Need better filtering options for end users (i.e. by brand or price range)

My new DecoNetwork website is great but is missing a major component.  End users want to seach by brand and to filter by price range (low $ to high $). 

With the current backend system, the only way to allow end users to search by brand (i.e. Anvil, Next Level, etc) is if I manually go into my backend system and individually categorize each sku one-by-one.  I have over 4,000 skus on my site and absolutely do not have the time to set that up, nor to manage it if new products are added.

Also, there is currently no ability to let end users sort results by price range.


By Jenna Banks on 27 January 2015Store front ideas Implemented!


Raymond says:

By Raymond on 15 June 2015

Jelle van der Mijl says:

PLEASE do this!
By Jelle van der Mijl on 13 January 2017

Austin says:

Price sorting would be great. I would also like it to sort lowest "supplier price" pre-decoration.
By Austin on 07 July 2017

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.5... btw, in Shopify this feature is only available on the 2k+ per month plan.. Yeah DECO!
By Greg Pentland on 20 June 2019
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