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Product Code / SKU: Show on web store

Show each item's Product Code (SKU) on the web store. 

It already shows up in Business Hub. If a customer has a question, or if we want to discuss an item in our own store, there's no SKU. You have to go search for it in Admin to see its SKU.

By Bill on 01 March 2018 Implemented!

Include order status in API conditions

Since order status is not a field that can be searched on in the API. We need to make thousands of needless queries based on time elapsed since last query. It would be much more efficient to query on status < 3 ( new not shipped) . As it is now I have to query every N minutes and search on "all orders since now minus N" . then filter out the shipped. 

That's a fair amount of load retrieving shipped orders I already know are shipped. (since another function in my API is to mark update their status to shipped) 

By Larry Sainte-Marie on 29 March 2018 Implemented!


when ever catalogs have new products to add, they get added as active products.

Is there a way to import any new catalogs products as "inactive" products so we can review the product first? 


By SDPH on 29 June 2018 Implemented!

Added field on inventory settings - Stock Location

Moving into a new warehouse we would like to set all correct and make all easy to find - any chance on adding a stock-location-field on the inventory page? Just a simple text-field would be sufficient so one could add a code as such.

If this was possible adding the content of field into the worksheet (and packingslip) would make it easy when pulling stock on an order. 

Hope it is a easy to acchive

By Jeanette K Qvarfot on 09 January 2019 Implemented!

Make custom production statuses more useful

Being able to set custom production statuses is a great feature and helps us to manage our internal workflow more easily. However, there are a few things that could make them far more useful:

  1. They don't show up in the production tab of an order. The only columns on display here are the default order statuses: "paid", "Ordered", "Received", "Artwork", "Produced" and "Shipped". It would be extremely useful to be able to have our custom statuses show up in this table, giving a quick summary view of exactly what has and hasn't been done with each order. It's quite inconvenient to click into each and every line item of an order to see the exact status under the production section.

  2. It would be fantastic to be able to update the custom production status of a line item via the order management API. The custom status for each line item is visible under the field "fc_production_status" in the order search endpoint but this field cannot be set via the update order status endpoint. This would allow us to integrate our production workflow in a much more streamlined fashion. For example, barcode scanning could be implemented at each stage of production to automatically push status updates back to deco and keep the backend in sync, without needing to explicitly go into each line item on the business hub and update the status.

  3. It would be great to be able to bulk set custom production statuses via the "Actions" panel in the Production view, for example to mark a number of different order items as stock checked or QA complete

As a side note, it would also be great to be able to change the order of the columns in the Production view!

By Julian Regan on 18 January 2019 Implemented!

Facebook Pixel - please track ALL standard events

Can you please get the Facebook Pixel to track ALL standard events, not just PageView and Purchase?


By Niki Merrett on 17 July 2019 Implemented!

Option to change "tick"

I don't know why this bugs me haha, but I would like to be able to change every instance of "tick" to "click or check". I know both are correct but I can't stand seeing "tick"  

By pete on 27 August 2014 Submitted

Custom Fields - Date Option

The "Date" options in the Custom Fields only go back as far as 2004 and in the future to 2024 or something ridiculous. This needs to extend much further into the past, I'm uploading Christmas ornaments and I need people to choose the year they were born, married, etc. and for quite a bit of the population, pre-2004 was important ;)  

By Kristine Hamaty on 30 October 2014 Submitted

please change tshirt and the views in stores

shirts look to short and black looks grey heres an better example of a black tshirt    http://teespring.com/KarmaAssist       or look a zazzles black t shirts

By neil on 12 December 2014 Submitted

Ability to set Rush Order Fees for either Business Hub / Store

Cant find if there is s way to do this.  But I would find it very helpful if the "Rush Order Fees" Could be set to be used within in the Business Hub only and not the Store.  I have stock products on the store, but do customised work that i'm just starting to use business hub for.  I want to be able to charge them Rush Order fees when I process orders through Business Hub.  Or even idividually set Rush Order Fees for individual products as well. 

By Mick on 30 April 2015 Submitted

News Feeds

I would like to be able to filter the newsfeeds to show what we need to see to make it more visual for our staff to see, or have them seperated  by quote questions orders etc and remove things we dont need to see.

and even something that pops up to say someone has requested a new quotation etc

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2015 Submitted

Managing Designs: Same Process for Stock, Store, and Customer

Please provide the same configuration management process for Stock Designs, Store Designs, and Customer Designs.  

The configure tools for Stock Designs are significantly more robust than for Store and Customer Designs.   It makes sense to have the same configuration process/capabilities for all designs.

By NICOLE DORR on 31 May 2016 Submitted

Quicken shipping times by filling out customer address automatically with Australia Post, Fastway, Star Track or Toll Priority

If the addresses could be automatically filled in on label creators with an API that would be fantastic. Especially if you use a freight company.

This would save time rather than having to type in the address for each order.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 02 June 2016 Submitted

Free use registration fields

We need to know if our customer fill right some important fields.. we notice that under "configure" we can decide only the Maximum Characters, and not the minimu, and if it can be numeric or alphanumeric... it's useful to have controll on this thing!

Another useful thig is that if a store have 2 types of customer: company and private person, come out different field during the registration, if one choose company, appare some fields, and if choose private there are some other fields... so you have all the information you need for invoice.



By Ilaria Turco on 06 July 2016 Submitted

Work Flow Embroidery

Deconetowks is often used to handle small quantities. Labor cost is important. It is very important therefore to semd order imformation and EMB files directly to a computer right next to the embroidery machine. EMB files should be loaded to the machine ready to use. 

By santafetex on 12 July 2016 Submitted

Add One Stop, Inc. as Supplier

Please add One Stop, Inc. as a supplier.  As far as I know they are the only supplier of Enza brand products which we have great success with.

By Angie Long on 10 September 2016 Submitted

JSON files - DTG - Allowing for Higher volume sales customers to send jobs out to larger fulfilment houses thru standardised formats and automation

We found our Epson DTG printer couldnt keep up with 20% growth per month we have been getting (www.ultria.com.au). So we outsourced our production work to someone with a large Kornit Printer that can do 1000+ tees per day. To speed the process further we need someone to help develop a way where Deconetwork creates a JSON file - this is simply a line sheet (csv or similar) that describes the physical t-shirt (ie Grey / Large) and also holds the .png file that is used by the Kornit printer. The current does everything except for these 2 extra features.

- Stage 2 will be developing a similar thing that connects to Shopify.

Ph: 0413 692 123

Email: paul@ultria.com.au

By Paul Everest on 12 September 2016 Submitted

Need Promotional Badges

Need promotional badges to merchandise hot items, increase conversions and average order value. These should be avaiaible in the backend with basic/standard options, then more custom open options that stores can create themselves.

By JP on 18 November 2016 Submitted

Select Product description tab order/suppression

A non decoratable product lists tabs including colors/sizes, shipping and description.  Create a default tab order that applies to all products, but allow the administrator to change the default order for all products, or override and set the tab order for a specific product.  Also allow for tab display suppression and allow for an additional tab and allow the adminstrator to enter a custom label and info for both site-wide default, or product specific.

By David Smith on 29 December 2016 Submitted

New Create Store Template Designer

I like the idea of the new design template but could do with the option to select all store designs including logos etc supplied from Deco to create new designs for our customers to purchase

Cheers Daren


By Daren Wright on 09 February 2017 Submitted