Responsive Website Themes / Designer

Obviously we want to see the responsive themes. I understand this is probably a project that is already happening. but maybe the voting system will help push it along. 

This may be in the works with the "overhaul designer project". I would like to see touchscreen ability with the designer. Touch to select objects, pinch and stretch to resize, and other basic touchscreen funtions to make the designer much more user friendly on touchscreen devices.

The current deconetwork website design is behind the times, not compliant with digital marketing and hinders business growth.



** Implemented in V8!

By pete on 26 August 2014Store front ideas Implemented!


Adam says:

This may be very difficult to implement as the drivers that support touch screens are all so different across platforms/devices/browsers. I would say as long as all the 'touch targets' buttons/controls are sized appropriately for mobile users (>40px) it will suffice for now.
By Adam on 26 August 2014

Sara says:

Also having alternatives to any options that require dragging... and maybe an explanation for touch screen use that only shows up when accessed from a touch screen.
By Sara on 26 August 2014

pete says:

If inksoft can do it then, the code must not be to hard, haha just jokes. I have seen many designers that have touchscreen controls that work across may devices: cell phone, tablets, iphone, ipad. I have tried them all. I think touchscreen code (js,html,css) is read by browsers, and depending on how you browser handles the drivers would depict how well it functioned on each device. Currently their is no-way for a website to know if it is being used on a touchscreen device, besides assuming certain screen sizes will be touchscreen.
By pete on 26 August 2014

pete says:

Correction** there is no-way for a website to "automatically" know if it is being used on a touchscreen device. At least that is what I have come up with.
By pete on 26 August 2014

Adam says:

I guess I'm just speaking from my limited personal experience. Example: Touch screen on windows laptop in chrome: touch handles scrolling. pinch does nothing Touch screen on ubuntu laptop in chrome: touch handles text highlighting. pinch handles zoom
By Adam on 27 August 2014

Matt Edmonds says:

The number 1 request i get. 80% of traffic is mobile, long overdue!
By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014

pete says:

Yeah, same here. I can't speak for anybody else but I know we are missing alot of sales because we have 55% average mobile traffic in the last 3 months.
By pete on 02 September 2014

Tony Wharton says:

We are losing trade through a lack of a mobile responsive site theme.
By Tony Wharton on 14 January 2015

Alice Tennant says:

Absolutely agree. Mobile is not tomorrow, it's now!
By Alice Tennant on 09 February 2015

C Winch says:

Excellent idea.
By C Winch on 05 August 2015

thomas visentin says:

This would be great!
By thomas visentin on 05 August 2015

Greg Pentland says:

Hi Guys, We are already working on this. We have now been for quite a few months. This however is a massive project. We want to get it right. Responsive , beautiful websites that have a drag and drop interface as well as ability to edit the backend code. Due to the size to DecoNetwork and all the functionality it offers this project will not be completed within 2015. When it is complete I am confident you guys are going to be blown away. cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 05 August 2015

Jared Fullinfaw says:

Hi Greg, We really need this before the Christmas period. 35.6% of our traffic is on a mobile or tablet. Our conversion rate is very poor on mobiles/tablets (less than 0.5%) and our bounce rate on mobiles is 25% higher than desktop because of the Deconetwork platform. We stressed these issues back in 2014. Based on current sales, if our conversion rate on mobile was the same as on a desktop we would have exactly 320 more conversions per month. Jared - Managing Director The Print Bar
By Jared Fullinfaw on 15 August 2015

Dan Roggenkamp says:

Even from an outside perspective, I can appreciate the profound impact this would be having on business at The Print Bar. I hope the DecoNetwork will have this resolved well before the Christmas rush TPB Dan - HR Consultant
By Dan Roggenkamp on 26 August 2015

Richard Mattinson says:

This is an accepted idea (although timescale has been Q4 & Q1 2016 as suggested. Shouldn't it be moved to accepted ideas??
By Richard Mattinson on 19 November 2015

Megan says:

Are we talking about making it mobile friendly? I agree that it should have been completed by now. We were told it would be done during 2015 by the sales team.
By Megan on 12 January 2016

Cristofer Cruz says:

Hey All, there were three separate ideas regarding responsive website/designer. I have merged the comments and votes (excluding duplicates) into here to allow more ideas to flow into the top 100 voted ideas page. In regards to this request, we are addressing it in DecoNetwork 8, check on the forums for more discussion.
By Cristofer Cruz on 01 February 2017
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