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business hub print worksheet for all orders

it would be good to be able to print out a worksheet of "all the orders" listed under a certain heading e.g. production or shipping


By Brad on 30 August 2015 Implemented!

SEO ESSENTIAL! Different page/panel titles in product categories

Hi everyone - We've been working with an SEO specialist who has let us know that our website would be more SEO friendly if we could make each headline on the different product categories specific to that category. At the moment, you can only have one headline at the top of your products, which you can change in 'create listing' on a page by amending the 'panel title'. However, it would be much more SEO friendly if, for example, when a customer pressed on tshirts, the headline would be the category name, so 'T-Shirts', and if they clicked on polo shirts, the headline would change to 'polo shirts'.

If it were to change, and if that headline would be the H1 tag (in the html/css of the website) then it would be much easier for the google crawlers to see that we have a range or products, because it would literally be at the top of the page and a H1 tag. Therefore it would give the website more authority, make it easier for potential customers to discover our products and overall improve the google ranking. Also, if you think about it, if you have hundreds of different product categories, customised headlines for this would give google 100 more opportunites for customers to find you - right now, there is only one headline for a massive variety of products. The potential for keywords for these categories is huge and not being utilised!

Personally, I think this is a no-brainer. This aspect of the website should be changed to benefit all deco customers - If these headlines were amendable, then each deco customer could customise the products part of the website using keywords to target specific customers - Right now, it is too generic, making it much harder for us to stand out from the crowd. I've been told that this can't be custom coded for individual stores, but has to be a changed within the structure of the deco site, so it has to be a change made by Deco.

I hope that everyone else agree's too!

Many thanks!


By Megan on 12 January 2016 Implemented!

Online Designer Upgrade: Enter in an exact measurement for the design

It would be great if we wanted a design printed at 90mm wide and we didn't have to use the + or - button. Which only gets you close to what you want.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 02 June 2016 Implemented!

Add A View Production Calendar

Add a production Calendar, So you have a daily task and jobs will not get skipped over. Right now I use Google Calendar and it would be great to have it all in Deco. 

By Custom 101 Prints on 17 January 2018 Implemented!

Affiliate site monthley charge

I would like to have the option to charge affiliate stores on a monthley basis. Not saying I would charge everyone, However I do have some affiliates that keep matarials and pre decorated Items at my shop.  As their fulfillment center, not just their print fulfillment center, I would like the ability to charge each store independently. I currently do it offline but It would be much nicer if it could be intergrated into the deco system. 



By pete on 25 August 2014 Submitted


It would be wonderful if we could preview the whole campaign page prior to starting the campaign.

There are often tiny mistakes, that can't be fixed without ending the whole campaign and restarting it.


Thank you


By Sarah Gatti on 11 April 2016 Submitted

Quick, Simple, Easy "mark as produced/shipped" Options Needed

When you open an order, you get this nifty little headings bar:

Under production, the new version lets us see the overview of the order:

Wouldn't it make soo much more sense to click on the red cross where production, click once to actually mark as produced, then the same for shipping? instead of travelling here there and everywhere within business hub (which has quite a considerable amount lag time).

Even if there was a dialog box that just asked "full shipping?" or "Full production?" and a button to click to go to partial shipping if thats needed, that would save heaps of time.

Ideally, i want to open my order, mark as invoiced, click "produced", click "shipped" and then done, filed, gone, out of sight. Its such a hassle to simply invoice an order.

By Camille Prestwidge on 20 October 2014 Implemented!

More Production Process Options

We would like to have a couple options, rather than just having 'awaiting processing' & 'awaiting shipping' options. And being able to go back and forth between the options would be great.

For us it would be ideal if orders come in and go into;

step 1 - 'awaiting processing',

step 2 - processed - so now it's 'awaiting order sourcing'  

step 3 - sourced - 'awaiting production'

step 4 - produced - 'awaiting QC'

step 5 - QC passed - awaiting shipping

step 6 - shipped

This would suit us perfectly, but I guess businesses are different so being able to customise these for Deconetwork users to suit their need would be ideal.



By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014 Implemented!

Assign Price Tables to Decoration Areas

Don't You Want to Jump Off A Roof When You Realize You Have to Edit Decoration Pricing For Every Smart Select Product You Add!

In our case, we upcharge for fleece, sleeve printing, and oversize printing. I am sure others have additional needs.

The Solution:

Assign Price Tables to Decoration Areas. Done.



By Tommy on 04 March 2015 Implemented!


