Multiply layer style for designs

We are a direct to garment printer and our inks are absorbed into the shirt which causes the design to look different depending on the shirt color. It would be fantastic if there was anyway to simulate the "Multiply" layer style in photoshop whenever a design is uploaded or made into a decorated product. This would help us give a more accurate representation of what the product the customer orders would look like. As of now we just use the saturation filter and darken the design to look kind of like it but it is not accurate as you change the shirt color. 

By Patrick Riordan on 03 November 2014Online designer ideas Submitted


Barry Carter says:

CorelDrawX6. Select the image then apply the Transparency lens and change it's properties to Uniform and Subtract. Adjust the slider for the desired effect. Convert the image to a bitmap to lock the lens effect as I'm not certain if the Deco Designer tool will support the lens effect.
By Barry Carter on 03 November 2014

Sara says:

This could be done with a fancier 'mask' or overlay system... It's kind of similar to what we'd like to see for laser engraving.
By Sara on 06 November 2014
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