Show Minimum Quantities on Front End

The back end has the ability to set minimum quantites by product and by print process.  If you are using multiple print processes it becomes confusing to the end user as to what the minimum quantities are for each product until you get into the designer.

Why is this information not able to be shown on the front end?   Can you make it an option in the blank product listing widget in the design tab?

See this screen shot


By Craig Parrish on 24 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted


Austin says:

YEP another oversight. A quick soluition it to just add a blip about it on your homepage or at the top of your product selection page with a text widget but it takes up vauable front-end space. I think that the DN crew work from back to front when they develop sometimes. DN8 was a huge leap forward but still left a lot to be desired and came out 2-3years later than it should have.
By Austin on 13 March 2019
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