More process modules (vinyl, transfer, engraving, etc)

More modules for other processes like laser engraving, etc.

By Ruben on 25 August 2014
Votes: 108
Combine products with the same design for quantity discounts

You should have the option to combine different items for a quantity discount as long as they have the same design. If a customer orders 24 navy tees and 24 long sleeve navy tees we should be able to choose if we want to price that as 48 pieces or leave it at 2 x24 pieces.

By Paul Costanzo on 30 October 2014
Votes: 87
Free Pre-Loaded High Quality Art

The front end of the designer should have more (Free) pre-loaded high quality art available to all DN users.  This would help many DN users become more successful.I do not have the time or people power capacity to produce all of the HIGH QUALITY artwork required to be competitve, nor do I have the $ to pay for it as a start-up company.This should just be a part of the base software offering...

By Jon Dreher on 30 August 2014
Votes: 59
Company Accounts with multiple linked customers

We really need an easy way to link people from the same company together! We have multiple contacts within some companies, shared designs, accounts etc.  Would be great when you can add multiple customers to 1 company / account since we are dealing with bigger company's with different sales people who are doing business with us. So when a email is being sent that an order is...

By Richard Mattinson on 09 December 2016
Votes: 53
Ability to select fonts for Team Names and Numbers

It would be nice to limit the fonts available for team names and numbers by decoration process. I often outsource transfers for this and most of the big companies have a limited selection of fonts and styles for names and/or numbers. I think this would be most beneficial if you could set this at the decoration level so you could limit the number of fonts for transfers or if you have a...

By Corey Hyde on 08 April 2015
Votes: 49
Need better filtering options for end users (i.e. by brand or price range)

My new DecoNetwork website is great but is missing a major component.  End users want to seach by brand and to filter by price range (low $ to high $). With the current backend system, the only way to allow end users to search by brand (i.e. Anvil, Next Level, etc) is if I manually go into my backend system and individually categorize each sku one-by-one.  I have over 4,000 skus...

By Jenna Banks on 27 January 2015
Votes: 48
Multiple products for campaigns

I would like to see multiple product options and designs for the campaigns implemented.  It would be great if a fundraising group could sell both a tee and a long sleeve shirt or have the ability to add a bag or a mug to a campaign.The ability to have multiple designs would be great as well.  Having 1-3 design options as well as multiple products would be beneficial.   

By Nia McAdoo on 02 July 2015
Votes: 47
Urgent need to (at least) allow us to rename & delete Deco installed Designs

Customers searching DecoNetwork Designs (clipart, graphics) are unhappy  with their search results - even though there are thousands available.Stores need the ability to at least, rename the design file name (to improve customer search results) and delete undesirable designs.If DecoNetwork had "World Class Artistic Designs" it would become the leader in Digital Apparel Printing.Please vote &...

By Don Bullock on 14 May 2015
Votes: 43
Shipping calculator on cart page

Let people enter just their country, city, and zip code to view estimated shipping charges right on the cart page.  

By Sara on 24 September 2014
Votes: 43
Import / Export

We DESPIRTLY need the ability to EXPORT ALL PRODUCTS in a file format that can be manipulated and IMPORTED back into the system. I have several hundred products that cannot, and do not require the use of Decos design platform for any reason. Designs and/or products that are created by a third party vendor and simply added to my store FOR SALE ONLY. I simply want the ability to manager...

By William Cannon on 12 March 2015
Votes: 43
Easy to remember Sign-in

The ability to sig in with Facebook or Google+ account, this would make it easier to remember and avoid the creation of several accounts from the same customer do to forgetting their passwords, etc.

By Ruben on 25 August 2014
Votes: 41
3rd party application

Deco store API has all the functionality to show its products on a 3rd party and non-deco website but the submitting order is a little incomplete for that kind of application. There should be a way to get the deco line item id without going to the deco store; just by making an API call. If this is implemented, any application can be created either desktop or online which can sell deco products...

