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Customer uses designer to submit quote...

I would like to see the designer setup without forcing the customer to make make a purchase and submit payment right them.  

so that the customer can create or upload the artwork,  select garment sizes, colors, quantities etc.  and then when they're done just have a button to "submit quote for review" at which point the order would be in our quote are of the business hub for us to review, offer suggestions/changes or just let the customer know that it is ready to move to payment.   

I feel like this feature should already be here,  the majority of customers need a little bit of hand holding to move forward and this would help keep customers from being scared away by having to pay before they reallly know what's going on. 



By Sarah O'Brennan on 22 May 2017 Implemented!

Production Times/Rush Fees By Decoration Method

I've seen some other similar ideas posted but didn't seem to quite cover what I'm after.  We should be able to set our Standard Production Times by decoration method.  For example, I can easily do a 2 day turnaround on DTG prints but If I set that as my standard production then I'm forced to commit to that on Screen Prints and Embroidery.  I also think you should be able to offer/not offer rush fees based on decoration type as well. I was able to sort of do this by only offering rush fees on qts of 11 or less thus negating my minimums of 12 on SCR and EMB. If you can combine this with the production times you can set at the product level then you can be assured that all your bases are covered. Then each total order can default to the product and decoration method that takes the longest time to complete.  

By Corey Hyde on 03 May 2015 Submitted

Restart Campaign

The ability for a campaign owner to re-run a campaign after it has ended. They may want to repeat a sucessful campaign or re-try marketing a campaign that did not quite reach its goal.

All without having to re-design and re-enter the details of the camaign, just restart and set new dates.


By Andrew on 25 January 2016 Submitted

Extra area after artwork is approved

Dear Deco,

When the artwork dept. sends out an artwork for approval and the apporval is being accepted by the customer it moves right into production.

But the problem is that our Artwork Dept. needs to make the necessary films/artwork for our production team and since the orders are now automaticcly moved into production they now can't keep track which orders needs films and which orders already has been made ready for our production team.

So we miss 1 step and it should be like this :

1. Send out Artwork Approval 
2. Artwork becomes approvade --> moved to Artwork Approved 
3. Artwork Dept. looks into this Tab and makes the order ready for production team and checks "Films/Artwork ready for production team" (or something like this).

Please VOTE!!!

By Jelle van der Mijl on 14 January 2017 Submitted

Separate templates for Invoices and Orders (B2B Solution)

Multiple issues for Business-to-Business Deco Users could be solved if the Invoices and Orders were treated as different entities within the system.  Generally, we will have a Job Contact who is able to answer questions regarding order production, and a Billing Contact who handles paying invoices.

Orders - (add ‘e-mail address’ field to Shipping Details) default template would generate multi-page orders with full product/decoration information.  Add Note for Customer and E-mail Order would send to Ship to e-mail address (our Job Contact).

Invoices - default template would generate 1-2 page invoice without all of the product/decoration detail.  E-mail Payment Request and new E-mail Invoice option would send to Bill to e-mail address. (customer's A/P department)

If only Bill to information is added to the order, both Orders and Invoices would be sent to bill to e-mail address.


By Jon @ MCC on 22 February 2017 Submitted

Bundles - to enable multi products within a "total" bundle

Please can the system be altered, to enable a "Bundle" to incorpate more than 1 product, as part of a total minimum to reach the bundle price.

e.g. 9 men's Poloshirts, 3 Ladies poloshirts (Total 12) to trigger a bundle price and a minimum order quantity set of 12.

Hopefully that is simple and QUICK to implement and will result in more people enabling the facility - and bundles being just that "a mix" of product.




By Scott on 10 March 2017 Submitted

Invoice section in Business Hub

Our business has a number of account holders. Problem is that in the business hub, even once the order has been completed - it continues to stay in the order section of the Business Hub which then distorts the number of active orders. Once an order is completed and marked as Invoice - it should automatically move to a new Invoice section in the same way approved Quotes move into Orders. This would also easily allow us to see what is outstanding, "problem" customers plus present a more accurate picture of the orders. 

By Paul on 16 October 2018 Submitted

Individual Site Testing/Live Status

I feel like there should be an option for individual sites to get Test/Live Status instead of all stores at once. We have over 50+ stores which open and close during various periods and it would be nice to be able to keep some in test mode while we do approvals or decoration/pricing without having to worry if customers start placing orders while we test. 



By Kevin on 02 October 2014 Implemented!

Adding a color picker

I would like the team ad decontwork to add a color picker instead of the color slider....Dye-sublimation gives us the option of every color combination available. A color picker makes it simple for our customers to match they color they desire...The slider is a constant guessing game whereas acolor picker is an exact science for my customers...This is about my customers....Please vote on this so Deco-Network will move this to the top of their list.. 

By Tony Cooper on 02 November 2014 Implemented!

Blog Feature

A simple blog feature that allows us to create content on site and our readers to comment and share.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014 Implemented!

Markup/Commission % at product level

We would like to see Deco add the ability to set the Markup/Commissions percentage at the product level -- and if feasible, even at the qty break level for each product. This would allow us to offer our re-sellers more aggressive commissions on some products/qtys than on others while keeping our retail price at strategic/competitive price points (i.e. the only way to control commission at the product level at present is to increase/decrease the product's price point). This capability is core to the pricing model for the promotional products industry so it seems like an obvious fit for Deco Network users as well.

