Free Pre-Loaded High Quality Art

The front end of the designer should have more (Free) pre-loaded high quality art available to all DN users.  This would help many DN users become more successful.

I do not have the time or people power capacity to produce all of the HIGH QUALITY artwork required to be competitve, nor do I have the $ to pay for it as a start-up company.

This should just be a part of the base software offering (included in the $ montly fee), as it is for other software that is offered by the competition of DN.

This is a critical selling feature of the designer, which should mean setting up all DN users for success.

I think that totally re-engineering this design offering and category approach is critical.

To put it very simply -

If someone were to shop at my store hosted by DN and shop at a store hosted by DN competition - that person would more than likely purchase a product from the competitors site based on the quality of designs available.


By Jon Dreher on 30 August 2014Online designer ideas Accepted!


cindy says:

Whats the deal with this one? It seams ridiculous this has not been Implemented yet. I pay for the Stock Design collections and they are still horrible. How are we supposed to compete with other online design platforms with such poor image selections!
By cindy on 03 April 2015

Richard Mattinson says:

work closer with designious!!!
By Richard Mattinson on 03 January 2019
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