Control Over Uploaded Stock Designs

It would be great if we had more control over the stock designs we upload. 
• The ability to change the default background colour of a stock design just like we can in the store designs section.
• The ability to move/re-order stock designs within folders and to select and move items into different folders. ( especially since zips don't tend to maintain the correct order when uploaded)
• The ability to turn stock designs or sets of designs on or off depending on the relevant store ( When running more than one website) 


By Syl Cinque on 11 September 2014Online designer ideas Submitted


Kristine Hamaty says:

Exactly. I need to be able to add only certain stock designs to certain stores, and I don't want to upload them through the individual store.
By Kristine Hamaty on 15 September 2014

Cindy says:

I agree, I have company stores that are limited to their logo only. When I turned on stock designs to use in other stores, they also appear in the several company stores' design list as well.
By Cindy on 20 September 2014
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