By farzoqe on 02 December 2014
Votes: 41
Product Pricing

Can we have the option to display the lowest price possible for each product?  Or display a price range?  Displaying the default minimum (highest possible) price can be a deterrent.

By Will Ozier on 15 April 2015
Votes: 40
Quotes with Quantity-/ Price Staggering

Hello Everybody!Last week came the question from our sales department whether it is possible to make Quotes with Quantity-/ Price Staggering.I thought this is a great idea so I don´t want to keep it for me ;)E.g. I make an Quote with 100 T-Shirts. But the Customer wants to have also offered 200, 400 and 500 T-Shirts. So it would be much easier to have an option to extend the Quote...

By Philip Pohl on 13 March 2017
Votes: 36
Calendar View on Order Due Dates

Would be AWESOME if we could view order due dates in a regular calendar view, shown either by order number or order name. I don't know about anyone else, but I know that schduling using a list view is extremely annoying, however having a calendar view would make things MUCH simpler. You could even go a step further allowing us to integrate this with our google calendar (or your...

By Rylan Grose on 13 October 2015
Votes: 35
Reward program

A reward program for frequent buyers

By Ruben on 25 August 2014
Votes: 34
Ink change fee in screen printing module

It is very common in screen printing to allow someone to print the same design on another color shirt in a different color ink and just charge an ink change fee to clean the screen. I would like to see an color overide in the deco designer that would calculate this fee and allow people to change the color of a design using the same screen (there currently is a color overide but you cannot...

By Corey Hyde on 27 August 2015
Votes: 32
Pick up in store

We have a lot of cutsomer who are local to us and also ones who are far. We love giving the option to our local customers to be able to save on shipping and pick up in store, but we seem to have customers from all over our state who choose to pick up in store. We end up losing money on shipping for the customers who aren't local and are choosing "Pick up in store." There should be...

By Meryl on 05 January 2015
Votes: 32
Better Coupons...

We should be able to define if/then statements for promotions for order criteria (ie IF a customer orders this specific shirt + this specific jacket THEN this will happen. This could be useful for 'grouped product' promotions and all sorts of other clever stuff.) We should be able to limit coupons to a specific color of a specific item if we want. Go nuts with specificity here. There...

By Adam on 27 August 2014
Votes: 31
"COPY DESIGN to another product", feature added to the online designer & "INVERT COLOUR" feature

1. It would be soooo goood for a quick easy way for our customers to click 'copy design' and then apply that design to a different products without having to go through heaps of steps. 2. Also, being able to invert your logo would be so good! 3. And if you upload an eps file and you have 'strokes' and 'fonts', automatically converting them to 'shapes' would...

By Jared Fullinfaw on 11 November 2015
Votes: 31
Control Over Uploaded Stock Designs

It would be great if we had more control over the stock designs we upload.  • The ability to change the default background colour of a stock design just like we can in the store designs section. • The ability to move/re-order stock designs within folders and to select and move items into different folders. ( especially since zips don't tend to maintain the correct order when...

By Syl Cinque on 11 September 2014
Votes: 30
Adding Products to Multiple Categories

It would be very helpful if we could add decorated products to multiple categories.  Right now you have to clone a product if you want it to be in 2 or more categories.  This is not ideal especially if you are working with thousands of decorated products that need to appear in 2 or more categories.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 04 November 2015
Votes: 30
Bundle items for offer

Allow shop owners to create a bundle sale item eg 3 Polo shirts and 1 jacket for £80.00  The customer can then choose colours and sizes as well as add a logo in the designer etc.

By Justin Pugh on 16 October 2014
Votes: 30
Make it easy to sign up - Log in With Facebook

Can we add the ability for our customers to sign in via their facebook page? Would be much easier for customers to create an account when purchasing and when they want to reorder.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 01 December 2015
Votes: 30
Barcode Scanner

My inquiry about barcode scanners was directed to this platform.  I've been long hoping to implement barcode scanners in the production/shipping/receiving workflow, especially when dealing with single custom orders.  Since it seemingly looks like the capability is there to use barcodes in Deco, I'm making it part of this wish list. 

