Pattern Generator

Some type of pattern generator, you upload a pattern seamless tile and the generator would fill an object, text or graphic, with a particular pattern and with the ability of scaling the pattern fill.

By Ruben on 26 August 2014Online designer ideas Submitted


Adam says:

This should be in the redesigned designer. Corel x7 added support for vector pattern fills
By Adam on 26 August 2014

Greg Kwiecien says:

I do contract work for collage store(s) Sorority/Fraternities with Greek lettering Applique that have stock patterns fabric that I cut and I would love to be able to create a store for them. I’ve had seen a few stores that let you create your own. One of link that lets you customize http://somethinggreek.com/LG/LG.asp I thought it was easy to use and link to their patterns http://somethinggreek.biz/flashGallery.html. There are others that also has the preview.
By Greg Kwiecien on 18 October 2014
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