By Mark Holland on 14 February 2015 Discussion Required

Coupons that come out of Affiliate commissions

We desperately need to have the ability for affiliates to create their own coupons. This obviously needs to come from the affiliate commissions as they are the ones creating them. The inability to offer this makes the current coupon system useless.

By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014 Submitted

Easily Accessible Stock Design Layout on Designer & Front-End

THE DAY OF THE UGLY CATEGORY TREE DROPDOWN LIST IS OVER!!! How about some styling DN? Maybe help the stock designs stand out a bit so we can sell t-shirts to people who are not professional graphic designers? 99.9% of my clients email me their own designs without even using deconetwork's online designer. WHICH KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF D.N. ALL TOGETHER.  

Im asking 2 things:

1) Display the stock designs clearly and pleasantly and don't hide them in offhand column category trees. Basically reduce the unbearable clickthrough website clients have to endure to personalize a shirt. 

2) Let website owners individually pick the designs they want to allow on their sites without having to add entire 10,000 image collections with a way to freely organize them how they would like.

Here are the issues I'm persoanlly facing. The designs on my website are not displaying on my "designs" page on load! The categories show in the righthand column but why should my customers have to click through multiple category trees in an offhand column until an actual stock design image loads on page. I have it set to display designs immediately on page load but it's not. I'm playing around with different settings trying to get this to happen but no luck yet.

I've paid thousands of dollars for deconetwork subscription fees over the years and have never been able to use this feature properly. I've been missing out on sales because of it too. How can I compete with companies like custom ink when my potential customers can't even find my stock designs easily. My website has had almost 18,000 visitors and only 340 sales. Thats a really REALLY really bad capture rate. It's just disheartening when something that should be so simple is more complicated than it needs to be. 

All we need is a tick box that says "enable stock designs" and a way to filter which ones and where they display on the site.

I have the same issue in the designer when it loads I want it to immediately show my potential clients the stock designs in a clear and presentable way, and logged in clients could also see their previously used designs for reordering. The categorie tree dropdown list is just too discrete and ugly. I feel like people are just buzzing passed the designs without realizing they exist or giving up on the whole entire process all together out of frustration. Let's face it, most people don't know how to design for themselves. Lets make a simpler solution for all of this!

If I go to customink.com I can, literally, make 2 clicks and see beautiful design templates on garments ready to start customizing immediately. Do you know how many thousands of dollars this would bring to our businesses if we could easily implement something like this??? I'm considering doing substantial work and spending lots of money on new stock designs for my site. But, why would I pour money into something that my clients can't even find?

By Austin Martin on 04 November 2015 Submitted

New "Afterpay" Payment Gateway Please!

Hi Deco,


We really need to integrate this into our website - can you please help?


By Jared Fullinfaw on 29 January 2016 Submitted

Add a Distressed Effect to Online Designer

Disttressed Effects are very popular.  Please add a distressed effect to the online designer.

By NICOLE DORR on 17 May 2016 Submitted

Available capacity of production (Additional Module)

Hello Everybody,

it would be really great if we could have a additional module that connected with the Business Hub and shows us the available capacity of the production.

It could look like this:
Whenever we get an order the module takes order-number and due date. All orders are listed according to the due date.
-> It should look like a calendar (weekly planner).
 Now we can see that the order X must be produced on Monday and Tuesday, because the due date is set on Wednesday.

The sales department and the production manager see next week we have X orders in production and we are fully occupied, so we can't accept a short-term order or we need to move the delivery date.
Or we see for the week after next we are half the week occupied and we could produce X more orders.

This would make the production management much easier!


By Philip Pohl on 07 March 2017 Submitted

Designer Tutorial Video

Imbed an instructional help video in the designer that pops up and gives a quick tutorial on how to use the basic features of the designer. In addition to a complete overview of all the features,   I would also suggest 2 or 3 different short tutorial videos imbedded in the section the user is interested in that pertains strictly to that section, rather than having to watch a long video and hoping it covers what they are trying to figure out.

By David Smith on 25 August 2018 Submitted

Organize Product Colors

Having the ability to organize the colors a product is available in would not only allow you to make the product page look better but would also improve the customers buying experience. The easier it is for customers to find and choose what they want, the more likely they are to buy.

Here's a comparison of the difference -


Deco's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:



Custom Ink's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:


It would be nice to click and drag the colors but even just adding the sort arrows like the sizing page would do the trick.

I feel like we should have the tools necessary to create the best possible user experience whether we use them or not and being able to easily and intuitively select a product color is a pretty standard function of any online store.

Let me know what you guys think.

By Jim Budzynski on 23 April 2019 Submitted

Production Status for screen printing

Hi Guys,


It would be really helpful if both the artwork and screen department are able to log that their jobs are complete before an order hits the production floor.

Once a screen print order comes in, after all is confirmed, separations need to be done by the artwork department and films printed - if they can log that this is complete for an order, then the screen department knows that that particular order is ready for screens to be made. Screen department then makes the screens and logs that it's complete. Only then is the order ready for printing on the shop floor. Thsi is something that I've been looking for in software in particular. It saves running around and having to find out what's done and what's not throughout producion.




By Alex Greig on 13 October 2014 Implemented!

Sync integration with quickbooks

While the system handles most of important business processes, it is missing the most important aspect which is accounting. User can use quickbooks but each time export and import of data makes things complicated.

Intergration with Sync app like ECC cloud by webgility will be a great addition. It allows user to sync data with quick books by selecting which particular order need to be imported.

By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015 Implemented!