By Eva on 01 August 2015
Votes: 29
-= Please vote=- Please add multiple contacts within one company

In today's businesses this should be standard. Within a company contact I should be able to add multiple contacts. We are primarily contract decorators and it is extremely common for us to do contract work for "Company XYZ". Under Company XYZ I have art designer, sales people, managers, accounting people, etc that I need to deal with. It needs to be where each one of XYZ's...

By Travis Tollefsen on 15 September 2018
Votes: 29
Team Stores

I would like to be able to create basically a bulk order form that a high school team can log in, order, and pay for their specific order and then have a batch order for the period of time the store is "open".  For instance,  I would like to offer the same design over possibly 10 different products.  I would like a user (student/family/fan) to be able to log in and purchase the products that...

By Andy Gaerte on 08 May 2015
Votes: 28
Patterns in color swatches

Hi All !! PLEASE PLEASE vote for this one:We need ability to load up different PATTERNS in the color swatches  in online designer:  So that customers can create, for example, zebra print TEAM NAME AND NUMBER  or polka dot or flower pattern TEXT. etc.. Having the ability to "fill" text/ image color with a pattern would make the designer more versatile and if anything  bring in more business,...

By mb on 05 June 2015
Votes: 28
Please let us put our t shirt designs in more than one category?

It would be great if we can select multiple categories for the graphic designs we upload on deconetwork.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 04 November 2015
Votes: 28
Dynamic product

We deal with hundreds of catalogs/products that are not available in deconetworks catalog and will probably never be such as Dickies, Adidas, badger, high 4, cherookee scrobs and more. Adding all those products in Deco is not a practical option. The only practial solution that Deco provides us to quote for those product without having to spend a lot of time with setup is Free form product. The...

By Mozi on 29 January 2017
Votes: 28
Production Planner

Could we be possibly have an extra overview tab that’s like a calendar. The production manager can assign a job to a particular day/ time so the sales team can see when a job is going to be done rather than just saying yes its on the list. If the production manager could do that it would work amazingly for scheduling and give everyone a better understanding of when and how long jobs...

By Lloyd Rees on 24 February 2017
Votes: 28
ShipStation Integration

SHIPSTATION - SHIPSTATION - SHIPSTATION! Wouldn't it be great to have DecoNetwork integrated with ShipStation?? Vote YES and send a message to DecoNetwork that we need this! If you are a ShipStation user let DecoNetwork know there is a need for this integration and how the enhancement will help our productivity and labor costs (so we don't have to upload spreadsheets from DecoNetwork and...

By Jann Middo on 02 March 2016
Votes: 28
Third Party Themes

It would be awesome if we could use themes the way Joomla or Wordpress uses them. For instance could provide us with thousands of themes if they could work into the deco platform easier. 

By pete on 26 August 2014
Votes: 27
Single Page Checkout

Need the option for a way slimmed/trimmed down checkout see thread:  

By Adam on 27 August 2014
Votes: 27
Add Products to Google Shopping

Adding decorated products or even specific non-decorated products to Google Shopping would make sites more competitive that offer unique catalog style items. Not a huge priority, but something to keep on the radar (maybe this already exists and I am unaware of the feature).

By Jon Dreher on 30 August 2014
Votes: 27
Better Alignment Capabilities

As it is right now the alignment tool it works like if there is only one object or if anything needs to be centered in relation to the decoration area only, but there are many cases that a design is compose of a few graphics (objects) that ca be replaced by the customer or perhaps repositioned and need to be aligned against other objects either at the left, right, top, bottom and also center in...

By Ruben on 11 September 2014
Votes: 27
Remove 50 product limit when cloning a store

I'd like to see the 50 decorated product limit removed when cloning a store. Alternatively, an export/import process for decorated products would be helpful.

