing page within the DecoNetwork 8 Website Builder.

I have a handful of pages that follow the same general design layout, and it's time-consuming and vaguely soul-crushing having to redo the same layouts over and over again. If I could clone an existing page, I could do the layout once, then save an hour each time I need to do a new page by just cloning it.

By Matt Kennedy on 10 July 2018General ideas Implemented!

Integrate Shipping Method R.R. Donnelley - Domestic (USA) & International

Please integrate RR Donnelley.

RR Donnelley is a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW) working closely with the U.S. Postal Service® to help businesses send shipments internationally. RR Donnelley helps customers access discounted international shipments, facilitates customs clearance, and offers enhanced tracking with visibility down to package-level details.

Here are the services they offer.


Domestic Economy Parcel 

  • 4 – 9 business days
  • Trackable packages using USPS for final delivery
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 16oz, 1 to 25lbs

Domestic Priority Parcel

  • 3 – 6 business days
  • Trackable package using USPS for final delivery
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 16oz, 1 to 15lbs

Domestic Parcel BPM

  • 4 – 9 business days
  • Bound printed matter with delivery confirmation
  • Parcel size: 6oz to 25lbs

Domestic Priority Parcel BPM

  • 3 – 6 business days
  • Bound printed matter with delivery confirmation
  • Parcel size: 6oz to 25lbs

International Priority Parcel Delivery Confirmation

  • 4 – 10 business days
  • International shipping dutiable or printed matter shipments
  • Delivery confirmation available

International Priority Parcel Non-Delivery Confirmation

  • 4 – 10 business days
  • International shipping dutiable or printed matter shipments
  • No delivery confirmation available

International Economy Parcel

  • 7 – 14 business days
  • Economical option for small parcels

International International Priority Airmail (IPA)

  • 3 – 8 business days
  • First class consolidation service with USPS
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 4lbs, m-bag services for printed material up to 66lbs

International Courier

  • 2 – 5 business days
  • Door-to-door service for documents and dutiable items
  • Delivery confirmation available

International Surface Air Lift (ISAL)

  • 7 – 14 business days
  • Combination of air lift to destination country and surface delivery via USPS
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 4lbs, m-bag services for printed material up to 66lbs

International e-Packet

  • 3 – 7 business days
  • Economic option with tracking and delivery confirmation available
  • Package must be under 2kg (4.4lbs) and less than $400 in value

Priority Mail International (PMI)

  • 6 – 10 business days
  • Priority mail international service through USPS

Express Mail International (EMI)

  • 3 – 5 business days
  • Express mail international through USPS

By Andrew Hendrick on 07 July 2018General ideas Submitted

Reusable Custom Widget Blocks

I want the ability to create custom widgets blocks in the builder that can be used on multiple pages. Editing the base Widget Block edits all the pages that use it.

Eg: Each of my System pages (privacy policy, returns policy, guarantee, etc) has a sidebar of links to the other System pages, and a few other custom links (about, contact, etc). I currently have these set up as a 1-column widget housing some header widgets and a couple of Link Widgets. It takes a lot of time to add these to every page. It also takes a lot of time if I have to make a change to all of them.

A better option would be to create the sidebar once, then just drag that Custom Sidebar Widget into each page I want it. If I want to make a change to the sidebar, I change the base Widget, and it makes that change to the widget on all pages that have it.

By Matt Kennedy on 04 July 2018General ideas Submitted

Image Gallery Widget - Add Multiple Images and Rearrange Images

You currently have to add images to the Image Gallery widget one at a time. Each time you add an image it takes 4 or 5 clicks. It can be frustrating and time consuming if you have a large gallery of images you want to display.

I propose being able to shift+click, ctrl+click and/or cmd+click to select multiple images and add them all at the same time. It actually baffles me that this isn't default behaviour.

You also can't rearrange the images within the widget, which can be a pain if you just want to swap 2 images in the middle or something similar. A simple drag and drop interface works well for this.

By Matt Kennedy on 25 June 2018General ideas Submitted

Multiple Navigation Dropdown Types

Currently you can only have one style of dropdown menu in the main website navigation, either Simple or a set Width (content, page, etc). The Set Width looks good when you are displaying image categories (like for the Designs page), but doesn't look good when it's just a few text links (like for the About page).

I want to be able to use a Set Width dropdown menu for some dropdowns, and a Simple dropdown menu for others.

By Matt Kennedy on 25 June 2018General ideas Submitted

Create Your Own

In version 8 after a garment has been decorated there are icons that appear at the bottom of the page.  One is $.  Right now, if you click on $ you are taken to the request a quote page, but the design that was created is lost.  Is it possible to have the design carry over to the quote page?  This would be a highly valuable feature and make us more competitive with Custom Ink.

By Jill Ammerman on 05 June 2018General ideas Submitted

DHL integration

I would like to integrate DHL Italy to our shipping methods.

By Irene Caset on 30 May 2018General ideas Submitted

Copy a Template created in Template Builder

As a shop owner, I require the ability to make a copy of a template that I've created with the template builder so that I can, copy the template and make small incremental changes without having to recreate the entire template.  

