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I think it would be awesome if Deconetwork could make a blog for fulfillment shops and affialites to use on their own sites, in the website pages area. 


Stock Designs

I would like the Stock Designs catagory to be opened or changed in a way for the customer to see it more easily, If not then I would like the ability to bring an entire catagory into the Store Design area so it shows for the customer.


'Widgetized' Page Designer

We would like the ability to duplicate page sections (ie Categories of Decorated Products, Blank Products or Designs) 

Also, the ability to have more that one content area would be great


Customer Notes.

Right now, if you leave your customer a note via business hub, the note is available to read in the history/notes area. Often times my production staff does not see these notes because they are not going to be looking at each individual order, rather they are looking at the production sheet which does not include these notes. 

I would like any notes pertaining to the order to be printed out with the production sheet as well as visiable on the production area of business hub. 


Third Party Themes

It would be awesome if we could use themes the way Joomla or Wordpress uses them. For instance could provide us with thousands of themes if they could work into the deco platform easier. 


Responsive Website Themes / Designer

Obviously we want to see the responsive themes. I understand this is probably a project that is already happening. but maybe the voting system will help push it along. 

This may be in the works with the "overhaul designer project". I would like to see touchscreen ability with the designer. Touch to select objects, pinch and stretch to resize, and other basic touchscreen funtions to make the designer much more user friendly on touchscreen devices.

The current deconetwork website design is behind the times, not compliant with digital marketing and hinders business growth.



** Implemented in V8!


Fundraiser (Booster campaign)

I would like to see the fundraiser option. I believe this option should be avaible on the fulfillment domain and affiliate domain. 

Product Design

Client designs product. 


Client choose markup on wholesale price, then choose how many they would like to sell. An estimator then would tell them what they can expect to earn if they reach their goal.

Information About Campaign / launch

Client then can write some information about their campaign to encourage their followers to purchase. Client can then share their campain on social networks and other means. 

I'm sure their are alot of others things that would be awesome to include. just wanted to get the idea on the voting system. 





Allow us to rename "Team Names"

Team Names isn't really applicable to name badges, etc.  We can rename 'artwork' and 'text' but not this field.


"Coming Soon" For new custom products

The ability to display new custom products with a message that would say "Coming Soon" and a button or field for customers to enter and submit an email for inquiring for that particular item, also for items that were out of stock from our supplier but are waiting for more, instead for us to turned it off would be nice to display a message like "Temporally out of stock" and again a button or field for them to enter and submit an email to contact them and letting them know that particular item is back on stock and ready to order.


NULL - Variable Data (Like Print Merge in CorelDraw)

No Longer valid.


A form or the capabilities of capturing variable data, for same design and different info like names, dates, etc., a Google form would help, it just would need a script to generate the form with the order/customer details for reference of the order, other ideas?

If this could be done internally would be great, this way it would be production ready, one could create a template with the variable fields setup in the design, all the customer would have to do is enter the data in the appropriate fields, then Deco would generate the product design with the variable data ready  for production, this could be use for Name Badges, Plaque Plates, Awards, Mugs, keychain's, etc.


Pattern Generator

Some type of pattern generator, you upload a pattern seamless tile and the generator would fill an object, text or graphic, with a particular pattern and with the ability of scaling the pattern fill.


Packaged Products

I'm not sure this how many people offer these kinds of deals on their stores, but we would love to offer a single item packaged purchase. We want to be able to include multiple products into one nice single add to cart item. We've done this a few times on our store by creating a product type specifically for that package and using custom fields to indicate sizes and each view to be the product, but it’s very unclean and does not work large scale having to make new product types all the time. Just have the ability to package preexisting products from our library into a single product type.


Product Search In Adding Decorated Product Section

In our master library we've now reached about 100+ pages of products offered. As it stands the only way to quickly find products when adding a new decorated product to a store is you have to go to the category which the product is under and then remember which page you can find said product on. It would be great to have a similar search bar is in the product section in the decorating section, just type in the product id or name and get the same results.


Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time.

Deco triggers could include:
New customer, New order, Order ships, etc



Better Strip Integration

Deconetwork currently integrates with for credit card processing, but doesn't take advantage of Stripe's ability to store customer information.  

Alternatively, Deco could just integrate stripe's 'Checkout' option --


Credit Card swiper/reader

Imagine if the site and desiger were responsive and worked great on touchscreen devices, then we also had the ability to add a simple credit card reader via usb / phone jack to run credit cards. Like paypal here and square. Basically making a kiosk. I was originally wanting the Deco kiosk to finish development, but thats been long gone Im afraid. I'm sure the security issues involved with this kind of project are great but well worth it in my opionion. 


Custom Order Statuses

Allow for custom order status with custom e-mails. There should be internal ones as well as those visible to the customer. 

By Nabil Ahmed Khatri on 25 August 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Affiliate site monthley charge

I would like to have the option to charge affiliate stores on a monthley basis. Not saying I would charge everyone, However I do have some affiliates that keep matarials and pre decorated Items at my shop.  As their fulfillment center, not just their print fulfillment center, I would like the ability to charge each store independently. I currently do it offline but It would be much nicer if it could be intergrated into the deco system. 




Add Mandrill Integration (Transactional Mail)

Integrate fulfillment center with Mandrill for transactional mail


User Added Coding for Snippets

I know that there are some pretty coding savvy people that have posted on the forums, but I don't want to search through the posts to find them. If we could add our own html or css coding to the snippet section, I think it would be a more valued and used resource.

I remember that someone created a snow fall effect on one of their pages (pretty awesome!!), so maybe a place to upload images as well?

I wouldn't mind if there needed to be an approval process from Deco to make sure that the snippets do work properly and don't go against any terms of service, laws, etc.

By Kristine Hamaty on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted