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Tax Exemptions Choices

As you know most countries have 1 or more taxes. Also, many countries allow for tax exemptions of different kinds. Example:  Businesses can be tax exempt on one or more taxes, There are tax exemptions for purchase for children under certain ages. If a country has a VAT tax and a local tax it would be important to be able to choose what tax is exempt for what customers. Deconetwork only allows for a global tax exemption. This is not good when you need to provide a quote that requires tax exemption status. 

By James Taylor on 21 March 2019 Submitted

Bulk Import - Supplier Field

Bulk import has a limited number of fields and this really needs to be increased. Couple of options that need adding as a matter of urgency: 

1. Supplier field - this is not the same as a brand - this is where you may purchase a product from, so Gildan is the brand, Ralawaise is the supplier

2. Discount - we have multiply options on discounting, but as a mimimum we should be able to choose from YES = discount NO = no discount

3. Availability - we run multiple store fronts, but not all products are across all brands. Again the minmum could be = BUSINESS HUB ONLY; YOUR STORE ONLY




By Paul on 22 March 2019 Submitted

Import/manipulate Colour palette

Please, please, please can there be a way of managing the product colours. We import a lot of our products and our colour palette is a complete mess! It would be great if we could simply either create a CSV and update that way (so for example whenhave a new brand) and how cool to be able to modify a palette afterwards. In our custom palette we have loads of colours that should be moved against a specific brand or are no longer required. 

Please vote for this and make life easier for all!!!

By Paul on 22 March 2019 Submitted

Save Credit Card Numbers to allow automatic billing.

We have quite a few customers (mostly companies) who reguarly place orders and want automatic credit card billing.  We need two features for this to work correctly:

1. We need a form that we can send the customer for them to sign/approve recurring billing
We are currently having to use Adobe Sign to have them sign an  authorization form and then have to manualy look it up and enter it for every order. 

2. We need Deconetwork to have the ability to store the credit card numbers by customer on their account. Ideally the customers would have to enter it them self when they are sent the approval form.

We would get better transaction rates on processing if customers are entering the cards themselvs istead of staff members.

*This feature should be optional because it will require operators to annually certify for PCI compliance in the US.

By Martin Burkholder on 15 August 2019 Submitted

Unspalsh Integration

Unspalsh is a superb photo library with free to use license terms. 

We have instagram and faecbook integration in the online designer already, would it be possible to also include a link to Unsplash? 



By Evan Cockshaw on 22 August 2019 Submitted

Fix Tax Rate for Websites

We currently have 2 brick and mortar stores in different counties with different tax rates. When we create a “store” for a customer we should be able to assign a specific tax rate for that store. Currently we have the customer enter their location as the ship to address to propagate the correct tax rate, it’s an extra step the customer shouldn’t have to do and these dam college kids keep messing it up when they are order team apparel.

By Shane Maher on 07 October 2019 Submitted

Added Stores Minimum Quantity

We cannot overide the min quantity by process in affiliate stores. We need these affiliate stores to be able to order 1...rather than the min quantity set by the default min / max at the process lever. Help please! :)

By Keith Summit on 14 January 2020 Submitted

Attention Field Info

It would be great to be able to have a feature to include (by choice) the order number and order name in the attention field automatically. This would personally save us a ton of time in purchasing since this field is used to populate to be included on packages coming from the vendor. Right now we have to copy and paste this information in order for it to show up on the packages.

By Jeff McClure on 04 February 2020 Submitted

Ability to add decoration area from Designer

Ability to set up or modify deco areas while actually setting up a mockup for a client or if the client is doing it. 

i.e. I was doing a proof for a client to have a sleeve print and Designer only showed Ft & Bk (no sleeves) -- I had to leave that page, go back to products page and do the necessary changes to that product; that was a very time consuming rather than just do it straight from the Designer.

Also, one other time; I tried to add a "customer supplied art" to the Deisgner to place it on a shirtt and that shirt style was set up only for embroidery and this time I was doing screen printing but was NOT available; so I had to gp back to the Deco processes to change -- once again, waste of time

By Alberto Esparza on 30 March 2020 Submitted

Add Ability to Lock Font Size.


Now that we can add custom fonts, it would be very helpful to have the abiity to lock the font sizes from the font manager.

There are several applications for this:

  1. Typeable Rhinestone Fonts: Because rhinestone fonts are specific to stone size, typeable rhinestone fonts cannot change size in a flexible way like other fonts.  It would be nice to be able to lock the sizing in. 
  2. With the absence of a separate module for Team Name & Numbers, being able to lock sizing in may be a good work-around.


By NICOLE DORR on 01 April 2020 Submitted

Add more fields to newsletter/email/Mailchimp widget

Please can you add the ability to add the First Name field to the newsletter/email/Mailchimp widget.


By Niki Merrett on 13 April 2020 Submitted

Promoting Products with YouTube videos

It would be great to have the functionality to be enable our clients to promote their own range of branded products with their YouTube videos. We know that Tee Spring offers this option



By David Allen on 22 April 2020 Submitted

Adding Custom Field to Reports

i am trying to account royalties for reporting, by adding a field CNC licensing so we can run reports easy, either on the PO field or some other field 

By Leonel Cantu on 04 May 2020 Submitted

Better Affiliate Front End Like This One


- this is smooth

- has a fast checkout

- really nice design

By Jared Fullinfaw on 06 May 2020 Submitted

Add Awaiting Shipping Filter to Production Overview

When I'm managing the print team and want a quick way to see what's awaiting print, I don't need to see the orders that are complete and awaiting shipping. It would be great if we could filter those out to make the management of oustanding orders easier and clearer.

By Lee Collins on 29 May 2020 Submitted

New pricing table

We need a pricing table that multiplies the square inch size of the logo by a defined price. But the price per sqaure inch will change based on a definable size range and quantites. See our website for an example.http://www.wellingtonhouse.com/c-112-digital-transfers.aspx

By Samir Sifri on 03 August 2016 Implemented!

Add View Content Event FB Snippet code to Plain Products

The option to add the View Content event snippet FB code to the plain product description box. This will enable us to track and re-market customers who view plain well as the decorated products

By David Allen on 12 June 2018 Implemented!