Listing Image for Decorated Products

We have some clients that want actual photos of their products on our websites instead of the designer mock ups. We would LOVE if we could set a listing image for each color and have it show up on the product page (where you actually order the product and can see the product information).

I know that I can make an exclusive product for a store and set the "color" images be the actual photographs, but for a store with over 10 designs on the same t-shirt, that's extremely time consuming.

I envision the process something like this:

1. Go to "Manage Decorated Products" then click "Create Decorated Products" and design as normal.
2. After you set the Retail Price, there should be an option to "Save and Finish" or "Upload Finished Product Photos"
3. Click "Upload Finished Product Photo" and you see the product colors you've chosed. From here you can upload product photos for any color previously selected for that product, any color left blank would use the mock up as it currently stands.

This way, we would get the production files and our retail websites would have a more professional, polished look.

Is this something anyone else is interested or is it just me?

By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014Store front ideas Implemented!