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Wilcom Engine update

We are running Wilcom Designer E4 when we digitise a file we are having to save everthing twice as if we try to upload a file to deco we get an error message saying that the file is too new for Deco networks, so we have to go backinto the file and save is as version 4.0 or earlier - this means we have two copies of every file we hold for each customer! 

By Sasha Nelson on 26 November 2019 Implemented!



I have submitted this before. DN is running a very old version of Wilcom. DN do you have a plan in place with an ETA to upgrade?
By NICOLE DORR on 24 February 2020

Cristofer Cruz says:

We upgraded the Wilcom engine recently and DecoNetwork now supports up to e4.1 EMB files. We will continue supporting and upgrading the engine over time.
By Cristofer Cruz on 07 June 2020