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Artwork from The Noun Project

I'd love to see integration with this site for stock images:



By Sara on 01 December 2017 Submitted


Please add the delivery company bPost. 

By Diego on 18 January 2018 Submitted

Canadian User Freindly

As a store owner and living in Canada I find it time consuming and fustrating that DecoNetwork hasn't set this up for Candian Stores, All the prices have to be changed and I can not make Canada Post a Live Shipper. Also the Product Catalogue's are not the same. I was really hoping to have the store set up and running without all of this imputting and fustration. Is this likey to happen in the near future? I hope so!

By Susan James on 21 February 2018 Submitted

pin or keep the designer menu expanded - all sections

It would be beneficial to allow the customer or (the site admin) to pin the designer menu to where everything was visible at once. For instance, instead of having to click each section to expand the various options of that tab. Allow a button that keeps the full menu tabs expanded. Kind of like in Microsoft's office pin the ribbon ability. 

By Heather Johnson on 16 March 2018 Submitted

Cleanly Display Unavailable Shipping Methods in Checkout

I'd like an option to display live shipping methods even if they are unavailable for the address entered.  My thought process is, someone enters the wrong zip code and doesn't realize it.  They see no live shipping options and have no idea why.

I think a collapsed section would make the most sense.  Unavailable options:  and then a list.  If ALL options from UPS are unavailable it doesn't have to list each method, just show that UPS options are unavailable for their address, etc. 

Another way to do it would be to add a checkbox for each live method that says 'always display, even if unavailable'  So I could choose UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail to show but be grayed out when unavailable. 

By Sara on 11 April 2018 Submitted

Carriage price weight increase

Add £ per Kilo option in carriage methods (same process as £ per 100 stitches) - couriers charge by weight & having an unlimited number of price breaks isn't ideal! 

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018 Submitted

integration of shipcloud.io

Hi there,

please consider to develop API connection to shipcloud.io (more information for developers here: https://developers.shipcloud.io/concepts/ )

Instead of adding a separate API connection for every single shipping carrier in the European (or especially German) market, there is a way to have everything covered with on gateway.

This is also of benefit as currently no German shipping provider is supported by DN.


By Shop Admin on 19 April 2018 Submitted

Product Code

Product code does not track with the Product Name. I find that when I search on a product and find one I like I can not identify which product it is easily. Is there a way to add the Product Code so that it tracks with the Product name?

Take a look at trouble call (Product Code not showing with Product Name – 53799) for more detail if needed.

By Peter Graham on 02 May 2018 Submitted

After saving and exiting a product have deco return return to the search results instead of the entire product list

Whether I'm working in a specific category or if i search for a product, upon exiting the product Deco returns back to the full list of products instead of to the results of the search or back to the category I was currently working in.  It makes for quite a tedious process to repeat the search several times in some cases.  I often have  the same product duplicated several times because the webstore all have different and very specific criteria for personalization and decoration options.  I use custom fields to meet their requirements.

By Cindy on 09 May 2018 Submitted

Copy a Template created in Template Builder

As a shop owner, I require the ability to make a copy of a template that I've created with the template builder so that I can, copy the template and make small incremental changes without having to recreate the entire template.  

On simple templates it's not a big deal to recreate, however a template with 12+ text elements is tedious and time consuming.  Ability to copy the template would be a significant time saver.

Let me know if any questions.

By Kimberly on 22 May 2018 Submitted

Campaign Admin - Ability for Customers to view order history

When customers create a campaign, they want to see order details so that they can follow up with anyone who did not respond to the campaign link that they initially sent.  The customers end up calling me to find who has and who has not ordered so that they can follow up with their customers directly.

By Lita Carpenter on 10 July 2018 Submitted

Non-Supplier Products

I would like the ability to be able to add non-supplier products that don't necessarily print on apparel or mouse pads such as custom vinyl decals. The custom vinyl decal is the actual product. 

Thanks, Anthony

By Anthony Rodgers on 04 August 2018 Submitted

have an easy way to see what order a gift certificates certificate was used on

On gift certificates having the ability to see what order/s they where used on encase a customer quire the order  


The scenario some schools we work with give the parents gift certificates to buy school uniform with us, we where contacted by a parent asking why her code was not giving the full amount. After checking if it was used (it was) I tried to check if it was used by the right person but with the easiest way to find where a code is used is to generate an order report that would take a while as the code could have been used anywhere in the last 2 years


So what I am asking to happen is have gift certificates be able to tell me the orders they have been used on for the purpose of checking when and who used them encase it is queried by a customer

By Matt Moore on 10 August 2018 Submitted

Confirmation Pop Up Window When Converting to Order

When internally converting a Quote to an Order in Business Hub, there should be a pop up window asking you to click again if you are sure you want to convert to an Order. Too frequently someone accidentally clicks this link when they are intending to click something else. The order then has to be cancelled and you need to start over. 

By Benjamin Nutter on 15 August 2018 Submitted

Check Number should be Visible on payment screen

I would like to see the check number on the payment screen. If I go to payments this would be very helpful and much faster to access to reference back to a customer of there payment or to answer any questions that may pertain to the actual check number.

By Simon Anaya on 09 October 2018 Submitted

Payment method

It would be helpful to include the payment method in the Export Order Payments to help qith reconciling Quickbooks.

By Adam Danish on 23 November 2018 Submitted

External Account Payment

add an option in to payments for "to be dealt with by external accounts facility" so those of us who use a "proper" accounts package aren't duplicating work / payment receipts etc smiling w/ sunglasses 

By Richard Mattinson on 03 January 2019 Submitted

Embroidery Thread Colour

Would be great to have some more detail / interaction around thread colours when customers upload their own logo into the designer, even if this was a drop down box asking the customer how many / which colours were in the design but ideally the system would check this and display it itsself. 

By Sasha Nelson on 23 February 2019 Submitted

Campaign Templates (Decorated products)

I would like the ability for my customers to start a campaign from a decorated product (Template)

By Marco Gonzalez on 28 February 2019 Submitted

Bulk set product VAT exemption

It should be possible to bulk set VAT exemption for products. The main use case for this is childrens clothing: it should be VAT exempt in the UK but this is not set by default.

The only possible solution right now is to go into every single childrens product in your catalog one by one and tick the 'VAT exempt' tick box. This is totally impractical considering there are over 300 kids items in the Ralawise catalog alone. To be honest, these childrens products should be set as VAT exempt by default, but since they're not a way to set these in bulk is much needed!

At present, we have no option but to charge VAT on these items and overpay VAT to HMRC for these sales. Help!

By Julian Regan on 06 March 2019 Submitted