On simple templates it's not a big deal to recreate, however a template with 12+ text elements is tedious and time consuming.  Ability to copy the template would be a significant time saver.

Let me know if any questions.


After saving and exiting a product have deco return return to the search results instead of the entire product list

Whether I'm working in a specific category or if i search for a product, upon exiting the product Deco returns back to the full list of products instead of to the results of the search or back to the category I was currently working in.  It makes for quite a tedious process to repeat the search several times in some cases.  I often have  the same product duplicated several times because the webstore all have different and very specific criteria for personalization and decoration options.  I use custom fields to meet their requirements.


USPS Shipping via DecoNetwork Commercial Account


Please set up a commercial relationship with USPS so DN users can take advantage of commercial discount rates!

USPS is very difficult to get commercial discounts on USPS for small businesses.  

PayPal has a commercial relationshiop with USPS and by being a business account holder with PayPal, you can take advantage of their size and take advantage of their discount. As a result of this, I don't print USPS labels (which I use often) from there.  PayPal charges my PayPal account for all shipping I purchase through them. It would be much easier to do it all from DN.

DN should be large enough to qualify for a commercial relationship like PayPal's.  I am assuming PayPal marks their rates up some before passing on the DN would have a new revenue stream too.  It's a win-win.

See Forum Discussion

By NICOLE DORR on 24 April 2018General ideas Submitted

integration of

Hi there,

please consider to develop API connection to (more information for developers here: )

Instead of adding a separate API connection for every single shipping carrier in the European (or especially German) market, there is a way to have everything covered with on gateway.

This is also of benefit as currently no German shipping provider is supported by DN.


By Shop Admin on 19 April 2018General ideas Submitted

DN Support Ratings...Need to ask 2 Questions

DN Support Ratings

Will you please change your support rating system to ask 2 separate questions?

1. Please rate your experience with you Support Represenative (or something to that effect)?

2. Are you satisfied with the answer DN provided on your issue?

I am guessing your rating system is not accurate.  I am also guessing that your Support Representatives have compensation tied to their ratings.

Here is why it is not accurate. 

Most of my experiences with DN Support Reps are awesome. 

DN technicians are generally well trained and know their stuff.  Many times they are messengers delivering content from Development or the Catalog Team that may not meet expectations,  My ratings do reflect my optinions of the contaent because the Customer Support Technician does not deserve it. 

The feedback you receive will be more actionable bc it will tell you if you have Customer Service/Technician Training vs. Product Functionality challenges....or to say that in a more positive way satisfaction:)

Not sure if an idea is the right place to put this.

By NICOLE DORR on 17 April 2018General ideas Declined

More Decoration Processes!

Please add more decoration processes (like up to 10)!  This simplify/solve many issues in DN:)

1.  All Decoration Process should have the oporion of pricing based on quantity, # of colors, size.

  • Rhinestones pricing needs mimic Screen Print Style pricing and does not reflect how the industry prices rhienstone designs (size/area/# of colors/quanity)
  • Transfer pricing needs mimic Screen Print Style pricing and does not reflec how the industry prices vinyl/glitter/foil transfers (size/area/# of colors/quanity)
  • Sublimation Pricing is reflective of how the industry prices designs.
  • DTG pricing is reflectove of how the industry prices designs.

2. Solves Team Name and Number Issue!

  • If a Decoration Process could be built for each Team Name and Number Option that a DN end user offers the pricing problem would be solved.
  • Ability to set max characters and height or width limitations.

3. Solve Decorated Product Pricing issue when team name and numbers are offered.

4. ....and so much more:)

By NICOLE DORR on 16 April 2018General ideas Submitted

Product Catalog Decoration View Order Needs Standardization

In the Supplier Product Catalogs the decoration views need to be in standard order.

When is DN's Supplier Catalog Product Entry Process going to be changed to resolve this situation and existing products checked for correct decoration view order?

DN User Impact: Building Decorated Products is very time consuming, inefficient, and frustrating.

1. Decorated Products require decoration views to be in the same order across all products selected or the designs are applied to the incorrect view.
2. After building a decorated product, each individual product has to be checked and edited to correct the decoration view order.
3. Decorated Products then has to be reconfigured to ensure the designs show up in the correct place on the decorated item.
4. Supplier Product Catalog Views are entered and built by DN, the order should be standardized, and accuracy should be checked in DN's QA process prior to making active.
5. Related Support Issue #53010 Response from DN Support:
"These need to be edited manually at the present time. I reached out to our catalog team about this and there's not an option to apply this action in bulk."

This is a DN Supplier Catalog Entry Process Issue and it should not be the responsibility of the end user to mitigate systemic problems with dependent DN activities.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.
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By NICOLE DORR on 16 April 2018General ideas Submitted

Allow Mixed products When Minimum Qty is Enabled

mix sizes and garment and color on order when the minimum qty is set.

It would be great to allow users to mix Color & different size and garments as long as it’s the same print.

If we set the minimum at 50, the customer wants to place order on  


10-Small black hood
10 medium grey hood
5 medium grey t-shirt
25 pink polo


By Daniel Listerud on 06 April 2018General ideas Submitted