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Quote Requested Email

I like the Request A Quote form but I want more information sent in the notification email.  Ideally, send me everything.  This is so I can answer their email from my phone without having to log into Deco to see all of the details. 

This could be done through an email template.... 


Ability to use excel for pricing

We have a formula for pricing that we use through excel. We charge based on: Screen cost (number of screens), time it take to print (number of colors and locations), then once you chose the item and quantity, it will spit out the number. We don't use a table because there are so many variables that go into everything. 

By Timothy Pipp on 15 March 2018General ideas Submitted

Items should have more website info

When looking at an item, you should be able to see all the decorated products you have of this item and what websites they belong to. That way when a product is discontinued I can know which websites need a similar product added and am able to decorate it.

By SBH Apparel on 17 January 2018General ideas Submitted

Tax Display Alternative

Currently, the tax on the items in the cart is displayed on a per-item basis. Please add an option to display only the TOTAL TAX amount, as is more commonly done. Thanks!

By Tom DeSoto on 26 September 2017General ideas Submitted

Paypal payment reference

We recognized that upon receiving payments using PayPal no reference is transferred from DecoNetwork currently. Of course the responding order status changes to "paid" in DecoNetwork, however this still becomes a struggle for our accounting department to evaluate for which order this payment was received and therefor creates additional manual effort.

It would be upmost beneficial to have the DecoNetwork order # automatically populated and transfered as reference when customers using PayPal payment methods. This will not only help us to keep track of your payment records but also our customers.


*Implemented in v7.5.11

By Shop Admin on 16 August 2017General ideas Implemented!

Custom Forms to have dependencies


I would like to see the custom form option to have the ability to have dependency features.  For example 

Choose Radio button 1 and it will display a dependant text box or other field 



By Sergio Garofalo on 27 July 2017General ideas Submitted

Price tables & Flat rate Pricing

I want to be able to offer my customers standard discounts for quantity orders while also charging a flat rate for additional imprint areas. Example: Our shirts come with a left chest decoration and a back decoration, which is covered in my price table. If the customer wants to add a name or a sleeve print I need to charge an extra $2.00per shirt, but they are still eligable for the quantity discount.

By Dawn Hale on 23 June 2017General ideas Submitted

Sell through other Channels

Shopify allows subscribers to sell with buyable Pins and posts on Pinterest and Facebook - this is a HUGE feature and should be considered for DN. We even opened up a Shopify store for a retail section of our business JUST so we can take advantage of those channels. 

By Kristine Hamaty on 31 May 2017General ideas Submitted

Stop SKU being overwritten by Deconetwork

Currently when importing csv files for products not in Deconetwork's product range, the SKU value is overwritten by a Deconetwork generated code. Is there a way that this can be overcome?

By Tracy Steinhardt on 30 May 2017General ideas Submitted

Squareup Checkout integration

Sqaure is an awesome CC processor, would be great to have it work with deco!


screen set up fee

i would like to see an option for screen set up fee removed from previously ordered products so the customers only pay this once if the dont change it. 

By Daniel Listerud on 16 May 2017General ideas Submitted

Highlight Private Messages

When someone messages you via Deco forum we really need a better flag to let you know it's there smiling w/ smiling eyes It's taken me 3 weeks to realise people are wanting to ask stuff!

By Richard Mattinson on 21 April 2017General ideas Submitted

Sort and Batch Delete Gift Certificates

We deal a lot with gift certificates and it would be nice if there was a way to sort the certificates in the list display. Would also be helpful to batch delete and be able to edit the value of each certificate. 

By Andrew Hendrick on 05 April 2017General ideas Submitted

Tag ideas which are same

Even with the search function there's a lot of duplication of ideas within the system.

Any way of grouping them together as "the same" or "similar / related" so Deco can get a better picture of what your customers would really like to see in future developments?


By Richard Mattinson on 11 March 2017General ideas Submitted

Add "Invoice Due Date" & "Date Shipped" to Customer Invoice

Currently, the invoice going to the customer through Deco shows them the date the job was created and the proposed ship by date.  These dates are needed internally when the order is in process, but are not very valuable on the customer's invoice.   Please vote to replace them with "Date Shipped" and "Invoice Due Date" (Date Shipped + customer's terms i.e. Net 30) once the order is marked as invoiced. 

This change would be easier if the idea for  Separate templates for Invoices and Orders (B2B Solution) is also approved, so please vote for both!

By Jon @ MCC on 01 March 2017General ideas Submitted

Re-position the order of uploaded designs

Currently when you upload your own designs in the Stock Designs section you cannot reorder them. At the moment it's a case of making sure you upload them in the correct order and if you make a mistake you have to start from scratch again, doesn't make sense and should be a simple feature that should exist on the current platform. Currently there is a "cross hair" that is visible and you would expect that when you click and select your design you could reshuffle the order of your designs but this is not the case. I have been told by DC support that this is not a coding issue.

By Grant Ellis on 25 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Clarity for Campaign Purchasers


We have had a few issues with customers who have bought from a campaign understanding that they have to wait until the campaign end before producttion.

Maybe as standard on the campaign template explain the routine to the end buyer so they can see before they purchase they will receive an item after the campaign ends.

At present we have customers of the campaigns thinking it it just a purchase from stock.



By Stephen Edwards on 08 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Editable Minimum Decoration Size

I realize that there is an automatic minimum decoration size for embroidery in the designer. I'd like to be able to edit this. I also offer contour cut vinyl heat transfers. These tend to be more difficult to weed the smaller the text is (or the finer the details). I'd like for there to be an option to set a minimum decoration size for transfers as well.

By Scott Anderson on 07 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Add the process to the reports section

We break down the process we used in our quick books. It would be nice if in the reports section we could see what process was selected for each line item.

By Timothy Pipp on 06 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Add rotation to Printable Surface

It would be nice to be able to rotate the printable surface in products. Some sleeves are on an angle and so the shape does not work unless you blow it way up. Being able to rotate the shape would help.

By Timothy Pipp on 06 February 2017General ideas Submitted