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Abandon Cart Flexibility

Would be very helpful if we had the ability to apply settings on Abandon Carts. At the moment, I believe carts will empty on customers after 5 hours or when their session expires.(?) We would like to set it so that the items remain in customers' accounts or at least for a much longer period of time. We have companies that place/build large orders for their employees and will often do build those orders over an extended period of time based on their availability and when information comes in on their end (e.g. sizes.)

By Roger Oettinger on 06 December 2017 Submitted

Social Sharing blank products

Add the ability to share blank, as well as pre-decorated, products via the social sharing options.

We're not all T-Shirt printers & for B2B you still want to be able to put your product offering out there

By Richard Mattinson on 06 March 2018 Submitted

Convert order or quote to a website

Setting up a website is the same process as setting up an order or quote. It is a more difficult to set up a site but if you could convert all of your work in an invoice to a site, it would make things much smoother.

By Timothy Pipp on 15 March 2018 Submitted

Shipping - 3rd Party/Collect


We have clients that request we use their shipping account when shipping FedEx and UPS. It would be nice to have the option of adding 3rd Party/Collect shipping account to their orders. FedEx and UPS both have this option available in their native interface. 

By Shelly Barton on 20 March 2018 Submitted

DropDown Color selection menus for products

I had started a topic here - https://www.deconetwork.com/forums/dn8-beta2/6865-drop-down-color-selection-menu-for-designer 

It would be really helpful to have dropdown menus for the two separate colors like in this old Deconetwork designer (I don't really know what version this is other than the fact it's not longer available). Enabling this kind of a feature would make product setup a lot easier. I had to had select 56-60 different possible color combinations (based on our type of product) PER product entry. The menus would simplify this process and may be a little easier for the customer to interact with.

By Heather Johnson on 23 March 2018 Submitted

Weight limits in carriage methods

Allow maximum weight in a carriage method (eg UK Royal Mail 2KG) then have system auto select the next available carriage method


If we have a 20KG consigmment it's not going on royal mail it's going on a 2-3 day courier - the system should be able to work that!

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018 Submitted

USPS Shipping via DecoNetwork Commercial Account


Please set up a commercial relationship with USPS so DN users can take advantage of commercial discount rates!

USPS is very difficult to get commercial discounts on USPS for small businesses.  

PayPal has a commercial relationshiop with USPS and by being a business account holder with PayPal, you can take advantage of their size and take advantage of their discount. As a result of this, I don't print USPS labels (which I use often) from there.  PayPal charges my PayPal account for all shipping I purchase through them. It would be much easier to do it all from DN.

DN should be large enough to qualify for a commercial relationship like PayPal's.  I am assuming PayPal marks their rates up some before passing on the discount...so DN would have a new revenue stream too.  It's a win-win.

See Forum Discussion https://www.deconetwork.com/forums/discussion/7010-usps-shipping-via-deconetwork-commercial-account

By NICOLE DORR on 24 April 2018 Submitted

Text spacing

Another really great thing would text spacing, you can see this at www.uberprints.com very hany especially when arching the text.

By marino tribuzio on 10 May 2018 Submitted

DHL integration

I would like to integrate DHL Italy to our shipping methods.

By Irene Caset on 30 May 2018 Submitted

Point of sale

I am currently using shopify and deconetworks

Reason being i have 2 businesses on the same premesis workwear and Schoolwear.

I have people coming into the shop buying schoolwear and i need to take payment by cash and card and for this i use Shopify for its POS till and cash draw.

For workwear i use deco but it can still be a pain in the bum if they pay by cash

By Bryan Johnson on 30 May 2018 Submitted

more control over logo and title area on affiliates stores

at the moment the only way to change the this is via html or css but having more contol over the alignment of the drop downs and logo or even the row of them without have to edit the html would be nice 



By Matt Moore on 04 June 2018 Submitted

Sales Team Member Sync to QuickBooks Online

It would be great if the Sales Team Meber would sync to Quickbooks Online. We track many sales performance statistics in Quickbooks Online, and now we have to go into every invoice and manually add the Sales Team Member after each sync. If Sales Team Member synced, it would be a huge time saver in this regard. 

By Benjamin Nutter on 04 June 2018 Submitted

Stock logo filters

It really is an essential move to be able to filter the designs by category that you want to have available when you're creating a niche site........


What's the point in having a childrens wear shop where the designs are for construction companies rather than the childrens designs that are pertinent..........??? 

By Richard Mattinson on 11 June 2018 Submitted

More Control Over Text Links Design/Behavior

Button links are nice, but text links still have their place. It would be nice if text links could act more like a button link in that:

1. A way to add a Shadow to Text / Headings

2. A way to make a text link have a hover effect like image and button links

3. A way to make an image/link downloadable 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 June 2018 Submitted

Integrate Shipping Method R.R. Donnelley - Domestic (USA) & International

Please integrate RR Donnelley.

RR Donnelley is a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW) working closely with the U.S. Postal Service® to help businesses send shipments internationally. RR Donnelley helps customers access discounted international shipments, facilitates customs clearance, and offers enhanced tracking with visibility down to package-level details.

