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UK Shipping Intergration

Hi Guys,

We are expanding all the time so it is important to us that our platform (Deco Network) is as streamline as possible to keep customer enquiries/quotes/orders to an efficient level.

We curracntly use DPD and would love the Deco network team to seriously consider setting up some UK shipping Suppliers so as we can book on shipments with ease and keep the system down to one system for 80% of our work so as we can streamline the process from order/production/shipment.

If you need any further information from us then please let me know.

I would love to hear from other UK suppliers using deco network as to if this would benifit them also.


Daniel Blake

By Daniel Blake on 30 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Payment method

It would be helpful to include the payment method in the Export Order Payments to help qith reconciling Quickbooks.

By Adam Danish on 23 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Price Per Size

Make possible to have on Quotes, Orders, Invoices and such that are sent to the customer list the prices for each item by size rather than have an average price for an item


Gildan 8000 
S - 15.00
M - 15.00
L - 15.00
XL -15.00
2XL - 17.00
3XL - 18.00
4XL - 19.00...

Right now all you get is an average cost for the 8000 rather than individual prices per each size so it would show

S                    16.45

I don't know why it is done this way on invoices as I have customers who want to know the price per size and the only work around is to make an new item for each size that has a different price which then means having to add the decoration to each and also makes the work order confusing to the productions staff.


By Brian Schneider on 19 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Credit Advice (after invoice sent to client)

As most accountants will tell you never ever change an invoice after it has been sent to client  (for legal reasons as well as for good accountency housekeeping) a way to send the client a proper credit note/advice on for ex. returned clients would be greatly appreciated.

If this also adjusted the stocklevels for any return products it would be even greater..

Anyone else feels the same?

Thank you

By Jeanette K Qvarfot on 19 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Change Reorder process to make it clearer

Hi team, is there any way to make the reorder process clearer?

Eg at the moment its not very clear at all. There are no instructions. 

They need to work out themselves that they have to click the checkbox on the left and then the Reorder button on the top right and then add to cart before they can edit it.

I've tried to see if there's access to the page so that I can add some instructions but I can't access the page.


By Niki Merrett on 18 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add Upload image icon, and change function

Hi team,

Would it be very tricky to add an icon next to Upload image in the Designer?
Like how the Facebook and Instagram text has an icon?
See screenshot attached - if it could be an upwards facing arrow that would be great.

It is also a bit weird that when you click on this text Upload Image, you don't get taken to the upload image section, you get the 2nd screenshot which has a search bar, and then you have to click Upload Image again in order to upload an image.

Is there a way to remove this step so that when you click on the first upload image, you go straight to uploading an image?

By Niki Merrett on 18 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Turn off shipping method over or under certain weight

Currently all shipping methods go from 0 up to infinity.  I sell some items that are small and some that are oversized.  For the smaller items I need services like Priority mail.  The oversized items are not allowed to ship through USPS because they are too large.  I would like to be able to setup shipping options from x pounds to y pounds as oposed all live shipping options being an option for all orders.  For instances, I would like to be able to say that USPS is only available up to 5 pounds and UPS services would go on to infinity.  

By Clara-Marie Hemrick on 15 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Stock Designs report

It would be great to have a stock designs report to see which designs from which library are being used, so that store owners can decide if the monthly payment is worth it.

By Niki Merrett on 07 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Product Template Search

Every time I have to look for a product template and I open up this feature I am presented with over 5000 pages to look through. It is interesting (see image) that when you first open the products template screen you will see at the bottom, pages you can select. Example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.... 5838, 5839  - If you are looking for a particular product moving through all these pages will take quite some time. If you use the category selector box it only provides a small sampling of the items that seem to be available if you manually go through the pages. The selection boxes at the top are completely useless and I have no idea what their purpose is. I have shown an image below of the opening screen for the Product Template selections. I have also included a search box that should be added to allow you to search for a particular style or vendor. The page listings at the bottom should also be changed to allow you to get to a certain page more easily. Example:  try going to page 3300.... It will probably take 30 mins to get to that page, and as you go through you will find many products that don't show up in the category or other boxes. If you click on any of the top boxes you will find that most of the pages on the bottom that were there just disappear... leaving you with around 62 pages instead of the 5000+ showing at the begining. Maybe its just me but I feel changing this feature to be more user friendly would be a great idea. Let me know if I am missing something here as no one else has brought this up.


