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One Time Setup Fee

Allows you to add a one time setup fee to a product. This fee is not per individual item, so if the customer purchase 10 of the item, they still pay just the setup fee once as if purchasing only one item. It's similar to the screen setup fee, except it's not per screen. Just the one fee reqardless of colors or the quantity purchased.


Text spacing

Another really great thing would text spacing, you can see this at very hany especially when arching the text.

By marino tribuzio on 10 May 2018Online designer ideas Submitted

Center grid guidline

A centre line gride line to line up your artwork would be a great addition, you can see at or at

By marino tribuzio on 10 May 2018Online designer ideas Submitted


Any chance that custom field assignments can be set at the store level instead of at the product level only?  Most of my stores sell the same products but with different customization requirements.  For example, tee shirts, we print their respective departments, or their instructor titles on the back - as an optional selection.  I had to create at least 6 different instances of the same tee each with different customization options.  This holds true for maybe 20 -30 other items as well.


After saving and exiting a product have deco return return to the search results instead of the entire product list

Whether I'm working in a specific category or if i search for a product, upon exiting the product Deco returns back to the full list of products instead of to the results of the search or back to the category I was currently working in.  It makes for quite a tedious process to repeat the search several times in some cases.  I often have  the same product duplicated several times because the webstore all have different and very specific criteria for personalization and decoration options.  I use custom fields to meet their requirements.


Improve Decorated Product Categories

I agree that multiple categories per decorated product is necessary.

What would be great in the meantime is to be able to select a checkbox next to the Decorated Product name, and move all to a category. Or drag them in.

At the moment you have to do them one at a time by selecting the category dropdown which is super time consuming.

The Blank Products have this function, can we please have it applied to Decorated Products too?

By Niki Merrett on 09 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

multi item campaign

The single item campaign does not allow us to compete, we have competitors that offer multi-item campaigns.

I am not sure how to attach an image to this request.



By Shelly Barton on 08 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Product Code

Product code does not track with the Product Name. I find that when I search on a product and find one I like I can not identify which product it is easily. Is there a way to add the Product Code so that it tracks with the Product name?

Take a look at trouble call (Product Code not showing with Product Name – 53799) for more detail if needed.

By Peter Graham on 02 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Delete / archive rejected artwork

We have a couple of very early artwork rejections on the system (we can't be the only ones?) & there's no way to get them out of the artwork approvals apart from by marking them as accepted which will confuse the hell out of customers.................

Can we have a fix please?

By Richard Mattinson on 01 May 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

New Payment Gateways

The world is changing & we need a wider range of card processing gateways than is currently available.............


Please add required gateways in comments and give it a vote!

By Richard Mattinson on 28 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

USPS Shipping via DecoNetwork Commercial Account


Please set up a commercial relationship with USPS so DN users can take advantage of commercial discount rates!

USPS is very difficult to get commercial discounts on USPS for small businesses.  

PayPal has a commercial relationshiop with USPS and by being a business account holder with PayPal, you can take advantage of their size and take advantage of their discount. As a result of this, I don't print USPS labels (which I use often) from there.  PayPal charges my PayPal account for all shipping I purchase through them. It would be much easier to do it all from DN.

DN should be large enough to qualify for a commercial relationship like PayPal's.  I am assuming PayPal marks their rates up some before passing on the DN would have a new revenue stream too.  It's a win-win.

See Forum Discussion

By NICOLE DORR on 24 April 2018General ideas Submitted

District Tax

It would be a great help if all of the different district taxes were able to be loaded and then applied based on shipping location. Or at least be able to change them in business hub. The problem we are having is the California rate is locked at 7.25% and then we have to add Sacramento which is another .50%. So the majority of our sales fall into this 7.75% but the problem is when we take sales for another district there is no way to easily change that. We do not want to under collect! So we would like to be able to select different districts from business hub to quickly change out the correct tax.


Turn Product Colors off / On by print process

With DTG printing we try and print only 100% cotton garments but when it comes to blanks, some styles offer 100% cotton garments but also list blends. It would be great to turn off the blends for DTG printing, but then also keep active for other methods like screen printing. 


integration of

Hi there,

please consider to develop API connection to (more information for developers here: )

Instead of adding a separate API connection for every single shipping carrier in the European (or especially German) market, there is a way to have everything covered with on gateway.

