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I think it would be awesome if there was a calender feature on the business hub where the prodcution manager can create the scheduel.  Often customers are questioning when their job is going to get printed or completed - even when the production time is stated.  The calander/scheduel would be a nice feature so the customer service people and prodcution manager can be on the same page within the program. 

By Taylor Mountjoy on 01 April 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Calendar Production View

Calendar Production View - surely one of the most important production management tools. Drag n drop orders to different days to change the production dates.  Calendar view ideal for large screen view in the production area for quick reference to orders due when rather than through a list. 

By Sam Jensen on 29 January 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!

CC field for Email Payment Request

Many many many times a customer has a different email address for their billing department.  I'd like to be able to use the 'Email Payment Request' feature but send and/or CC the request to a different address.


Store owners should get an email notification when the fulfilment centre has sent them a notice

Please can you enable it so that store owners get an email notification when the fulfilment centre has sent them a notice, and tell them where to find it?

Or even better send the notice by email instead of it being only visible once they log in to their store and happen to look at Messages (which should be called Notices or Notices should be called Messages so it's consistent.


By Niki Merrett on 30 November 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Correct Payment Date

I have noticed that when you add payment in business hub you are allowed to edit the date ther on the payment box but once you save it, on the actual payment information screen it dates the current day it was recorded. This also transfers over to quickbooks and now proper payment dates are incorrect. This is problematic if I want to go back and confirm payment date and match it up to like my merchant transactions. The date recorded should be shown as the correct day the payment was actually made not recorded because not everyone records on business hub the same day a payment or deposit was made. Also this affects quickbooks because it may show the numbers for the wrong quarter or time frame if it overlaps.

By Simon Anaya on 09 October 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Duplicate Users

Be able to stop customers from registering over and over again with the same email address, I know there is a way to combine emails together manually but this is mad and a bad work around, most other sites will say this email is already registered please use forgot password .....

Please vote to get this changed


By Daren Wright on 24 September 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

-= Please vote=- Please add multiple contacts within one company

In today's businesses this should be standard. Within a company contact I should be able to add multiple contacts. We are primarily contract decorators and it is extremely common for us to do contract work for "Company XYZ". Under Company XYZ I have art designer, sales people, managers, accounting people, etc that I need to deal with. It needs to be where each one of XYZ's sales people or other employees can have there own login to track and work on their orders, but all of the billing is sent to their accounting department. The way it is right now is very cumbersome and gets my clients accounting department confused resulting in late or missed payments to me. I know I can create a separate contact for each sales person, but then I am having to run several monthly statements for company XYZ instead of just one. In result it makes my company look like it is not organized or professional. Sooner rather than later would be preferred. Just about every other job management solution can do this with ease.

By Travis Tollefsen on 15 September 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Check All / Uncheck All When Raising PO's

The simple addition of a "Check All" and "Uncheck All" button within PO's would be a hug help. FOr large orders it can be very time consuming individually checking or unchecking the line items. 

By Benjamin Nutter on 15 August 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Clone DN8 Website Builder Pages

I want to be able to clone or duplicate an existing page within the DecoNetwork 8 Website Builder.

I have a handful of pages that follow the same general design layout, and it's time-consuming and vaguely soul-crushing having to redo the same layouts over and over again. If I could clone an existing page, I could do the layout once, then save an hour each time I need to do a new page by just cloning it.

By Matt Kennedy on 10 July 2018General ideas Implemented!

abilty to see whats sites a product are on from manage suppler products

so when editing a product the abilty to see what affilite sites it is on would be increadibly ueful to see what sites it is cruently appering on in my mind it would apper under genral number sold number of deorated products view product then list of affilite sites 


Uncheck all articles/items in the PO's


Having all the articles unchecked (or giving us a button allowing us to uncheck them) when creating a purchase order would be great.

I often have to take items from a basket and put them in another provider's basket. If everything is unchecked I could just click as I'm filling the basket on their website then when it's complete I could just save it and mark it as sent then confirmed.

Less steps, manipulation and thinking than the way it's working right now -> less mistakes would be made with a simple general uncheck in the purchase order creation.



By Donckers Benjamin on 01 June 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Delete / archive rejected artwork

We have a couple of very early artwork rejections on the system (we can't be the only ones?) & there's no way to get them out of the artwork approvals apart from by marking them as accepted which will confuse the hell out of customers.................

Can we have a fix please?

By Richard Mattinson on 01 May 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Clearly defined BILLING section header in BH Checkout

Need clearly defined BILLING vs SHIPPING section headers during checkout steps after proof approval in Business Hub (see rendering forsuggested update attached). 

This is standard industry practice, and would help avoid the recurring issue of customers entering their shipping information into the dubiously labeled "required field" section which leads to declined CC authorization (due to AVS mismatch) and/or redundant emails from customers requesting updating/correcting the billing/shipping details.

For more information you can reference ticket #52849.




Attach file to add note for customer

It would be useful to be able to attach correspondence to a job in business hub.


EG Customer emails list of names to be applied to items in an order, If the record can be kept together with the deco order then it makes retrieval a lot easier if it's required later

By Richard Mattinson on 09 April 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Include order status in API conditions

Since order status is not a field that can be searched on in the API. We need to make thousands of needless queries based on time elapsed since last query. It would be much more efficient to query on status < 3 ( new not shipped) . As it is now I have to query every N minutes and search on "all orders since now minus N" . then filter out the shipped. 

That's a fair amount of load retrieving shipped orders I already know are shipped. (since another function in my API is to mark update their status to shipped) 

By Larry Sainte-Marie on 29 March 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Duplicate order or quote for re orders

Would be nice to have a button in the order to duplicate and open an exact order in a new invoice. We have a lot of exact re orders and instead of filling in all of the information again, it would be nice to have the button in the old order.

By Timothy Pipp on 16 March 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Add Internal Order Processes

Processes for internal purposes (Have option to show for customer as it may be a unqiue thing customers may enjoy seeing) such as -

Films Printed (Screenprinting)

Screens Made (Screenprinting)


By Hunter Strine on 07 March 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Product Code / SKU: Show on web store

Show each item's Product Code (SKU) on the web store. 

It already shows up in Business Hub. If a customer has a question, or if we want to discuss an item in our own store, there's no SKU. You have to go search for it in Admin to see its SKU.


Basic editing functions: "Undo" & "Redo"

Hi everyone,
since the customization of a product isn't a straightforward process, customers need to be able to see a visual representation of their ideas while going back & forth through them.
Therefore we suggest the implementation on the configurator of this two functionalities by the introduction of two new buttons: "Undo" and "Redo".
This could surely improve the editing customization process.

By Dritan Demiraj on 26 February 2018Online designer ideas Implemented!

Add A View Production Calendar

Add a production Calendar, So you have a daily task and jobs will not get skipped over. Right now I use Google Calendar and it would be great to have it all in Deco. 

By Custom 101 Prints on 17 January 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!