By Mark Holland on 19 September 2014
Votes: 27
Better Search Filter Options

I think DN would benefit a better search filter/attribute option in the left hand column, where customers can quickly drill-down to the garment they are looking for from a particular category (e.g search by gender, price, colour, size, brand etc etc).  

By Ian Roome on 04 May 2015
Votes: 26
Larger Printable Design View

In business hub, it would be nice to be able to see a larger/printable Design View on the garment/product without downloading the source files that don't show how the customer sees it anyways. Even the work sheet images are way to small.

By cindy on 22 May 2015
Votes: 26
Allow Multiple Designs on Pre-Decorated Products

When creating a pre-decorated product within an affiliate store that has three shirt colors, but each color of shirt has a slight design variation because of the shirt color. Instead of having to create three different products, when the customer clicks on a different shirt color the design associated to the shirt color will show up.

By Brad Dassow on 05 June 2015
Votes: 26
Temporarily out of stock

It would be great if the customer can  see if item is temporarily out of stock before they start to design it.  One great solution would be if the .png file can be place over the product witch is out of stockFor simpler explanation i make Photoshop photo. You can see it HERE.

By Sandi on 04 January 2016
Votes: 26

I would like to be able to send and adjust 3 separate quotes all in one email sent.  Each quote has its own line items, shipping, and grand total as opposed to putting all different options under the same quote.   Out of all the quotes the customer can select which ones they choose to proceed with and will be charged accordingly, all other non selected quotes will be deleted. 

By Justin Rodriguez on 04 February 2015
Votes: 26
Prices From

I know we've been banging on about this for about 4 years - but there's nothing happening & now I can't find the thread, can't see the idea...... etc etc etc.So lets ramp the thing up & get some action WE NEED the prices from that appear on websites to show the lowest price, not the highest  "from" - the clues all there for the English speaking...

By Richard Mattinson on 09 March 2017
Votes: 26
Production by Decoration or Product

Production- It would be nice to be able to see all the products with size and qty that are the same decorated product or design. For instance an affliate store orders 67 individual orders of the same decorated product that are going to be bulk ordered and printed all at once, In production I would want to see a view/production worksheet bulked by design and qtys instead of the individual...

By cindy on 17 March 2015
Votes: 26
Crowdfunding for Groups

For group orders, allow individuals to log on independently to the same account to pay for their own garments out of the group order by letting the organiser share the link through social media to all members of the group. Only when the full amount is reached do you then start fulfilment of order. This would prevent large orders falling through because of the hassle for the organiser of...

By Andrew on 04 September 2014
Votes: 25
Pantone Matching

it would be great to incorporate pantone matching within the online designer so customers can easily call out / browse pantone color swatches. This would really come in handy for screen printing. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015
Votes: 25
Single decoration, multiple products

Adding items line by line then adding artwork is a pain.............Lets have the ability to select multiple products & add the same logo to them all in one go.Once they've ordered selecting previously supplied product is easy, but lets get that ease at first contact

By Richard Mattinson on 26 February 2016
Votes: 25
Commission, make it easier!

The Commission system is too difficult to understand and it's hard to show commissions to affliates. I vote for better commission reports as well as Administrator abilities, we should be able to set when the comission clears, edit if there is a problem with a particular order etc. 

By cindy on 03 April 2015
Votes: 25
Step by Step Training Video For Affiliates

I have many new affiliates that sign-up, create a basic store based around the default template and then nothing! I think a step-by-step video just for new affiliates would be a big help in getting them to build their store and add products. 

By Paul Dorey on 27 August 2014
Votes: 24
Customers can add Shutterstock images in designer through Stock Image

It would be amazing to allow customers to purchase shutterstock/adobe stock photos from our website and use it in their design. Just charge customer additional fee for stock image during check out just like current stock images.

By Andrew on 09 December 2015
Votes: 24
Auto-Add Related Products

This is a 2 teir idea. 1st - All products should automatically generate related products based on descriptions, categories, titles, etc. but ONLY when you have not manually entered product(s). As soon as you manually enter a product this auto-fill option should go away. (Could just be a toggled option) 2nd (and more importantly) - When you manually add a related product (P2) to a...

