SSL Certificate

Be able to incorporate our own SSL certificate so customers finish transactions in our own domain



** Implemenetd in dn7.5

By Ruben on 25 August 2014Store front ideas Implemented!


Zhen says:

Absolutely critical. The benefits are many. - Google now factor in SSL for their SEO - Ability to track the entire sales funnel and user on the website. This has been a crucial missing link for any serious Deconetwork user - Better user experience for customers. Customers do not like being taken off site to finish their transaction
By Zhen on 25 August 2014

Andrew Smith says:

How about integrating with https://letsencrypt.org/
By Andrew Smith on 01 September 2016

Ashley Ball says:

Lets Encrypt works well on my other websites
By Ashley Ball on 21 April 2017

Greg Pentland says:

Hi Guys , letting you know this one has been done!
By Greg Pentland on 13 March 2018
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