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Custom Filter Options

It would be great to add the ability to custom sort/filter products such as creating a tag and applying it to the already exisiting filter options.  Ideas such as mens/ womens, collar type, fabric type are all things people search for and with the way the categories have "or" instead of "and" its hard to narrow down out of thousands of products.

By Faith Tank on 28 January 2020Store front ideas Submitted


We really need some instructional video’s for our affiliates to follow & build their store(s). Video's should be unbranded.

We’re doing a lot of customer service in this area and have lost many clients as they ALL have said:

  • Deconet is Too complicated to work out.
  • No instructions on how to use or design a store.
  • Wix and Shopify are much better and have really high end templates.
  • Other platforms have live chat 24 hrs.
  • We rather setup with Shopify and Printful. Easier.


By Rick Wickramanayake on 13 December 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Quick Quote Revamped

We use the Quick Quote on our website to give a customer a qoute when they call in. It's most definetely not easy to do for us much less for a customer that is out there trying to get a quick quote on the site. The biggest issue for customers I see is having to click the NEXT button. The buttons off the screen when proceeding through the steps. It's normal when you click on something for it to immediately go to the next step. Our quick quote doesn't do this. When I first got Deco I kept clicking on the shirt thumbnail waiting for it to proceed. It took a good week maybe week and a half before I learned how to use it. That was very frustrating! I can only imagine what customers are feeling. I'm guessing they click a couple of times and then leave the site figuring "this thing doesn't work".

It's exactly the same on a mobile device. The quote form needs to be as easy as possible for customers to use. Most people are using their phones to search for something. While the quote is mobile compliant it isn't mobile friendly. I suggest Deco to look at other sites and see how they've implemented theirs. Everyone knows Customink but there are plenty of others out there that have easy to use Quick Quote for both mobile and desktop.,, RushOrderTees. 

The ability to get a quick quote from the product page is a feature that everyone has. We do not have this but we need to. The whole goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers visiting your site. Quick, Simple, Done. FAST!

I hope to see this implemented ASAP! If you agree that the Quick Quote needs updated for ease of use, Please VOTE!!

By Joe Caricari on 28 November 2019Store front ideas Submitted

afterpay / Multisafepay

Hello everyone

Multisafepay the payment provider now also offers afterpay
for this, however, a small adjustment must be made in the back end

research has shown that many customers want to use this

research also shows that more and more customers are dropping out if we do not offer this on the website

Off would be nice if you support this idea so that we don't miss out on customers

thanks greetings from the Netherlands



By jan langius on 29 October 2019Store front ideas Submitted

attribute/features of products

It would be good to be able to deposit features (material, size, finishing options, short arms, long arms, and many more)  in the products
It would be perfect if the customer could then restrict the product search by features and if its possible to show them in the product as extra tab.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 16 August 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Privacy Terms Agreement upon User registration

Please add a mandatory checkbox for agreement of privacy policy the time an user register to a store. It should work as like as the already implemented checkbox for T&C and returns policy.

Should be an easy fix and can be considered as very useful in relation to GDPR.

By Shop Admin on 16 August 2019Store front ideas Submitted


When someone registers on the site there should be a requirement to fill in all contact details before anything is allowed to be added to cart.


Sick of having people trying to make purchases but not being able to as they haven't entered contact details in advance & the site doesn't give them adequate instruction.


Lets make life easy on ourselves by making people register fully!

By Richard Mattinson on 06 August 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Amazon Pay

It would be nice to integrate Amzon Pay into the DecoNetwork site as a method of payment for customers. Easy clicking for the customer to check out and makes the sale much quicker.

By Andrew Hendrick on 09 April 2019Store front ideas Submitted

----POP-UP's for Store Front----

The fastest way to convey an idea or a sales promotion is a pop-up. The ability to have specific pop-up appear in specific pages are 100% necessary in today's industry. Pop-ups with a purpose, not just a regular pop-up will do. Action based pop-ups with specific page landings are paramount.

By IVAN ONTIVEROS on 03 April 2019Store front ideas Submitted


Just like the title says. We should be able to assign a custom background color to each individual template design to display our template designs in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Also the available organization system for templates is atrocious. It does not allow for more than one level of hierarchy. For instance, we have a section called "business" for company logo templates but can not be any more specific(ie: plumbing, restaurant, hvac, construction, etc) than that without making 40+ more tabs that would display on the page. This forces us to lump it all into one category. In volume this is just messy and ugly to the end-user. If we had 1000 designs lumped onto one page how would they find the right one for their business?


