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Abandon Cart Flexibility

Would be very helpful if we had the ability to apply settings on Abandon Carts. At the moment, I believe carts will empty on customers after 5 hours or when their session expires.(?) We would like to set it so that the items remain in customers' accounts or at least for a much longer period of time. We have companies that place/build large orders for their employees and will often do build those orders over an extended period of time based on their availability and when information comes in on their end (e.g. sizes.)


Price Rounding

The ability to choose when the price is rounded. ie before or after Tax. Currently the rounding is done before Tax with no option to change.


Art Work Fee

Please have an field added to each decorateable item giving customers the option to add an art work job for their design. If selected, the art work job should be listed as seperate line item on the order with relation to the dependent design. As like as the screen setup fee. Also prices for artwork fees should be individually adjustable on store-level.

Best way practice would be to automatically create an artwork job for the graphic-team if this option is selected and set "no artwork job required" if this option hasn't been choosen.




Integrate Let's Encrypt for free SSL on all DN sites

As the title said. Please install Let's Encrypt, this service is free SSL for all. Easy to enable and every website will be SSL secured.


Add Price Variations to Product View and Checkout

Add the price variations the the product view so the customer knows their a surcharge to a size for example.  

Also add a line item that displays the charge during the checkout process.  

Example would be XXL  charge is $5,00 more (display that when they select XXL as a size and during checkout Display on a line item that there was a $5.00 charge for the XXL size.  




Search Options

would be great if there was a way for the customer to search by price or arrange results by price?   Mainly they need to be able to organize the search results by price, popular items, color etc.


Allow Text & Attributes To Be Copied in Template Builder/Editor

This is for version 7.5+ 

When creating editable templates, I find it extremely frusturating having to scroll all the way back through the fonts to find the one to match what I'm already working on. When I click "add text" it always starts with "cream puff" font in a very small size, so I have to re-select all of the proper attributes again to format the text correctly.

What I would like:

Either an option to "copy attributes" when adding new text, or just a general copy/paste funtion. (It would also be handy to allow design elements to be duplicated as well).


Newsletter confirmation mail


I think that it will be a good idea to add the option to enable a confirmation e-mail for the customers when thay subscribe to the store newsletter.


Bundles - to enable multi products within a "total" bundle

Please can the system be altered, to enable a "Bundle" to incorpate more than 1 product, as part of a total minimum to reach the bundle price.

e.g. 9 men's Poloshirts, 3 Ladies poloshirts (Total 12) to trigger a bundle price and a minimum order quantity set of 12.

Hopefully that is simple and QUICK to implement and will result in more people enabling the facility - and bundles being just that "a mix" of product.





Prices From

I know we've been banging on about this for about 4 years - but there's nothing happening & now I can't find the thread, can't see the idea...... etc etc etc.

So lets ramp the thing up & get some action furious

WE NEED the prices from that appear on websites to show the lowest price, not the highest furious "from" - the clues all there for the English speaking world that Deco lives & breathes in.........

Now as much as it'd be nice to show the lowest price, this might also lead to some issues, so as discussed lets have the price range shown!

Prices from £28 furious

Prices from £14 confused

Prices from £14-£28 smiling w/ heart eyes

You want us to sell product, We all want to sell product.......... Pull yer finger out & get it fixed!!!


Rename the Supplier Product's views

I really like to have an option to rename the Supplier Product´s views. Now I can do this just with Custom Product views, so the Supplier Products have different named views then the Custom Product views.

Supplier Product´s view: "Front, Zurück, Right Sleeve (short), Left Sleeve (short)"
Custom Product´s view: "Vorderseite, Rückseite, rechter Ärmel, linker Ärmel"

I hope you can comprehend the problem.
It would be really nice to have a option for rename the Supplier Product´s view, so we can have a uniform appearance of the product views for ur customers.


Hit Promotional Products

Please integrate with this company - this would be a HUGE game changer for us both!! This is the main leading company that has everthing as far as promotional items. I've attached and included all their integration information. Please advise if this will be done or not.

Below is supposed to be links...if the link dont appear please contact me so I can send that to you.

Product Data
Hit's Product Data File - Excel
Hit's Product Data File - CSV
Hit's Product Data File - FOB Canada (Vaughan, ON) Pricing - Excel
Hit's Product Data File - FOB Canada (Vaughan, ON) Pricing - CSV

Hit's Product Images
Hit's Art Templates
Info concerning the CSV file
A CSV file is a text document that contains structured, delimited data. This data file format is often used by programmers.
Hit's product data CSV is tab delimited with the fields enclosed in single quote marks: '
Empty fields contain double dash marks: --



Filter / sort function Front Store Website

There really should be a way to for a customer on the front store/website to easily sort products by price/name/brand and set some filter options
like colour / size / product type etc. etc.

Please vote because this is a major problem now in the current Front Store


Price Order

Is it possible to set up each category so that it is price order for each garment?

Best wishes,

David Cain


Larger Product/Sales Image Sizes

Allow for larger image size generation and selection in the system.

The visual presentation of a product in any business is typically the #1 decision factor of buyers. Poor image : No sale.

The system generates small 400 x 400 pixels size images of products on the Product & Online Designer pages. Furthermore, the largest selectable size for images on Shop pages is 300 x 300 pixels. These images look quite blurry/jaggy on larger desktop monitors and most portable devices with retina (hi-res) displays.

As you push forward with greater 'Responsive' templating/css support in upcoming releases, the thumbnail sizes the system generates will also need to support this variability of sizes.

Sidenote: We have already custom built a Responsive DN template/css and are strugling with these low-res thumbnails .


Provide a settings function to allow the system to auto generate larger thumbnail images. Critically, it should work with all the original hi-res image of products that are either in your Supplier catalogs or that users like myself have uploaded custom products with hi-res images. (Please don't make us upload every product and colour over again.)

I understand this will require some pretty intensive processing time, where it will have to cycle through existing catalogs in 'Batch', furthermore, may require greater DecoNetwork storage capacity.


From a responsive front-end perspective, many websites are built with a standard thumbnail size, eg 300 x 300 and a larger 'Retina' size thumbnail, eg. 600 x 600. File naming convention often follows "productname_thumb@2x.jpg", @3x and so on as the system is able to generate increasing larger image thumbnails.

This is often implemented alongside a javascript, ie. retina.js. This senses the display environment and auto swaps out the img src tag to the larger pixel density image.


The above implementation of setting a per-site system minimum size of image thumbnail in combination with generation of larger thumbnails, facilitated via javascript dynamic image serving should do the trick. If you want to get fancy, of course combine this with 'lazy loading' and then we're getting a truly responsive solution.


Gift vouchers to print and give away

It would be great, if the voucher would get more attention and a similar function with different motives as expression (similar to Amazon) would be possible.

Also an option where customers can automatically receive a voucher code with an adjustable amount upon next order.


Product Banners

We've got (potentially) 100s of very similar products - lets make it easy for customers to find our recommendations.

Add the ability to add banners (similar to post on forum) at individual product level where required.

Right now I'd like "Recommended" & "Lowest Price" as well as the previous requests (with work around) for "Sale"




Discounts / Sale Banners


The ability to show products as being on sale are discounted is ESSENTIAL for any web site yet Wilcom does not give sellers to option to do this!

Please can you implement this as an option ASAP!


Wish Lists

Allow customers can save products to multiple wish lists and copy or move items between lists.


Gift Registry

Enable customers to create gift registries for special occasions such as new babies, weddings, and birthdays. Create automated emails and registry search boxes to make it easy for friends and family to access the registry. Auto send updates to the registry owner when new items are purchased.