Apparel Catalog Searchable by Brands

Please update the apparel catalog so it is searchable by brand and the produt brand is viewable by customers.  

This inforamation comes directly from the partners Deco downloads all catalog information from, is already searchable within the back-end product selector.  Please use the technology you already have in place so we can offer the same opportunity to our customers (as expected by them).

At this time you have a blog instructing your users how to manually build our own directory structures which takes hours and hours instead of taking your time to build the directory structure one time and provide search capabilities at a minimum of industry standard.  

Customers are very brand centric and will go elsewehere if they can't find what they want.


By NICOLE DORR on 23 May 2016Store front ideas Accepted!


Greg Pentland says:

This is being implemented in 8.5 :) cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 23 January 2019
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