By Rylan Grose on 12 March 2015
Votes: 24
Coupons for a single product

Assign coupons to a specific product

By Ruben on 25 August 2014
Votes: 23
Provide the ability to share Decorated Products between stores

We have 4 or 5 main stores that we operate that have unique niches, but some of the decorated products could be shared & available to 2 or 3 orther stores.  We have 100's of decorated products.   For a decorated product that we want to use in multiple stores, current implentation requires us to create a decorated product from scratch in each store. Provide the ability to designate...

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014
Votes: 23
Printing Packing Slips before item marked as shipped

It would be nice to be able to generate and print out the packing slip prior to marking the item as shipped.  In my production, I have a quality control section that will inventory the items to be packed and shipped.  It would be good to have this feature so I can have the packing slip printed out earlier than when generating the packing label, etc.

By James Berdeguez on 26 March 2015
Votes: 23
Invoice and ship date

Currently there is no invoice/bill date, original order date is used as the invoice bill date, adding invoice date and ship date would help keep Integrity of original order by without having to change order date to reflect correct invoice date. 

By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015
Votes: 22
Printing Upcharges based on product (eg vinyl, metallic vinyl, glitter vinyl)

Our store uses three different types of printing methods...vinyl, metallic vinyl, and glitter vinyl.  The metallic and glitter are more expensive products.  In order for us to charge $3.00 more for metallicvinyl and $5 more for glitter vinyl we had to set them up as if they were screen printing methods.  It's confusing for the customers and for our production department...

By Greg Hayes on 11 November 2015
Votes: 22
Products on sale

I miss a function where i can put products on sale with discount and that its visible for the customer old price vs discount price

By Tiono Stoop on 17 October 2014
Votes: 22
Add 'Signs & Banners' feature

Since we have the capability to prints signs & banners, we'd be very interested in DecoNetwork adding this capability that Inksoft is now offering. If other DecoNetwork users have interest, please voice your opinion here in hopes that DecoNetwork will also add these features that will grow everyone's sales.Happy...

By Don Bullock on 14 December 2015
Votes: 22
Live Inventory From Suppliers

It woul be great to pass through live inventory from suppliers to our site BUT have an option to turn on / off as some people may not want this but for us, THIS WOULD BE HUGE as a print on demand company that doesnt hold inventory.Lets say someone wants 48 - Next level 3600 in black, size XL but with live inventory it showa there is only 36 left.. the client can either order the 36 and the other...

By SDPH on 28 December 2015
Votes: 22
Adding Yelp and LinkedIn to the Social Sharing Sites list!

Please add Yelp as an option to when adding social sharing links.So what can we do? Add Yelp! Oh and why not LinkedIn too?Please vote!

By Caesar Rubio on 21 November 2014
Votes: 22
Questionannaire at end of purchase

"How did you hear about us" short questionnaire at end of purchase - bar graph outcome would be great

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014
Votes: 22
Digitising Discounts

Hi, I think it would be useful to offer a FREE digitising incentive when the customer spends a certain amount e.g being allowed to confirgure DN that digitising is FREE when a customer spend £100 or more etc.

By Ian Roome on 05 January 2015
Votes: 22
More Decoration Methods

Option to "add" additional decoration methodsI run a promotional company and it's impossible to get all of our branding methods into the limited optionsIf there was a way to add additional branding methods it would be awesome.Digital PrintingLaser engravingDebossingPad printing

By Ashley Ball on 31 January 2017
Votes: 22
pricing by design

This is a pain................Quantities should accumulate where the same design is being used throughout an order I want 12 polo shirts and 1 ladies one (all same dsign) - why are they £11 but the ladies one is £18???I want 3 polos, 3 sweatshirts, 3 jackets, 3 fleece (all same design|) -it's a 12 top order, I want customer to see a 12 item price not 4 x 3 item...