By James Taylor on 05 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Enquiry only products

Have the ability to display / list products within the decoration tool but without pricing..... a sort of "add to enquiry" rather than an "add to cart"  gives us the ability to review jobs that are beyond Deco pricing / fulfilment capabilities and price accordingly.

It'll work for bundled packages, Complex products / layouts, bulk enquiries with multiple decoration (say football strips) etc where Deco just isn't clever enough to put it together as a package

By Richard Mattinson on 26 October 2018Store front ideas Submitted


When a customer is in a product page a rolling carousel of "alternative" products could be visible at the bottom of the page. 

These products would be both active & from business hub & be drawn from the product category so they are relevent.

It could be a switch on / off as sure not everyone would want to use it

By Richard Mattinson on 26 October 2018Store front ideas Submitted

Add Stitch Count and Thread Colors/Names to Quote/Sales Order/Art Approval

Need a way to be able to add the stitch counts on a design in a location where the customer sees it right off not buried several pages into the quote, plus it doesn't show up at all on the art approval.  Also would be nice if the thread colors/numbers showed up there as well.


By Brian Schneider on 22 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Payment gateway

Hi. Is there going to be an opportunity to add Worldpay as a payment gateway as these are a big acquirer for credit cards in the UK?



By Paul Young on 19 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Designer Tool

Offer the option to purchsase the designer tool to Embed on your own website.

By Will Montague on 18 October 2018General ideas Submitted

Extra Charges - Rearrange using Up/Down Arrows

It would be nice to reorder Extra Charges as necessary by adding the up/down arrows. They could easily be rearranged without having to delete and add.

By Shelly Barton on 18 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add Royal Mail to the courier section

Please oh please!!! Whilst I appreciate that many Deco users are in the US and Australia, here in little old England we need to be able to utlise the Royal mail for our courier service. This surely cant be difficult as APIs already exist for example with Ebay. This would be a massive time saving for our business. 

By Paul Cartwright on 17 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Invoice section in Business Hub

Our business has a number of account holders. Problem is that in the business hub, even once the order has been completed - it continues to stay in the order section of the Business Hub which then distorts the number of active orders. Once an order is completed and marked as Invoice - it should automatically move to a new Invoice section in the same way approved Quotes move into Orders. This would also easily allow us to see what is outstanding, "problem" customers plus present a more accurate picture of the orders. 


Check Number should be Visible on payment screen

I would like to see the check number on the payment screen. If I go to payments this would be very helpful and much faster to access to reference back to a customer of there payment or to answer any questions that may pertain to the actual check number.

By Simon Anaya on 09 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Correct Payment Date

I have noticed that when you add payment in business hub you are allowed to edit the date ther on the payment box but once you save it, on the actual payment information screen it dates the current day it was recorded. This also transfers over to quickbooks and now proper payment dates are incorrect. This is problematic if I want to go back and confirm payment date and match it up to like my merchant transactions. The date recorded should be shown as the correct day the payment was actually made not recorded because not everyone records on business hub the same day a payment or deposit was made. Also this affects quickbooks because it may show the numbers for the wrong quarter or time frame if it overlaps.

By Simon Anaya on 09 October 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Importing customer custom fields in Quickbooks

Due the standard invoicing data that we need in Europe to post invoices we need to use customer custom fields to register VAT number fors our clients. It's now impossible to import those data in Quickbooks. This issues is crucial since it make pointless to register the VAT ID in Deconetwork if we can't use it for invoicing in Quickbooks, i think it's urgent to fix this.

By Paolo Nardi on 06 October 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted