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Products Only Account Access

Add an account option so the user can only access our products listing along with adding and deleting products and updating their information.

By Alex Thomas on 07 March 2019 Submitted


Just like the title says. We should be able to assign a custom background color to each individual template design to display our template designs in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Also the available organization system for templates is atrocious. It does not allow for more than one level of hierarchy. For instance, we have a section called "business" for company logo templates but can not be any more specific(ie: plumbing, restaurant, hvac, construction, etc) than that without making 40+ more tabs that would display on the page. This forces us to lump it all into one category. In volume this is just messy and ugly to the end-user. If we had 1000 designs lumped onto one page how would they find the right one for their business?

By Austin on 13 March 2019 Submitted

Electronic invoice

Hi, in Italy we have to make an electronic invoice, so we don't use DecoNetwork nvoice. Is there a way to add the "invoiced" item to the order screen? For example in "status"? It would be more evident and easiest for us to manage!

By Irene Caset on 03 April 2019 Submitted

Decorated Product Size and Turnaround Time Change

Hi There

We should be able to limit the sizes we offer on decorated products as well as production time

when creating decorated products i have copied the same blank item and created a decorated product with limiting the sizing and changing the turnaround time however, i do not want that blank item in my website and when you choose to inactive item or available only in business hub decorate product disappear .


Any Help?

By Eser T on 06 May 2019 Submitted

Customer Account POs

It would be great to have the ability to turn off automated POs by customer account. I know that there was discussion of seperate pricing structures for screenprinting, etc for contract customers which is great, however I need the ability to have automated POs on our system but turn them off for our contract customers. Maybe when you roll out the pricing structure thing, that would be implemented into the decoration process? EX. A contract pricing sheet w/o POs and diff pricing and a retail one w/ POs. Of course those settings are parameters we set.

By Hunter Strine on 16 May 2019 Submitted

Automated card reader

You need to have your shopping card linked to an external card reader so I can have it in a kiosk environment - otherwise you lose a massive area for potential

See here



This company ahs intergrations with loads of shopping carts - but not your system...


By Lee White on 09 July 2019 Submitted

attribute/features of products

It would be good to be able to deposit features (material, size, finishing options, short arms, long arms, and many more)  in the products
It would be perfect if the customer could then restrict the product search by features and if its possible to show them in the product as extra tab.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 16 August 2019 Submitted

Easier Purchase Ordering! Not Live Order

Hello,  I would like to see the purchase order - ordering process switched to the same format as recieving a purchase order.  When I go onto a suppliers site to order, all of the items are checked when I raise the purchase order.  I have to first deselect the boxes, luckily there is a deselect all box, but an unnecessary click.  I feel that the items when selected should have a highlight go accross the whole line so that I know that I ordered that item.  When ordering, I have many lines with different items and sizes that need to be ordered.  I currently have to basically trace the check box across to see where I am on the page everytime I look from screen to screen.  Please make this change for us that don't use live ordering.




By Brian Kemp on 21 August 2019 Submitted


Problem, We have three stores, with same products, we could have only 1 inventory location, And we need to control the information how many products we have in each store, so if the inventory we could have more locations and the report with cost of product would be great

By Daniel Villanueva Ortega on 02 September 2019 Submitted

Font-search in admin-area

It would be cool if you could search the fonts in the backoffice by name

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 30 September 2019 Submitted

Website Fixed Tax Rate

We currently have 2 brick and mortar stores in different counties with different tax rates. When we create a “store” for a customer we should be able to assign a specific tax rate for that store. Currently we have the customer enter their location as the ship to address to propagate the correct tax rate, it’s an extra step the customer shouldn’t have to do and these dam college kids keep messing it up when they are order team apparel.

By Shane Maher on 07 October 2019 Submitted

New Payment Processors

In our scenario, using CHASE as a payment processor would save us 1% on our credit card processing through deco. I am sure people are in different scenarios with different processors in different countries. Vote if you would also want CHASE or if you would benefit from a different processor.


By Jedrek Martin on 22 January 2020 Submitted

Select Stores / Raising Purchase orders

Need a radio button for "Select All" when selecting stores for POs.

By Barry Carter on 14 February 2020 Submitted

Canadian Suppliers

Please add SS activewears Canadian site. You should already have all of their files to add so would be super simple.

By emy sigfrid on 03 March 2020 Submitted

Garment Locator


It would be a nice feature if you could search for a particular garment, to determine popularity or find the particular order the garment was used for.


By Shelly Barton on 06 March 2020 Submitted

Allow Email in Shipped Details Section

Allowing an email field to be available in the shipping details. This would allow the shipper's email to follow the order for details such as tracking information when dropshipping.

A perfect example that is already available in the phone number field. The phone number field is available and does a transfer to integrations like ship station. 

If the email field can work exactly like the already existing phone number field this would be ideal. 



By Eytan Shafigi on 12 March 2020 Submitted

Designer AR

I think it would be nice if there was a mechanism where customers could take a picture of themselves with a camera such as a smartphone and try on the products created by online designers using AR technology.
Convey the characteristics of products and services to consumers more realistically, and increase motivation to purchase.

By 徳生 小池 on 06 April 2020 Submitted

In person card swipe functionality

Looking for a solution to swip cards directly into the business hub using a USB card swiper this would eliminate us need a pos system in store
By Ernesto Martinez on 24 April 2020 Submitted

Be able to hide certain shipping methods from certain products

It would be nice to hide shipping methods from certain products. i.e not allow international shipping on mugs for example.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 06 May 2020 Submitted

Add a crop tool to the online designer

Add a crop tool to the online designer

By Jared Fullinfaw on 06 May 2020 Submitted