Combine products with the same design for quantity discounts

You should have the option to combine different items for a quantity discount as long as they have the same design. If a customer orders 24 navy tees and 24 long sleeve navy tees we should be able to choose if we want to price that as 48 pieces or leave it at 2 x24 pieces.

By Paul Costanzo on 30 October 2014Online designer ideas Submitted


Don Bullock says:

I'm sorry to say this will very well prevent our company's changing from Inksoft over to DecoNetwork. In Inksoft, we've already promoted the fact that our customers can mix/match colors, sizes, product types to obtain quantity prices. In Inksoft, they simply have a checkbox to apply quantity/volume prices across all products, sizes, & colors. This makes a significant difference in our orders and customer interest. Can you escalate this request to the necessary support tier, to add this capability as soon as possible? Sincerely.
By Don Bullock on 14 April 2015

andrew says:

Not just for quantity discounts / price breaks, but also for just meeting the minimum quantity for that decoration type. For example, if I require 12 piece minimum for Silk Screening, then the customer should be allowed to mix/match different shirts to fulfill that minimum.
By andrew on 01 June 2015

Kristine Hamaty says:

PLEASE DO THIS!!! Allow it for decorated products as well!!
By Kristine Hamaty on 02 June 2015

Greg Pentland says:

Hi Guys, Letting you know in 7.15 you can configure a discount to be for single line item or complete order :).
By Greg Pentland on 27 July 2015

Matthew Mulhare says:

By Matthew Mulhare on 04 January 2016

Jose Mª Arenzana says:

when it will be available? I find it extremely necessary
By Jose Mª Arenzana on 13 May 2016

Eli Slossberg says:

This is a total must because now I have to enter manually, which defeats the purpose of having all this tricked out pricing tables behind the scenes.
By Eli Slossberg on 14 September 2016

Jaime Roa says:

love this idea!
By Jaime Roa on 13 March 2018

Tommy says:

This is already avail for screen printing, we need it for all decoration methods
By Tommy on 18 March 2018

Mozi says:

please apply this idea for embroidery also
By Mozi on 30 March 2018

JR Brooks says:

It doesn't make sense that it would be available for SP and not other types of decoration since this is how decorators price volume decoration. Please move this to a higher priority than you have it. Also, if this is something that you are considering as a fix in the near future can you let us know what that timeline or guestimated timeline might be?
By JR Brooks on 07 September 2018

LogoWear Pros says:

This request was made 4 years ago, has 80 votes and still hasn't been done. Some of these are not just "ideas" but essential to the way we all do our business. It is looking as if this suggestion area is nothing more than a way to make us (falsely) believe we are participating when we are really just wasting our time.
By LogoWear Pros on 27 September 2018

Kristin Struttmann says:

I guess this one is never going to happen... this was started 5 years ago! This needs to be done! It makes it ridiculous to quote for embroidery...
By Kristin Struttmann on 25 April 2019


This needs to be added! I'm not sure why this option is only available for printing. At the very least this should be added to embroidery as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this!!!!
By JON LORTZ on 01 May 2019

Daniel Villanueva Ortega says:

By Daniel Villanueva Ortega on 17 June 2019

Rob Harbord says:

We could really do with this as our pricing model works on this basis. Thanks, Rob
By Rob Harbord on 09 July 2019

Sam says:

I just added an idea that’s is very similar to this , we really need it , Adding this feature will get us a lot more sales, please read below : We have been getting lots of complaints from customers about how to add different apparel colors and different style for the same design while they are in the designer tool, that will solve a huge problem and drive customers to buy a lot more items and colors. So for example: if someone wants the same design but in different color T-shirts, they also want the same design in hoodies and different color hoodies... etc, in the current system it's super complicated to get it done. we do need an easy way from the designer tool. attached an image from custom ink, you can also go to custom ink designer lab https://www.customink.com/ndx/#/ and click on product colors on the left and you will see how easy you can add more styles and Colors. I think it’s better to be added at the designer tool from the customer side , we also can promote the customer with a msg to add more items .
By Sam on 06 August 2019

Adrian D'Ornellas says:

As easy as putting a check box on each line item in the business hub quote/order page that will calculate the total quantity for all items with the checkbox checked. ie. all items getting the same print can be checked off. This newly calculated quantity will update the discount cell on each line item checked off to the new discount value based on the sum of all quantities of products with the checkbox checked off. If the line item (product) does not have it's checkbox checked off it will calculate the line items discount tier based on that lines total quantity only.
By Adrian D'Ornellas on 17 September 2019
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