CLIPART for the DIYers instead of TEMPLATES ONLY

The business hub is awesome but our websites' designer functions are still not super great and are clunkier than others with less stock artwork avilable.

I don't have a design team on staff that I can afford to pay to sit and make templates all day. Inksoft provides like 15000 free stock designs or something. Look at what custom ink,  uberprints, and others are doing. We need to simplify the designer view a bit by removing the clutter and make the buttons/links larger and more prominent and add a clipart library our customers can use.

Right now its templates only. I find that my customers usually want something fairly simple yet very specific and it would be awesome instead of having to make each and every design for them to just give them a library to choose from and they can pop in whatever text they want.

The best way to make a product is to completely put yourself into the end users shoes, so that would be DN's customers' customers. Once you do that, use the end product and see how intuitive it really is. 

By Austin on 13 March 2019Online designer ideas Submitted