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Wilcom Engine update

We are running Wilcom Designer E4 when we digitise a file we are having to save everthing twice as if we try to upload a file to deco we get an error message saying that the file is too new for Deco networks, so we have to go backinto the file and save is as version 4.0 or earlier - this means we have two copies of every file we hold for each customer! 

By Sasha Nelson on 26 November 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Deactivating change the size proportionally by embroidered text

Why it's just possible to change embroidery-text only by font-size.

It should here also be possible to change the text unproportional.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 24 September 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+Z Undo

Ctrl+Y Redo

Ctrl+C Copy

Ctrl+V Paste

Ctrl+D Duplicate

Ctrl+X Cut


Show Price Break On The Designer

Designer should show price breaks to the client. Should let them know what the next price break is and the savings if they increase their order.

By Canadian Custom Apaprel on 09 September 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Add these designs next

would like to suggest the following design templates for events now or coming.
Volleyball - now
Football - now
Basketball - coming up next
Choir - now
Orchestra - now
Band - now
Breast Cancer Awareness - coming/now

By Rhonda Gulley on 28 August 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Unspalsh Integration

Unspalsh is a superb photo library with free to use license terms. 

We have instagram and faecbook integration in the online designer already, would it be possible to also include a link to Unsplash? 



By Evan Cockshaw on 22 August 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Text Curving : Effects

It would be nice if the customer can able to see text live when they are curving with a toggle on mobile phones.

Instead of going back and forth guessing.

Since most of people use phone nowadays.




POP UP BOX for sizing in design studio

Upon clicking "BUY"

Popup comes "You must enter a Product size"

Instead of That, it would be nice if "Sizes box" pop up for entering sizes since they will need to enter sizes anyways!

When they are clicking BUY, they are ready to move forward. For some people hard to locate box to enter sizes, this would be an awesome update!

Just thought



Please consider renewing the tie up / availability of designeous collections on Deco

We need more stock designs for sure! 

By Richard Mattinson on 16 August 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

<<<< PLEASE VOTE >>>>> Adding more colors and styles for same design in the designer tool which will make customers buy a lot more items ( Combine products with same design to get a discount )

Adding this feature will get us a lot more sales, please read below :

We have been getting lots of complaints from customers about how to add different apparel colors and different style for the same design while they are in the designer tool, Combine products with the same design to get a quantity discounts , that will solve a huge problem and drive customers to buy a lot more items and colors .

So for example: if someone wants the same design but in different color T-shirts, they also want the same design in hoodies and different color hoodies... etc, in the current system it's super complicated to get it done.  we do need an easy way from the designer tool. attached an image from custom ink, you can also go to custom ink designer lab   and click on product colors on the left and you will see how easy you can add more styles and colors.

NOTE: Adding this feature will make the customer buy a lot more as everyone needs the same design in multiple shirt color ad multiple styles.  



Add Brand logo to Designer Product Selection Product Images

As the titels says. We are niched as a high end (quality) custom shop and it would be very usesful for our clients to be able to actually see the brands they are choosing from within the designer. 

This already exists in the products area so Deco knows how to do this. It just needs to be an option in the designers product selection area as well or change the designer from having its own seperate product listing. 

Clients dont know style numbers, but most do know the brands they love and want to find. 

By Nathan Phillips on 21 May 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Designer to just design shirt ideas

My affiliate stores are mainly sports teams, so they have moms that have shirt Ideas but the coach is the one that is the admin for the store. Would be nice if there a way to use the designer for the moms to submit shirt ideas to the coach and then the coach decides which one he makes as decorated products available in the store.

A current work around I can think of is have the moms create accounts and save designs to their accounts and then can review them in business hub but this is confusing and not a clean solution. 


Organize Product Colors

Having the ability to organize the colors a product is available in would not only allow you to make the product page look better but would also improve the customers buying experience. The easier it is for customers to find and choose what they want, the more likely they are to buy.

Here's a comparison of the difference -


Deco's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:



Custom Ink's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:


It would be nice to click and drag the colors but even just adding the sort arrows like the sizing page would do the trick.

I feel like we should have the tools necessary to create the best possible user experience whether we use them or not and being able to easily and intuitively select a product color is a pretty standard function of any online store.

Let me know what you guys think.

By Jim Budzynski on 23 April 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Player Names & Numbers should NOT have one cost

PLEASE VOTE!!! Names and numbers shouldn't cost the same. Those should be 2 different processes with 2 different costs. Most people stock numbers and cut names. Losing money by charging the same price. PLEASE VOTE!!!

By IVAN ONTIVEROS on 03 April 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

CLIPART for the DIYers instead of TEMPLATES ONLY

The business hub is awesome but our websites' designer functions are still not super great and are clunkier than others with less stock artwork avilable.

I don't have a design team on staff that I can afford to pay to sit and make templates all day. Inksoft provides like 15000 free stock designs or something. Look at what custom ink,  uberprints, and others are doing. We need to simplify the designer view a bit by removing the clutter and make the buttons/links larger and more prominent and add a clipart library our customers can use.

Right now its templates only. I find that my customers usually want something fairly simple yet very specific and it would be awesome instead of having to make each and every design for them to just give them a library to choose from and they can pop in whatever text they want.

The best way to make a product is to completely put yourself into the end users shoes, so that would be DN's customers' customers. Once you do that, use the end product and see how intuitive it really is. 


text knockout

Would be nice if the online designer had a knockout feature. So for example if you layered text on top of an image there could be a knocked out border around the text.


By Marco Gonzalez on 01 March 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Embroidery Thread Colour

Would be great to have some more detail / interaction around thread colours when customers upload their own logo into the designer, even if this was a drop down box asking the customer how many / which colours were in the design but ideally the system would check this and display it itsself. 

By Sasha Nelson on 23 February 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Hide decoration options that can't be used

Can we hide the print options that are not available for a type of design/garment. example, when a customer clicks TEAM NAME the only decoration option we'd like customers to use is screenprint for example. Why show the other options that can't even be used? Too much unnecessary information can confuse people and reduces sales and conversions. TIA


Suppress categories with no customizable products in designer

When viewing an image on the website before selecting a product, the list of products show up next to the image for you to select the product you want.

1) First feature is to allow you to establish a sort order in the first series of products (and remaining products when you click on view all customizable products).

2) second feature is to supress the product categories that do not have any customizable products in them.  Perhaps a check box or feature in the product categories to "supress category from appearing in the designer" so for those who use the cart for both custom products and non-custom products, you dont have a bunch of blank categories listed in the designer.

By David Smith on 25 August 2018Online designer ideas Submitted