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Decoration detail summary

Quiet often we write quotes with lots of different design details and sometimes when we have to review or edit such quotes, its always difficult to trace back the design details. You have to go back in edit mode and drill down in you decoration to figure out what decoration was applied and if the price makes sense etc.

It would be nice if when I hover my mouse over decoration price a flyout pops out summarizing all the design details. I have attached a sample of what it could look like. I know that in the  my prices won't add up. I just made up numbers for demonstration purpose only.



By Mozi on 06 September 2017 Implemented!

Select All Check Box

Select All Check Box

It would make it much easier step if you have this checkbox.  Lots of times there are different product in one order and most of the time it's done at the same time.


By Aris Miranda on 25 April 2019 Implemented!

Abandon Cart

I would LOVE if I can cancel an abandoned cart without sending an email to the customer. I have had a few people abandon their cart and then place another order and I don't want to send an email saying their order was cancelled when it really wasn't.

If this is already in place, please tell me where to fix it on my system!

By Kristine Hamaty on 30 September 2014 Submitted

Shipping Due Date Clarity Needed

The header text on the shipping options screen during the checkout process currently shows "Select Shipping Method", "Shipping Options", and "Add Instructions".  This has caused much confusion our customers when placing an order related to when the item will ship as it shows under Shpping Options.  It would make it much clearer if the "Shipping Options" heading could be modified to say "Estimated Order Completion" or something like that.

It would also be great if we could add a section on the Confirm Order Information page called Estimated Order Completion containing the same completion date and delivery date estimate as presented on the Shipping Options screen.

Ideally, these could be setup to be editable by us instead of static as currently is the case.

By Dan Raskas on 16 March 2015 Submitted

Assign Designs to Free Form items too

I would like to see more control over free form items in terms of design/pricing.    We should be able to assign existing or new designs and design types to free form products the same way we do with Catalog/Standard Products.  By not allowing us to do so, we cannot really utilize quantity breaks and other functionality for many orders.  For example, we have many orders that will have a left chest screen print that will go on some Gildan Hoodies (Standard Product) and Holloway Polos (Freeform Product).  Because there is no way to make Deco recognize that those two items get the same exact print on them, it will never price them correctly and apply the proper quantity breaks etc.   Regular items and free form items combined in one order happen alot and much of the time they are sharing the same print type, there is just no way to make Deco understand this. 

Consider how many specialty garment manufacturers there are out there (like Holloway, Adidas, Under Armor, etc) that we will never have catalog pricing for.... that have to be created as Free Form Products.   I see this as a very necessary change if we ever want pricing to work well. 

By Wes Barker on 20 December 2019 Submitted

Allow us to rename "Team Names"

Team Names isn't really applicable to name badges, etc.  We can rename 'artwork' and 'text' but not this field.

By Sara on 26 August 2014 Implemented!

Refine the online designers sizing features

The online designer has the ratio, the + & - toggle & corner drag sizing, but it is almost impossible to get 2 objects the same size on the page. It would be nice to have the ability to just type a size. Not really an Idea, Just an improvement... Thanks

By Dean Carson on 22 October 2014 Implemented!

Price table for Area pricing

Well, i thought i better add a post here, since the other one seems to have died.. 

The area based pricing method seems be half way finished, its a shame since its a very good feature, but it cant be used yet. 

There is no way of making a discount on this method, which really is a shame,.

We need a pricetable just like in the printing section, with white/light/dark, AND a setup fee. 

We get a lot of customers on our site who order 100 pcs and up, and we would really love to start using the area price, but since there is no discount we cant use it. 

Thanks .. hope this is something that is already on the table for future versions..


By John on 26 July 2015 Implemented!

Two Email addresses

Being able to add two customer email addresses one for accounts ( For staments and Invocies) and one for the person ordering (Quotes and order updates) 

By Daniel Sissons on 01 August 2016 Implemented!

Larger Product/Sales Image Sizes

Allow for larger image size generation and selection in the system.

The visual presentation of a product in any business is typically the #1 decision factor of buyers. Poor image : No sale.

The system generates small 400 x 400 pixels size images of products on the Product & Online Designer pages. Furthermore, the largest selectable size for images on Shop pages is 300 x 300 pixels. These images look quite blurry/jaggy on larger desktop monitors and most portable devices with retina (hi-res) displays.

As you push forward with greater 'Responsive' templating/css support in upcoming releases, the thumbnail sizes the system generates will also need to support this variability of sizes.

Sidenote: We have already custom built a Responsive DN template/css and are strugling with these low-res thumbnails .


Provide a settings function to allow the system to auto generate larger thumbnail images. Critically, it should work with all the original hi-res image of products that are either in your Supplier catalogs or that users like myself have uploaded custom products with hi-res images. (Please don't make us upload every product and colour over again.)

I understand this will require some pretty intensive processing time, where it will have to cycle through existing catalogs in 'Batch', furthermore, may require greater DecoNetwork storage capacity.