By Richard Mattinson on 11 March 2017
Votes: 22
Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time. Deco triggers could include: New customer, New order, Order ships, etc  

By Sara on 25 August 2014
Votes: 21
Facebook Store & Pinterest Buyable Pin Integration

I'm considering paying for Shopify just to get the ability to allow people to shop my store directly from Facebook and Pinterest. I would LOVE if Deco would integrate, so I don't need to pay for another service.Social Media is such a large part of our culture, it makes sense to allow people to shop right from their profile.

By Kristine Hamaty on 06 June 2016
Votes: 21
Individual Site Testing/Live Status

I feel like there should be an option for individual sites to get Test/Live Status instead of all stores at once. We have over 50+ stores which open and close during various periods and it would be nice to be able to keep some in test mode while we do approvals or decoration/pricing without having to worry if customers start placing orders while we test.     

By Kevin on 02 October 2014
Votes: 21
Qty Discounts apply to all line items 'IF' the artwork is the same

Hi Deco, please do the qty discounts accross all line items, if the artwork is the same?  So not for team names, etc :) Although, if the front artwork is the same for all team members then the discount applies to the front only. etc

By Jared Fullinfaw on 20 November 2015
Votes: 21
Blog Feature

A simple blog feature that allows us to create content on site and our readers to comment and share.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014
Votes: 21
Affiliate stores to type in their 'retail' price, rather than general markups

Hi Deco, It would be awesome if Affiliate stores can manually enter in prices for the products they want to sell, as long as they are higher than the wholesale price that we set. Kind regards, Jared

By Jared Fullinfaw on 13 January 2015
Votes: 21
Restart Campaign

The ability for a campaign owner to re-run a campaign after it has ended. They may want to repeat a sucessful campaign or re-try marketing a campaign that did not quite reach its goal.All without having to re-design and re-enter the details of the camaign, just restart and set new dates. 

By Andrew on 25 January 2016
Votes: 21

Add Name + Number Pricing.Add Nme + Number Pricing is not the same as cutom artwork pricing.  For most businesses it is a set price based on decoration process used.Example: Add Rhinestone Name + Number: $5 Name, $6 Number, $9 Name + Number Add Transfer (Vinyl): Name + Number: $4 Name, $5 Number, $7 Name + Number Add Screen Print Name + Number: $4 Name, $6 Number, $9.50 Name +...

By NICOLE DORR on 17 February 2017
Votes: 21
Markup/Commission % at product level

We would like to see Deco add the ability to set the Markup/Commissions percentage at the product level -- and if feasible, even at the qty break level for each product. This would allow us to offer our re-sellers more aggressive commissions on some products/qtys than on others while keeping our retail price at strategic/competitive price points (i.e. the only way to control commission at the...

By Mark Holland on 14 February 2015
Votes: 21
Separate templates for Invoices and Orders (B2B Solution)

Multiple issues for Business-to-Business Deco Users could be solved if the Invoices and Orders were treated as different entities within the system.  Generally, we will have a Job Contact who is able to answer questions regarding order production, and a Billing Contact who handles paying invoices.Orders - (add ‘e-mail address’ field to Shipping Details) default template would...

By Jon @ MCC on 22 February 2017
Votes: 21
Production Times/Rush Fees By Decoration Method

I've seen some other similar ideas posted but didn't seem to quite cover what I'm after.  We should be able to set our Standard Production Times by decoration method.  For example, I can easily do a 2 day turnaround on DTG prints but If I set that as my standard production then I'm forced to commit to that on Screen Prints and Embroidery.  I also think you should be able to offer/not offer rush...

