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Would it be possible to add a new payment gateway.




By SHOPS ELITE on 06 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Add Price Variant Option to Color Pallettes

RECOMMENDATION: Add price variation option in Color Palette set-up.

This recommendation would add significant flexibility and efficiency to DecoNetwork by enabling people to manage many different price variations on their decoration offerings without the need for adding more decoration processes.

For example,

Set-up up a Metallic Color Palette in the Screen Print Process.

At set-up assign the metallic ink a +$0.25 mark-up.

When the customer selects a color from the Metallic Ink Color Palette $0.25 is added to the price of each piece.


For most decoration processes there are price differences in the different materials used and there is currently no way to offer these options in DecoNetwork, that I am aware of.

Here are a few examples from a per peice perspecitve:

Screen Printing: Standard Color, Custom Color, Metallic (+$0.25), Fluorescent (+$1.25)

Transfers (Vinyl): Standard Colors, Metallic or Neon  (+$0.25), Metal Flake (+$0.50), Glitter (+1.25)

Rhinestones: Crystal, General Colors (+$0.75), Special Colors (+$1.25), Rhinestuds (-$0.50)

Embroidery: Standard Colors, Metallic (+$0.50)



By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Rhinestone Pricing Table

The Rhinestone Decoration Process pricing table does not work.  Here are some additions to the module that would make it usable:

  1. Price increase per number of colors/elements in the design. 
  2. Price increase based on stone type or color (rhinestone pricing varries by color

By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017General ideas Submitted

Add Supplier: Teamwork Athletic

Please add Teamwork Athletic as a Supplier

By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017General ideas Submitted

integrate blind shipping to orders

A lot of us (if not all) get requests to blind ship orders and I think it would be great to have this option added. Especially if it could link to and create the label. 


Add a SEARCH feature to the IDEAS page

Add SEARCH capability to the IDEAS page so we can see if other users have already posted our idea. That way we can simply vote for their idea instead of posting a new one! smiling

By Jann Middo on 24 January 2017General ideas Implemented!

Bulk action decoration processes

Please set a bulk action where you can select multiple products so you can select the desired process for these products.

Right now there are a lot of products which you can't decorate for some reason, now we have to click all these individual products and set the
decoration process manually.... time consuming!

Thank you for voting...

By Jelle van der Mijl on 10 January 2017General ideas Submitted

Select multiple products over the pages when assigning bulk action

Would be very good when assigning a bulk action you can select mutiple products at once over the pages.
Now you can only check the products on page 1 but when clicking to page 2 the products that are selected ar deselected again.

So it now only possible to change ALL products which are shown or only the ones on page 1....
Selecting several products over all the available pages would save a lot of time!

By Jelle van der Mijl on 10 January 2017General ideas Submitted

Affiliate Discount Codes

As a store owner when we create a discount code for our Affiliate stores the cost of the discount is charged to the store owner & not the Affiliate. As we move into the next growth phase we would prefer this be resolved to eliminate the back end accounting to re-coup the cost of the discount. It would be preferable to charge affiliate upon purchase by the end user.

By Kamryn Williams on 05 January 2017General ideas Submitted

General Inquiry - Send to Multiple Emails

Right now if a customer makes a general inquiry through our website, it only goes to one email address. I'd like to update this so the messages can go to multiple email addresses. This will allow multiple admins to be able to reply to customer inquiries. 

By Lindsay Hicks on 04 January 2017General ideas Implemented!


Necessary integration with sap business one (SBO)

By Jose Mª Arenzana on 02 January 2017General ideas Submitted


It would be necessary for more than one EN user, that the integration of payments with Redsys be implemented

By Jose Mª Arenzana on 02 January 2017General ideas Submitted

Individual Images/decoration areas for different sizes.

We have different design areas for different sizes of the same product. Would be great to be able to set different images and decoration areas for each size. As it stands we have to create a separate product for different sizes which makes it both time consuming and not user friendly for either us or our clients. 