Currently customers can either save or e-mail the products they decorate, before buying. It would be nice if they could save their designs and share them with their friends on Facebook both before and after purchasing.

By Maria001 on 05 March 2015 Implemented!

Order Template Control

Basic idea is to have more control over the functionality of the e-mail/order templates. Currently you can customize the template to LOOK the way you want it to. What I am looking for is the ability to customize the FUNCTIONALITY of them.

Take the order template for instance. Currently it calculates tax on a line-item basis, which in itself isn't terrible. However the SUBTOTAL for the main line items and extra charges also include tax! Then there is no overall order subtotal that the customer (or we) can use, you have to manually subtract the "tax included" from the "Grand Total"

So either Deconetwork needs to make their code snippets (or whatever they are called) such as "order.grand_total" made public so we can see a master list of ones we can use (they would also then have to have ones set-up to calculate the actual subtotals). Or they need to make the detailed coding for these snippets made public so we can edit them to our own uses.


By Rylan Grose on 02 July 2015 Implemented!

Find Duplicate's Customer Accounts and Merge Them Easily

Hi Deco,


It would be awesome if you had a 'find duplicates' tool, something that a lot of database programs have, it finds the duplicates and let's you merge them easier.


At the moment it takes ages to merge 4 of the same client into 1 account.

If we could merge clients accounts easier, then we could get a better snapshot of their order history, their information etc and serve them better.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 16 November 2015 Submitted

Transparency On Designs

We need the ability to set a level of transparency to a design at the new product setup level, with this capability will allow us to blend the design with a product for a more realistic look, for example: Laser engraved products, Sublimation light colors, like pastel colors on tshirts, as light colors for transfers on cotton tshirts, etc.; setting a lower transparency would show a closer rendering to the real thing.

By Ruben on 17 December 2015 Submitted

Skip Production Queue for Blanks

We're trying to streamline our processes and find that blank products entering the production queue creates additional work that isn't necessary. We'd like blank products to skip this queue and go straight to shipping, particularly if it's an inventory product.



By Lee Collins on 09 January 2020 Submitted

'Widgetized' Page Designer

We would like the ability to duplicate page sections (ie Categories of Decorated Products, Blank Products or Designs) 

Also, the ability to have more that one content area would be great

By Adam on 26 August 2014 Implemented!

Edit Gift Certificates


I have run into a few different problems that could all be fixed by a simple feature.  Relating to Gift Certificates, once one is setup, you cannot change it at all.  On the CSV import, the Expiration date defaulted to March 2014 (in the past).  I didn't think it would be expired already, I was thinking March 2015.  Anyway, once imported I was screwed because:

1. I could not delete it, only inactivate it ( which means I can't use those codes again).

2. I could not change the expiration date (no edit feature).

3. I could not re-use that code and fix it (no duplicates even if inactive).

4. I cannot adjust the dollar amount based on an offline purchase.

All of this could easily be resolved if you simply had an edit option, that lets you change at least the open dollar value and the expiration date.  I also think allowing deletions to be permanent would be better, but at least if you can't delete, if you can edit you can fix it to how you want it.

This ability is actually going to be critical to allow us to operate with vouchers for our customers.  So I would "desperarately" request that you add a feature to edit existing gift certificates.



By Jason Smith on 17 September 2014 Implemented!

Ability to mark production items as ordered & received

We do not use the purchase order function but would like to manually mark production items as ordered and received. Not all the orders are ordered to a supplier; we have customers that brings their goods and unfortunatly my production staff dont know if the goods are on hand because of this. I think we can just add 2 more tabs at the top of the production overview window that lets mark production items that are not in the PO workflow as ordered and received.

By Charlie on 03 September 2015 Implemented!

Better Customer Communication & Production Workflow with more PROCESS options. Awaiting Production, Production Complete, Awaiting Shipping, Shipped

Hi Deco, can we get more production options please?


Heaps of our customers are confused that their order is awaiting processing for 3 days and then gets produced and shipped on the same day.

Proposed Solution:

Can we mark an order as 'Processed', 'Production Complete' and 'Shipped' too? Any change in this area would be great.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 10 November 2015 Implemented!

Set price on decorated products

OK, we've raised this one before & it went nowhere so lets try again .............

When creating decorated products need option to overwrite / set a retail price which is different from the calculated price as per pricing tables etc.

We also need the ability to tick a box on any decorated product which activates "ignore discounts"

This way we can have a true retail environment where you "walk" in to a shop, see something & buy it at the price the retailer want to set on it.

By Richard Mattinson on 19 November 2015 Implemented!