By Corey Hyde on 03 May 2015
Votes: 20
3D rendering cylindrical products

since we cant create our own can we get deco to create some more products with 3d rendering (and maybe give the mugs a facelift) holders would be great! customers want to see exactly what they are buying. Thanksbrad

By Brad on 15 November 2015
Votes: 20
Display Per Piece Price In Designer & Display Price Break Piece Price(optional)

Currently in the designer when the user starts to add their quantity, the price reflects the total amount of the order. Big numbers are scary and can easily disway someone from ordering.I want them to see the price per garment!Example:- A customer selects Gildan® 2000 Ultra Cotton™ 100% Cotton Tee Shirt.- The Designer loads showing blank pricing for one garment ($4.15 in my case)- They...

By Austin Martin on 03 December 2015
Votes: 20
Extra area after artwork is approved

Dear Deco,When the artwork dept. sends out an artwork for approval and the apporval is being accepted by the customer it moves right into production.But the problem is that our Artwork Dept. needs to make the necessary films/artwork for our production team and since the orders are now automaticcly moved into production they now can't keep track which orders needs films and which orders...

By Jelle van der Mijl on 14 January 2017
Votes: 20
Allow Team names & Numbers in Campaign Designer

Campaigns are also great for group order. Allow us to use the Name & Number Feature. Would be perfect for team orders.

By Tommy on 27 January 2016
Votes: 20
Available capacity of production (Additional Module)

Hello Everybody, it would be really great if we could have a additional module that connected with the Business Hub and shows us the available capacity of the production. It could look like this: Whenever we get an order the module takes order-number and due date. All orders are listed according to the due date. -> It should look like a calendar (weekly planner).  Now we...

By Philip Pohl on 07 March 2017
Votes: 20
Customer uses designer to submit quote...

I would like to see the designer setup without forcing the customer to make make a purchase and submit payment right them.  so that the customer can create or upload the artwork,  select garment sizes, colors, quantities etc.  and then when they're done just have a button to "submit quote for review" at which point the order would be in our quote are of the business...

By Sarah O'Brennan on 22 May 2017
Votes: 20
Affiliate site monthley charge

I would like to have the option to charge affiliate stores on a monthley basis. Not saying I would charge everyone, However I do have some affiliates that keep matarials and pre decorated Items at my shop.  As their fulfillment center, not just their print fulfillment center, I would like the ability to charge each store independently. I currently do it offline but It would be much nicer if it...

By pete on 25 August 2014
Votes: 19
Add A View Production Calendar

Add a production Calendar, So you have a daily task and jobs will not get skipped over. Right now I use Google Calendar and it would be great to have it all in Deco. 

By Custom 101 Prints on 17 January 2018
Votes: 19
Realistic Printing

Many other designers on the market allow users to upload images that look realistic on the t-shirt.  That means that we can see the seams and/or wrinkles of the fabric behind the design, instead of just a design overlay.  This would be really useful to help the users pre-sell their t-shirts.

By Adam Berkenpas on 14 September 2016
Votes: 19
More Control Over Marketing Emails

It would be nice for the Marketing Email Function to have more specific control. We have been trying to use it toward letting customers know of a product being out of stock or a size being out. It would be great to have options like mail everyone who has placed an order between dates, or a based on a item in the store, etc.

By Kevin on 20 November 2014
Votes: 19

Currently customers can either save or e-mail the products they decorate, before buying. It would be nice if they could save their designs and share them with their friends on Facebook both before and after purchasing.

By Maria001 on 05 March 2015
Votes: 19

It would be wonderful if we could preview the whole campaign page prior to starting the campaign.There are often tiny mistakes, that can't be fixed without ending the whole campaign and restarting it. Thank youSarah

By Sarah Gatti on 11 April 2016
Votes: 19
Coupons that come out of Affiliate commissions

We desperately need to have the ability for affiliates to create their own coupons. This obviously needs to come from the affiliate commissions as they are the ones creating them. The inability to offer this makes the current coupon system useless.

By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014
Votes: 18
Easily Accessible Stock Design Layout on Designer & Front-End

THE DAY OF THE UGLY CATEGORY TREE DROPDOWN LIST IS OVER!!! How about some styling DN? Maybe help the stock designs stand out a bit so we can sell t-shirts to people who are not professional graphic designers? 99.9% of my clients email me their own designs without even using deconetwork's online designer. WHICH KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF D.N. ALL TOGETHER.  Im asking 2 things:1)...

By Austin Martin on 04 November 2015
Votes: 18
Find Duplicate's Customer Accounts and Merge Them Easily

Hi Deco, Fix:It would be awesome if you had a 'find duplicates' tool, something that a lot of database programs have, it finds the duplicates and let's you merge them easier.Issue:At the moment it takes ages to merge 4 of the same client into 1 account.Benefit: If we could merge clients accounts easier, then we could get a better snapshot of their order history, their information...

By Jared Fullinfaw on 16 November 2015
Votes: 18
Transparency On Designs

We need the ability to set a level of transparency to a design at the new product setup level, with this capability will allow us to blend the design with a product for a more realistic look, for example: Laser engraved products, Sublimation light colors, like pastel colors on tshirts, as light colors for transfers on cotton tshirts, etc.; setting a lower transparency would show a closer...

By Ruben on 17 December 2015
Votes: 18
Mug Design Template / Drinkwear

Deco does not have a mug design template that is worth a damn.  The 3D rendering option is OK, but the preview image sucks.  It doesn't even come close to fitting the mug and is VERY misleading to what the customer might receive. I asked a group of people from my church to review the image, and nine out of ten said they would most likely not complete the purchase based on their concerns of...

By William Cannon on 26 February 2015
Votes: 18
Attach file to add note for customer

It would be useful to be able to attach correspondence to a job in business hub. EG Customer emails list of names to be applied to items in an order, If the record can be kept together with the deco order then it makes retrieval a lot easier if it's required later

By Richard Mattinson on 09 April 2018
Votes: 17
Larger Product/Sales Image Sizes

Allow for larger image size generation and selection in the system.The visual presentation of a product in any business is typically the #1 decision factor of buyers. Poor image : No sale. The system generates small 400 x 400 pixels size images of products on the Product & Online Designer pages. Furthermore, the largest selectable size for images on Shop pages is 300 x 300 pixels. These...

By Emma-Jane Hamilton on 13 December 2016
Votes: 17
Invoice section in Business Hub

Our business has a number of account holders. Problem is that in the business hub, even once the order has been completed - it continues to stay in the order section of the Business Hub which then distorts the number of active orders. Once an order is completed and marked as Invoice - it should automatically move to a new Invoice section in the same way approved Quotes move into Orders. This...

By Paul on 16 October 2018
Votes: 17
E-Mail Marketing / Newsletter

Dear DecoNetwork team It would be extremely important in my view, to create a corresponding email marketing extension. 1. Possibilities Birthday to automatically send coupons! 2. be able to make better General Newsletter! 3. Customers have the specific times have not re-ordered to take over in an autoresponder. 4. Statistics Newsletter data (open rates, clicks,...

By Michael on 10 March 2015
Votes: 17
Control over Notification Emails please

Through business hub, we processed tons of orders, tons of quotes and host over 1000 new stores. We receive so much unwanted Deconetwork email that is essentially spam.1.Affiliate sign up email (not wanted) 2.Order paid email (not wanted) 3.New order email (not wanted) 4.Quote requested email (not wanted) 5.Quote approved email (not wanted) 6. note from customer email - wanted! 7.quote rejected...

By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017
Votes: 17
Affiliate pages

Time to get rid of separate affiliate domains & transfer them to affiliate pages within your own store. The benefits for SEO / visitor numbers & combined transaction levels data in Google alone makes this one a must if you really want your website to stand out in the ecommerce world

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014
Votes: 16
Add a Distressed Effect to Online Designer

Disttressed Effects are very popular.  Please add a distressed effect to the online designer.

By NICOLE DORR on 17 May 2016
Votes: 16
Two Email addresses

Being able to add two customer email addresses one for accounts ( For staments and Invocies) and one for the person ordering (Quotes and order updates) 

By Daniel Sissons on 01 August 2016
Votes: 16