Social Media Live Feed

It would be great to have a widget on the Website that allows a live link to Social Media Pages.

Therefore when posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc the widget would be updated with the latest post(s).

This will keep customers updated and engaged with the Marketing Message

AND ALSO updates the webpage which is good for Google! Google sees that something has changed and assumes the page is more relevant, getting better search results

By Becky Greenberry-Jeffs on 28 February 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Show Minimum Quantities on Front End

The back end has the ability to set minimum quantites by product and by print process.  If you are using multiple print processes it becomes confusing to the end user as to what the minimum quantities are for each product until you get into the designer.

Why is this information not able to be shown on the front end?   Can you make it an option in the blank product listing widget in the design tab?

See this screen shot


By Craig Parrish on 24 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Customer Review

Please, guys, support this idea.

Allowing customer to leave a review just like any platform out there.

This would be a great impact or boost on our SEO especially on creating JSON-LD or schema mark-up.

Thank you

By jhon geric on 14 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Set Out of Stock Behavior on product level

As part of our product lifecycle, first they are added to our web sites and inserted with stock. After a while, they will be discontinued and moved to a Closeout or Clearance category where customers can order until all stock is eliminated. We would like an option at the product level (or category or even website level) where we can prevent customers from ordering more than what is currently in stock. We are aware of the global setting in the Products > Inventory Settings menu, we would just like this added to a lower level than global.

Thank you for your consideration,

Geoff Moldenhauer

By Geoff Moldenhauer on 28 December 2018Store front ideas Submitted

Enquiry only products

Have the ability to display / list products within the decoration tool but without pricing..... a sort of "add to enquiry" rather than an "add to cart"  gives us the ability to review jobs that are beyond Deco pricing / fulfilment capabilities and price accordingly.

It'll work for bundled packages, Complex products / layouts, bulk enquiries with multiple decoration (say football strips) etc where Deco just isn't clever enough to put it together as a package

By Richard Mattinson on 26 October 2018Store front ideas Submitted


When a customer is in a product page a rolling carousel of "alternative" products could be visible at the bottom of the page. 

These products would be both active & from business hub & be drawn from the product category so they are relevent.

It could be a switch on / off as sure not everyone would want to use it

By Richard Mattinson on 26 October 2018Store front ideas Submitted

Credit Card Fees - Add Surcharge Fee

I lose 2.6% on every online sale when my clients choose to pay by credit card.

We need an automatic 'surcharge fee' action to add the percentage to the final sale when a client pays by credit card at checkout.

I think everyone will agree people expect to pay a surcharge on Credit Card transactions.


By HOLYSHIRT on 29 August 2018Store front ideas Submitted

Abandoned cart/Failed Payment Process (Read and Vote)!!

In Deconetwork, if a customer places an order and the card is declined or there is a hold and review from the processor (, the customer keeps getting payment errors and the order doesn't process.  After several hours, the order will fall into the abandoned cart queue.  All of the previous ecommerce carts I have used process these types of orders much differently.

The abandoned cart list should be for only those orders that the customer did not try to process payment.

The orders that the customer tried to make payment should go into a failed authorization cue and there should be email templates available for the website owner to configure that will tell the customer why the card was declined (the response from the processessor) and what we as a business will do (for example we will contact them to manually process the payment, rather than them continue to try to place the order, or worse, go somewhere else and order).

This would be particularly helpful to those customers who use debit cards.  Right now, they just get a message that the card was declined, and if it is just being held for review and the process it again, then the funds in their checking account could be held for amounts much higher than the value of the order itself.


By David Smith on 25 August 2018Store front ideas Submitted


We've clients that speak several languages, so using deconetwork we've the problem of mono lingual website.

We are closing our business to a big part of client.

Please add the multilingual possibility, we can pay for it :)



More Control Over Text Links Design/Behavior

Button links are nice, but text links still have their place. It would be nice if text links could act more like a button link in that:

1. A way to add a Shadow to Text / Headings

2. A way to make a text link have a hover effect like image and button links

3. A way to make an image/link downloadable 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 June 2018Store front ideas Submitted