Screen Print + DecoNetwork = challenging

I’m a screen printer that sees the perks of DecoNetwork, but quickly realize it is not screen print friendly.

I’m in the process of setting up stores with many groups/organizations, but the Store Design limitations are making it very difficult for me.  I plan on offering many Store Design options for each site, but currently they are all one color designs.  Not because my shop is limited, but rather DecoNetwork is limited on charging the customer for the number of colors in a design correctly.   In the design view it knows it is a two color design, as it can separate the colors and give the customers the option to change each color in the design, but does not give me the option to charge the customer for each color in that design they are selecting, unless they the customer tells DecoNetwork it is a two, three, four ect. color design as they are placing it on the garment. 

Next problem DecoNetwork presents the Screen Print shop is not being able to lock size of the design.  As a Screen Print Shop I can easily create a screen in anticipation of selling multiple, but it is not cost effective to create new films/screens every time a customer changes the size of the design.


My humble suggestion is in the “Store Design” -> “Add Design” - section you give the store owner the option to set the unique cost of each design is a you’re loading it.  There are some designs I have to pay a royalty on, and others that I do not, it would be nice to be able to just set a fixed price for each specific design.  I could easily set the price for multi color higher than single colors as I’m loading them.  You could also lock the size of the design in the field as well.  This would be a good place to also give the store owner the option to set color options for each logo.  As a screen printer I do have the ability to mix custom inks, but it is not cheap/easy enough to mix custom inks for one shirt.

By Humble on 16 November 2014Online designer ideas Submitted