By Mikey on 31 December 2016General ideas Submitted

Select Product description tab order/suppression

A non decoratable product lists tabs including colors/sizes, shipping and description.  Create a default tab order that applies to all products, but allow the administrator to change the default order for all products, or override and set the tab order for a specific product.  Also allow for tab display suppression and allow for an additional tab and allow the adminstrator to enter a custom label and info for both site-wide default, or product specific.

By David Smith on 29 December 2016General ideas Submitted

SSL Certificates through DecoNetwork

We should be able to purchase and install SSL Certificates through DecoNetwork like many platforms. After pulling up some informaiton on such, InkSoft has the capability for their customers. See:


Option to edit the HTML for every individual page

Would be great when you can edit on HTML level the individual pages.
As of now it is only possible through CSS but when you want to add some text or replace text this isn't always working.

Please vote!

By Jelle van der Mijl on 13 December 2016General ideas Submitted


Allowing multiple abandoned cart emails to be sent to customers will help capture lost sales. The only way to send follow up abandoned cart email messages is to manually go into each abandoned cart transaction and copy/paste into an email message or automated service since we cannot download a report of abandoned cart customers either. If we do not capture the sale after the first email our chances are slim to get them to come back to complete the purchase. Thank you for your votes and consideration for this enhancement! More sales = win / win for all!  smilingideathumbs up

By Jann Middo on 18 October 2016General ideas Submitted

Get Customized Decorated and Custom Products on One Site: Decorated Base Products Should Not Appear in Online Product Catalog for Designer

Business Issue:

Two distinct websites are required to sell decorated products and customer designed products if the decorated products require different settings for the base product than the blank product used for custom decoration.

Technical Issue: 

  • Decorated products require an active product to appear online available for purchase.
  • All active products appear in the on-line catalog for use with the online designer.
  • Products used with the online designer require a different set-up than products used for decorated products in most cases.  
  • Listing duplicate products in the online designer or products with custom fields like "personalize my shirt back" is not logical

Business Impact:

  • Two websites to manage, Two separate carts for customers
  • or Duplicate products shown in the online designer
  • Both optoins are difficult and/or confusing and the end result is lost opportunity.
  • We need to capture customers from one site and not have to send them all over the place to buy with us.
  • Customers want an easy one-stop-shop experience and requiring 2 separate websites (or carts if you use the shop button to send to the decorated products hosted on the separate site) means a huge loss in revenue.  It is too many clicks and too complicated to buy this way!
  • End result, loss of time, Loss of efficiency, loss of revenue, poor customer experience.  


Several ideas have been offered by Multiple customers, including me, to solve different aspects to this problem.  There are many ways to approach this.

My recommendations:

  • Short Term Soltuion: Enable Custom Fields to be selected at the Decorated Product Level

          This would eliminate the need to have so many duplicate products in the catalog, save time, and elminate the need for two websites.

  • Item Level Blank or Decoration: Expand the product status options to include an option of Active Decorated that could be used and displayed as a decorated product but not in the blank product catalog used with the online designer.

          Elminates need for two websites, provides complete product customization for all decorated products, still requires duplicate products.

          Active Blank (listed in online catalog for use with the designer)

          Active Decorate (available for use with decorated products, but not lited in online catalog for use with designer)


  • Long Term Solution Enable the same customization capabilities at the Decorated Product Level as the Product Level.

By NICOLE DORR on 06 October 2016General ideas Submitted

Auto Update Catalog Products

It take hours to update the catalog.  Please add an option for us to allow our catalog's to be automatically updated.

By NICOLE DORR on 29 September 2016General ideas Submitted


We have had inquiries from customers about accepting Apple Pay. As more and more customers are using Apple Pay it would be great to have as an integrated payment gateway option. VOTE FOR APPLE PAY!

By Jann Middo on 21 September 2016General ideas Submitted