Here are the services they offer.


Domestic Economy Parcel 

  • 4 – 9 business days
  • Trackable packages using USPS for final delivery
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 16oz, 1 to 25lbs

Domestic Priority Parcel

  • 3 – 6 business days
  • Trackable package using USPS for final delivery
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 16oz, 1 to 15lbs

Domestic Parcel BPM

  • 4 – 9 business days
  • Bound printed matter with delivery confirmation
  • Parcel size: 6oz to 25lbs

Domestic Priority Parcel BPM

  • 3 – 6 business days
  • Bound printed matter with delivery confirmation
  • Parcel size: 6oz to 25lbs

International Priority Parcel Delivery Confirmation

  • 4 – 10 business days
  • International shipping dutiable or printed matter shipments
  • Delivery confirmation available

International Priority Parcel Non-Delivery Confirmation

  • 4 – 10 business days
  • International shipping dutiable or printed matter shipments
  • No delivery confirmation available

International Economy Parcel

  • 7 – 14 business days
  • Economical option for small parcels

International International Priority Airmail (IPA)

  • 3 – 8 business days
  • First class consolidation service with USPS
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 4lbs, m-bag services for printed material up to 66lbs

International Courier

  • 2 – 5 business days
  • Door-to-door service for documents and dutiable items
  • Delivery confirmation available

International Surface Air Lift (ISAL)

  • 7 – 14 business days
  • Combination of air lift to destination country and surface delivery via USPS
  • Two parcel sizes: up to 4lbs, m-bag services for printed material up to 66lbs

International e-Packet

  • 3 – 7 business days
  • Economic option with tracking and delivery confirmation available
  • Package must be under 2kg (4.4lbs) and less than $400 in value

Priority Mail International (PMI)

  • 6 – 10 business days
  • Priority mail international service through USPS

Express Mail International (EMI)

  • 3 – 5 business days
  • Express mail international through USPS
By Andrew Hendrick on 07 July 2018 Submitted

Lightbox Added to Image and Gallery Widgets

Is it possible to add lightboxing to the Image and Gallery Widgets? You can already add a link to an Image Widget, so maybe add a checkbox below that to open the image in a lightbox instead, then do something similar with the Gallery Widget.

By Matt Kennedy on 22 July 2018 Submitted

Modal Widget

I would like the option to add a Modal Widget to the website builder.

I'm imagining it working in 2 parts, the Modal Link and the Modal Window. The Link works like the Button Widget, and the Window works like a 1-Column Widget, letting you use other Widgets inside the Modal Window. 

The settings will let you change the normal options, like backgrounds, borders, max-width, padding etc, but you can also choose the overlay colour/transparency and how rounded the corners are. You also have an option that lets you open the window on page load instead of with a link.

By Matt Kennedy on 22 July 2018 Submitted

Suppress categories with no customizable products in designer

When viewing an image on the website before selecting a product, the list of products show up next to the image for you to select the product you want.

1) First feature is to allow you to establish a sort order in the first series of products (and remaining products when you click on view all customizable products).

2) second feature is to supress the product categories that do not have any customizable products in them.  Perhaps a check box or feature in the product categories to "supress category from appearing in the designer" so for those who use the cart for both custom products and non-custom products, you dont have a bunch of blank categories listed in the designer.

By David Smith on 25 August 2018 Submitted

Importing customer custom fields in Quickbooks

Due the standard invoicing data that we need in Europe to post invoices we need to use customer custom fields to register VAT number fors our clients. It's now impossible to import those data in Quickbooks. This issues is crucial since it make pointless to register the VAT ID in Deconetwork if we can't use it for invoicing in Quickbooks, i think it's urgent to fix this.

By Paolo Nardi on 06 October 2018 Submitted

Purchase Order Naming and PO updates

We would like to be able to choose the name of the purchase order rather than a random number - we would use the date, or job name that way we can combine pos, rather than raising 20 a day. So if we have a PO for AlphaBroder, we would just keep raising POs to what we name it. Right now, we would have to figure out if that was raised today or yesterday - but having the ability to "free form" the PO#/name it would give us freedom to name it what we want. Also, when we raise a PO and then there is a change on an invoice, the garment that is changed stays on the po. I would like the ability to automatically remove that with an invoice change. So if a customer orders 2 M and wants to change it to 1 M and 1 L the PO still reads 2 M and 1L and I would have to manually delete the 1 M. I think a simpler way to do this would be a recall PO button or somethign like that. Where you click it and it deletes those items from the invoice out of that PO and then you can re raise the PO. I have so many open POs from changes and not cleaning it up as we went.

Last thing along the same line - check box on the left side so you can select multiple POs without having to open each one. Sort of like marking produced or shipped on the invoice side. Sometimes we have 4 or 5 pos and have to open each one to recieve but all 5 are in so we wouldn't need to go in and open it up.

By Timothy Pipp on 06 December 2018 Submitted