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Quick Quote Revamped

We use the Quick Quote on our website to give a customer a qoute when they call in. It's most definetely not easy to do for us much less for a customer that is out there trying to get a quick quote on the site. The biggest issue for customers I see is having to click the NEXT button. The buttons off the screen when proceeding through the steps. It's normal when you click on something for it to immediately go to the next step. Our quick quote doesn't do this. When I first got Deco I kept clicking on the shirt thumbnail waiting for it to proceed. It took a good week maybe week and a half before I learned how to use it. That was very frustrating! I can only imagine what customers are feeling. I'm guessing they click a couple of times and then leave the site figuring "this thing doesn't work".

It's exactly the same on a mobile device. The quote form needs to be as easy as possible for customers to use. Most people are using their phones to search for something. While the quote is mobile compliant it isn't mobile friendly. I suggest Deco to look at other sites and see how they've implemented theirs. Everyone knows Customink but there are plenty of others out there that have easy to use Quick Quote for both mobile and desktop. DesignAShirt.com, UberPrints.com, RushOrderTees. 

The ability to get a quick quote from the product page is a feature that everyone has. We do not have this but we need to. The whole goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers visiting your site. Quick, Simple, Done. FAST!

I hope to see this implemented ASAP! If you agree that the Quick Quote needs updated for ease of use, Please VOTE!!

By Joe Caricari on 28 November 2019 Submitted