Hide decoration options that can't be used

Can we hide the print options that are not available for a type of design/garment. example, when a customer clicks TEAM NAME the only decoration option we'd like customers to use is screenprint for example. Why show the other options that can't even be used? Too much unnecessary information can confuse people and reduces sales and conversions. TIA

By Scott on 17 January 2019Online designer ideas Submitted


Julian Regan says:

Hi Scott. As a workaround, we managed to do this on our site by adding a rule to the "Customise Template CSS" screen. This can be found at Website > Edit Webite > Customise Template CSS in the Admin panel. The rule we used is: ".dn-designer-add-item-container.dn-disabled { display: none!important; }". Hope this helps!
By Julian Regan on 18 January 2019
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