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text knockout

Would be nice if the online designer had a knockout feature. So for example if you layered text on top of an image there could be a knocked out border around the text.


By Marco Gonzalez on 01 March 2019 Submitted

Ability to show store in Abandoned quote overview

It would be great if you could configure what you see in the Abandoned Cart overview screen - I would like to be able to see the store without having to click into each one.

By Niki Merrett on 27 June 2019 Submitted

A/B Testing

This is a platform for online business, and as such, the approach should be forever tweaked and refined. Feedback is essential in this case, and the ability to A/B test would prove invaluable in gauging the customer experience. 

By Jess Lenton on 17 July 2019 Submitted

World Pay Gateway

DecoNetwork isn't compatable with WorldPay at the moment and this is what our store uses to take payment from customers in store. Would be great to have this as a payment gateway in DecoNetwork

By Mike May on 23 July 2019 Submitted

Ability to change Business Hub column layout

It would be nice to be able to sort/adjust the order of the Columns or Fields in the different screens in the Business Hub.

As an example: Right now, the Order screen shows the Order # in the first column, but I would like to see the Order Date in the first column and Order # in the second.

By Justin Meriwether on 29 July 2019 Submitted

Upload from .ESA (Wilcom Embroidery Fonts)

We have different reworked font for Embroidery.
The fonts are made with Wilcom Embroidery Studio and the file extension is ESA.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 15 August 2019 Submitted

Add these designs next

would like to suggest the following design templates for events now or coming.
Volleyball - now
Football - now
Basketball - coming up next
Choir - now
Orchestra - now
Band - now
Breast Cancer Awareness - coming/now

By Rhonda Gulley on 28 August 2019 Submitted

Product Custom Fields: Storefront or Business Hub

Add buttons to the Custom Fields editor so we can select whether the product's custom field shows up in Storefront, Business Hub or both.

For example: At my company, we'd like to use this to indicate production details in Business Hub but these should not be visible to the customer and not visible in the storefront.

By Bill on 12 September 2019 Submitted

Sales tax status for customers

Currently there are only two choices for the sales tax status for a customer. Either they are exempt from sales tax or not exempt. For tax reporting purposes in Colorado we need additional statuses. Could you please add more sales tax status in the customer profile





By Patricia Milks on 26 September 2019 Submitted

Receiving by Order Option/Receiving Drop Down

Hello,  We would like to see an option in receiving that would allow us to receive by order.  We normally bulk order through our supplier.  It is much easier most of the time to receive by each individual order.

Secondly, we would like to see the store name populated in the drop down within the receiving screen for customers ordering within one of our online stores.  Currently for any store, it shows the Order# and the customer's name.  We don't need to know the persons name for the most part at any point until they pick up/ship.  We currently have to go into the actual order to view which store the person purchased from in order to separate the orders for production.

By Brian Kemp on 02 October 2019 Submitted

Complaint system on a order level

I would like to get a complaints system in the deco system. It need to be on an order level. Since we in the process of getting GOTS certified it is vital the we have a system to handle complaint from our clients. This is faily urgent and shoud be simple to implement. 

Best regards

Peter Holm


House of T-shirts



By Peter Holm on 12 February 2020 Submitted

Company Roles Manager Needed: Global and Per Company

Company Roles Manager Needed: Global and Per Company

Current Issue:  There is no default role that send notifications to only the customer.  As a result, every new customer addition roles have to be customized at the contact level.  That is inefficient and risks sending notifications to people that shouldn't receive them.


  1. Global: Need to be able to set up default roles that meet the needs of our business proicess.  Also, enable us to set-up global default that ensures no one extra is getting copied on emails unless specified by DN administrator.  Customize at a later date with no negative impact to customer relationship. 
  2. Company: Need to be able to set-up custom roles that meet the needs of individual customers.

Thank you!



By NICOLE DORR on 27 February 2020 Submitted

Coupon Discount and Free SHipping

I think that when calculating free shipping based on order size it should be done after any coupons or discounts. When you order online at any of the major stores, you don;t get free shipping if the regular order size before discount is $100 and then after discount the order is $25. That to me seems very strange. It should be based on the order total after discounts.

By Jeff McClure on 14 March 2020 Submitted

Customer Editing

I added a Sales Team Member and gave them Sale Team status for their logon. I tried logging on as them to see what they can do, and found that they can change the address information for customers not assigned to them. I found this by pretending I was creating a quote, I selected the pull down for available customers, on the customer I chose I was able to change the persons address. I suppose in this mode I could change what ever I wanted, but I only checked one field. Since there is no current way to stop this and Tony Cooper suggested I open a suggestion, I suggest there should be a way for the site administrator to stop a Sales Person from having the ability to edit the customers information not currently assigned to that sales person? I have no problem if they can see the information, I just do not think they should be able to edit the information.  They should submit the edit they want to the DecoNetwork Site administrator for review and change if appropriate.


By Peter Graham on 31 March 2020 Submitted

Remove Background www.remove.bg integration

This app removes the background on complex photo's really easily. Would be great to update the Deconetwork background removal tool to one that does a better job.


By Jared Fullinfaw on 10 April 2020 Submitted

Copy elements or sections from one page to another

Copy elements or sections from one page to another

By Jared Fullinfaw on 06 May 2020 Submitted

Embroidery discount across multiple line items

- currently if you have 2 line items using the same embroidery design it doesn't apply volume discounts.

- it would be great if this was fixed

By Jared Fullinfaw on 06 May 2020 Submitted

Please Add UPS SurePost

Please add UPS SurePost as an option for live shipping. This is an economic (ground) residential shipping option which is crtical to being competitive in that market. 

By Roger Oettinger on 06 December 2017 Accepted!

Shipping addresses as a CSV file

We are linking in with a new courier company which has the functionality to accept shipping details via a CSV file, this is not available in Deconet - instead all you can download is a PDF file. It would be good if this sort of feature was standard or at least simple to develop an API. 



By Paul on 20 April 2016 Implemented!

Job numbers included with item numbers


We are running two Kornit printers and we need to get our work flow in place so that we can run efficiently, what we need is to have the job numbers included with the item numbers on each job (either at the front or the back) We do need this pretty urgently

DecoNetwork Client ServicesSaturday at 02:57
Hi Marino,
Each production file is the combination of 3 automatically generated elements:  Order Number - Unique Product Line Number - Product View. In addition to that with the Kornit, you can setup which Kornit machine you are using plus margins, and that will also be included in the production file. Please see this article which shows how to setup you DTG process specifically for Kornit (We have this functionality just for the Kornit machines): https://help.deconetwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/234771908-DTG-Printing-Production-Settings

We don't currently have the functionality where the files could be set up for two separate (if they are different) machines.  This is all that can be done with the naming of the production files at the moment. 

If that doesn't help, we would like to find out more about how would are you including the job numbers in the production files on your end so that we can keep this feedback for the future in mind. 
Marino TribuzioSaturday at 07:49

The easiest solution for us would be to include the Job Number with the item number example: this is how it currently comes in 2453971533-Front-Chest-DTG we would like a job number in front like 741987-2453971533-Front-Chest-DTG so when the job goes with the job ticket to the printers and is qued in the kornit they know what job the item number relates to. Otherwise the way it works now they would have to try and match the item number to the job.

By marino tribuzio on 29 November 2017 Implemented!