This is also of benefit as currently no German shipping provider is supported by DN.


By Denis Schaufl on 19 April 2018General ideas Submitted

DN Support Ratings...Need to ask 2 Questions

DN Support Ratings

Will you please change your support rating system to ask 2 separate questions?

1. Please rate your experience with you Support Represenative (or something to that effect)?

2. Are you satisfied with the answer DN provided on your issue?

I am guessing your rating system is not accurate.  I am also guessing that your Support Representatives have compensation tied to their ratings.

Here is why it is not accurate. 

Most of my experiences with DN Support Reps are awesome. 

DN technicians are generally well trained and know their stuff.  Many times they are messengers delivering content from Development or the Catalog Team that may not meet expectations,  My ratings do reflect my optinions of the contaent because the Customer Support Technician does not deserve it. 

The feedback you receive will be more actionable bc it will tell you if you have Customer Service/Technician Training vs. Product Functionality challenges....or to say that in a more positive way satisfaction:)

Not sure if an idea is the right place to put this.

By NICOLE DORR on 17 April 2018General ideas Declined

More Decoration Processes!

Please add more decoration processes (like up to 10)!  This simplify/solve many issues in DN:)

1.  All Decoration Process should have the oporion of pricing based on quantity, # of colors, size.

  • Rhinestones pricing needs mimic Screen Print Style pricing and does not reflect how the industry prices rhienstone designs (size/area/# of colors/quanity)
  • Transfer pricing needs mimic Screen Print Style pricing and does not reflec how the industry prices vinyl/glitter/foil transfers (size/area/# of colors/quanity)
  • Sublimation Pricing is reflective of how the industry prices designs.
  • DTG pricing is reflectove of how the industry prices designs.

2. Solves Team Name and Number Issue!

  • If a Decoration Process could be built for each Team Name and Number Option that a DN end user offers the pricing problem would be solved.
  • Ability to set max characters and height or width limitations.

3. Solve Decorated Product Pricing issue when team name and numbers are offered.

4. ....and so much more:)

By NICOLE DORR on 16 April 2018General ideas Submitted

Product Catalog Decoration View Order Needs Standardization

In the Supplier Product Catalogs the decoration views need to be in standard order.

When is DN's Supplier Catalog Product Entry Process going to be changed to resolve this situation and existing products checked for correct decoration view order?

DN User Impact: Building Decorated Products is very time consuming, inefficient, and frustrating.

1. Decorated Products require decoration views to be in the same order across all products selected or the designs are applied to the incorrect view.
2. After building a decorated product, each individual product has to be checked and edited to correct the decoration view order.
3. Decorated Products then has to be reconfigured to ensure the designs show up in the correct place on the decorated item.
4. Supplier Product Catalog Views are entered and built by DN, the order should be standardized, and accuracy should be checked in DN's QA process prior to making active.
5. Related Support Issue #53010 Response from DN Support:
"These need to be edited manually at the present time. I reached out to our catalog team about this and there's not an option to apply this action in bulk."

This is a DN Supplier Catalog Entry Process Issue and it should not be the responsibility of the end user to mitigate systemic problems with dependent DN activities.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.
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By NICOLE DORR on 16 April 2018General ideas Submitted

Weight limits in carriage methods

Allow maximum weight in a carriage method (eg UK Royal Mail 2KG) then have system auto select the next available carriage method


If we have a 20KG consigmment it's not going on royal mail it's going on a 2-3 day courier - the system should be able to work that!

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Carriage price weight increase

Add £ per Kilo option in carriage methods (same process as £ per 100 stitches) - couriers charge by weight & having an unlimited number of price breaks isn't ideal! 

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Clearly defined BILLING section header in BH Checkout

Need clearly defined BILLING vs SHIPPING section headers during checkout steps after proof approval in Business Hub (see rendering forsuggested update attached). 

This is standard industry practice, and would help avoid the recurring issue of customers entering their shipping information into the dubiously labeled "required field" section which leads to declined CC authorization (due to AVS mismatch) and/or redundant emails from customers requesting updating/correcting the billing/shipping details.

For more information you can reference ticket #52849.