From a responsive front-end perspective, many websites are built with a standard thumbnail size, eg 300 x 300 and a larger 'Retina' size thumbnail, eg. 600 x 600. File naming convention often follows "productname_thumb@2x.jpg", @3x and so on as the system is able to generate increasing larger image thumbnails.

This is often implemented alongside a javascript, ie. retina.js. This senses the display environment and auto swaps out the img src tag to the larger pixel density image.


The above implementation of setting a per-site system minimum size of image thumbnail in combination with generation of larger thumbnails, facilitated via javascript dynamic image serving should do the trick. If you want to get fancy, of course combine this with 'lazy loading' and then we're getting a truly responsive solution.

By Emma-Jane Hamilton on 13 December 2016 Implemented!

Add Bill Payer email address please

In Business Hub, under Customer Details ,can we PLEASE have a bill payer email field added ? 

Whenever I send out monthy statements I am bombarded by replies from companies asking me to please send invoices and statements their Accounts Department email address. I wish I could, only problem is , I cant! There is only one email address field available per customer account in Business Hub. 

There needs to be at least two. - one for Sales Contact, the other for Bill Payer. If the Sales Contact is the Bill Payer then nothing changes.  

  • But if the Bill Payer email is entered then the software should automatically cc all invoices (not quotes) and only send account statements to the Bill Payer.
By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017 Implemented!

Control over Notification Emails please

Through business hub, we processed tons of orders, tons of quotes and host over 1000 new stores. We receive so much unwanted Deconetwork email that is essentially spam.

1.Affiliate sign up email (not wanted) 2.Order paid email (not wanted) 3.New order email (not wanted) 4.Quote requested email (not wanted) 5.Quote approved email (not wanted) 6. note from customer email - wanted! 7.quote rejected email - wanted! 8.deposit paid email (not wanted) 9.payment made email (not wanted) 10.paid in full email (not wanted)

 I would only find 2 out of 10 of these emails useful the rest are annoying and clog up my emails. Please allow us to control which notifications we choose to receive via email.

PLEASE VOTE  !!  smiling w/ sunglasses

By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017 Implemented!

Attach file to add note for customer

It would be useful to be able to attach correspondence to a job in business hub.


EG Customer emails list of names to be applied to items in an order, If the record can be kept together with the deco order then it makes retrieval a lot easier if it's required later

By Richard Mattinson on 09 April 2018 Implemented!

Calendar Production View

Calendar Production View - surely one of the most important production management tools. Drag n drop orders to different days to change the production dates.  Calendar view ideal for large screen view in the production area for quick reference to orders due when rather than through a list. 

By Sam Jensen on 29 January 2019 Implemented!

Multiple Price Tables, Whole Sale / Retail

Does anyone else want to have multiple pricing talbes on a drop down in bussiness hub? It would be nice to just pull up retail or whole sale price table and give the customer a price on the product instead of having to monkey fart around with discounts

By Shane Maher on 07 October 2019 Implemented!

Enable text masking


I would like  to see function where the text can be set as mask. i sell i lot of shirts with leopard,tiger pattern text etc. or a photo in text.

Now the customer needs some photoshop skills or the store owner have to do the work. Would be great if the customer can do that stuff with teh online designer.

By Tiono Stoop on 17 October 2014 Submitted

Automatic Rewards Program

We are in the process of launching a website for Fraternities and Sororities and using some sort of Rewards Program is important to us. It would be beneficial for other retail sites as well, but this market responds to this type of program more than any other I've looked into.

Points would be earned by purchasing (an item priced at $19.99 would earn 20 points), referring friends (10 points when a friend signs up for an account) and on friends orders (get 10% back in points from referred friends orders).

I want to set up options for points to be redeemed for exclusive products, credit towards an order and as a "gift" to a friend.

By Kristine Hamaty on 21 October 2014 Submitted

Custom quote form

it would be really great to edit, add and make changes  to the quote form with built in options and custom options.  

By SDPH on 07 April 2015 Submitted

Hide Delivery Period on Shipping Options

Some of our affilliate stores do batch production, which means we collect all of our orders at the end of a purchasing period and screen print them all at one time. But in the checkout process, the delivery options display the text "Allow for (x) days." I would like the option to turn off or get rid of this text as it would not be accurate across the entire purchasing period. 

I spoke with a technical support team member the other day about this option, they agreed it would be beneficial, so here is an official posting of the need for this change.

Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 10 April 2015 Submitted

Customer Follow Up Feature

Looking for something similar to how CRM or Salesforce works without having to purchase another app. For instance on the "shipping" screen when you have the check box to let the customer know. Why not have another box with a calendar feature and a note to follow up with that customer.

All too many times you have a customer who is a raw new customer and they order, you make and ship, but yet they are lost in translation. A simple follow up reminder could have gained extra revenue, or at least help foster a relationship.

This feature could also be coded in the customers file too somewhere, but with that added feature inside the shipping window.

By Joshua Frost on 31 July 2015 Submitted