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Add rush charges

There needs to be a way to add rush charges.  Either as a percent mark up based on different levels of rush service.  Or a separate pricing table based on type of rush service requested.

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015 Implemented!

Choose Products

Affiliate stores should be allowed to choose which products are offered based on those allowed thru the fufilment center. I would like to set up an affiliate store that sells just one brand in three styles. 

By Andrew Loew on 27 May 2016 Implemented!

Refresh interval

It would be nice when the business hub reacts better to the refresh / relist option.
As of now it takes a hit by F5 to see all changes and even then it could be a minute or longer to see the changes made in the hub.

Since we work with over 5 people who are working in the hub would be nice if this could be more realtime.
So after the change has been made some sort of background refresh or an automated refresh when clicking on a random button. ??

By Jelle van der Mijl on 10 November 2016 Implemented!

Uncheck all articles/items in the PO's


Having all the articles unchecked (or giving us a button allowing us to uncheck them) when creating a purchase order would be great.

I often have to take items from a basket and put them in another provider's basket. If everything is unchecked I could just click as I'm filling the basket on their website then when it's complete I could just save it and mark it as sent then confirmed.

Less steps, manipulation and thinking than the way it's working right now -> less mistakes would be made with a simple general uncheck in the purchase order creation.



By Donckers Benjamin on 01 June 2018 Implemented!

abilty to see whats sites a product are on from manage suppler products

so when editing a product the abilty to see what affilite sites it is on would be increadibly ueful to see what sites it is cruently appering on in my mind it would apper under genral number sold number of deorated products view product then list of affilite sites 

By Matt Moore on 22 June 2018 Implemented!

Remove 21 day limit on campaign store

Please can we remove the 21 day limit to campaign stores. I want to use the campaign for leavers hoodies for school's, however some want to give the students more than 21 days to be able to order one. 

By Jospeh Aston on 16 March 2020 Implemented!

Let Affiliates to ad themselves his comissions

I need to let affiliate-shop admins to change his comissions based on a minimum prices of the non decorated products. Now only the superadmin can do this.

By Pedro Baschwitz on 27 July 2015 Submitted

Gateway Options for Bahamas & Caribbean

Hi is it possible to include one of the following 3 payment gateways (First Atlantic Commerce, Network Merchants, Plug n Play) that the local banks in the Bahamas and the Caribbean currently use for ecommerce to our deconetwork gateway payment options?  This would greatly increase and expand your business opportunities into the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank is one of the largest banks in the Caribbean with more than 100 Branches in 17 different countries.  They also utilizes those 3 gateway providers. (https://www.cibc.com/fcib/about-us/locations.html)

I've spoken to other decorators and printers in the Caribbean printing community many of whom have heard of DecoNetwork and one of the turn off for them has been the unavailability of a payment gateway that services the Caribbean via the DecoNetwork platform.  Hence they have chosen other online platforms to service their business needs.

For businesses in the Caribbean to utilize the offered gateway payment option would mean that funds paid would have to be held in the USA, manual transfered to a debit or credit card that takes 5-7 days, and then be limited to a maximum daily withdrawl of $500 per day from an ATM.  Well in the case of a $7,000 uniform order, it would take 19-21 days for all of the payment withdrawls and transfer delays before the total funds hit my account.  Not a reasonable business model for any business to consider. 

I've purchase the DecoNetwork platform, I'll wait 2 weeks to see if a consideration is made to accommodate the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean before cancelling my subscription and moving on to one of the lesser web platforms that does offer at offer local payment gateway option for direct deposit into my companies bank baccount.  

The DecoNetwork platform is an amaing product; I would hate to leave, but at the end of the day it has to be a total working product that facilitates our clients ideas from concept to payment.



MJ Henfield


By MARVIN HENFIELD on 25 May 2016 Submitted

Rhinestone Pricing Table

The Rhinestone Decoration Process pricing table does not work.  Here are some additions to the module that would make it usable:

  1. Price increase per number of colors/elements in the design. 
  2. Price increase based on stone type or color (rhinestone pricing varries by color
By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017 Submitted



Would it be possible to add a new payment gateway.





By SHOPS ELITE on 06 February 2017 Submitted

District Tax

It would be a great help if all of the different district taxes were able to be loaded and then applied based on shipping location. Or at least be able to change them in business hub. The problem we are having is the California rate is locked at 7.25% and then we have to add Sacramento which is another .50%. So the majority of our sales fall into this 7.75% but the problem is when we take sales for another district there is no way to easily change that. We do not want to under collect! So we would like to be able to select different districts from business hub to quickly change out the correct tax.

By JON LORTZ on 24 April 2018 Submitted

Center grid guidline

A centre line gride line to line up your artwork would be a great addition, you can see at www.uberprints.com or at customink.com

By marino tribuzio on 10 May 2018 Submitted

Multiple Navigation Dropdown Types

Currently you can only have one style of dropdown menu in the main website navigation, either Simple or a set Width (content, page, etc). The Set Width looks good when you are displaying image categories (like for the Designs page), but doesn't look good when it's just a few text links (like for the About page).

I want to be able to use a Set Width dropdown menu for some dropdowns, and a Simple dropdown menu for others.

By Matt Kennedy on 25 June 2018 Submitted

tax on purchase orders

We have a supplier who can supply taxable & non-taxable products. Deco doesnt allow the option to alter the tax status within a Purchase Order. Please add an option to edit.



By Ross Marshall-Ivens on 02 August 2018 Submitted


Any way to print all the month's invoices in one go? 

In Accounts, at the end of each month, I have to print (preferably to pdf) the month's order/invoices (can go up to 250+ in peak season).  This is currently taking AGES as I have to manually open each Order invoiced one by one and hit print.  Then (several hours/days later), I currently have to split the pile into manageable groups of 25 pages to scan from our printer and email them to myself in pdf format.  All very long-winded.  In previous system (French EBP), I was able to selecte from xx date to xx and print ALL INVOICES into a single pdf file.

By Pascale Florin on 13 December 2018 Submitted

Display Customer discount in Business Hub

It would be nie to know that a custmer has additional discount set to their account. It would be an important information for the sales staff to know before they start negotiating price with the customer. Please see my attachment for visual



By Mozi on 10 January 2019 Submitted

Auto fill discount code on checkout page

Great for marketing, and popular on e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Auto discount be applied from URL

By Zhen Lim on 10 January 2019 Submitted

syncing sku part

It is really import the sku due to the importance in accounting process. In inventories if you have the sku you are able to use it and the integration will run way much better 

Using SKU will allow you to have inventories ok in quickbooks otherwise you have to recreate an artificial number in order to identify

By Juan Caicedo on 19 January 2019 Submitted

PenCarrie Catalouge Update

Pencarrie catalogue is over 2 years out of date - this could desperatley do with an update! 

By Sasha Nelson on 23 February 2019 Submitted

Import Orders

I am looking to see if there is any way to batch import orders to business hub via a .csv file. We have HUGE baseball leagues using SIPLAY to create their rosters and orders to be sent to us. We currently have to spend hours and hours compiling, adding, and imputing data from the information they give us. We know there has to be a more streamlined way to batch import orders when the data has already been put into a .csv file.

By Stephanie LaFleur on 07 March 2019 Submitted