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Expected Delivery Date - Custom Field Label

In the current system there is not a way to change the field label on the order screen that shows the customer the delivery dates.  Our customers are very confused as they see a "Ship By" date and a "Maximum Delivery Period" date.  Many of our customers assume that the Maximum Delivery Period represents how long it will take them to get their items from the date of order.  Since we have a store pickup option the maximum delivery date shows 0 so our customers think everything will be ready the same day even though the ship by date is a later date.  It would be beneficial if this could be modified to allow for some flexibility with either the content of what goes in those date fields and what the date field label says.

By Dan Raskas on 02 December 2015 Submitted

Show me the Money! Ability to generate Decoration Method Report

Imagine a world where we know exactly how much embroidery, DTG, Screen printing etc business we do!

Nothing in the Web Development world is simple, but we know this data is already being collected so PLEASE allow us to generate reports that give this information!

Thank you so much.

By Patrick Bardsley on 11 December 2015 Submitted

More Innovative Coupon Options

The current system of coupons while serving well for what it is, leaves many stones unturned in the quest for sales.

Additional options for awarding coupons would provide more opportunities to upsell the customer via for example exit intent or on page action popups.

Coupons such as "by one and get another one X% offf" or "buy another one and get a free XXX" or "Place another order before XXX date and get XXX reward" would be useful in the never ending quest to increase conversion rates. The ideas for coupons are almost limitless, but should all be aimed at either increasing sale profit, increasing conversion, increasing repeat sale etc etc etc, just offering a coupon discount off a purchase is no longer enough to compete in the on-line space.

By Website Admin on 16 March 2016 Submitted

Wholesale Pricing - Affiliate Store Owner

Hey, we really want it to be possible for the account that owns an affiliate store to buy their own products at their wholesale price. We work with a growing number of brick and mortar businessees that want t-shirts. Many want the ability to order some shirts wholesale. Right now, they have to order them at full price, and then wait till the end of the month to get their money back. Not a very slick solution. Anyone else? Thanks!

By Matthew Walls on 23 March 2016 Submitted

Allow Custom Fields For Shipping Methods

It would be nice for the ability to add custom fields to "Shipping Methods" or the checkout page. Custom fields such as gift wrapping, notes, and other information apply more to an entire order and not so much just a specific product. When custom fields are available during checkout it allows the customer to take their custom order and customize it just a little bit more. A good portion of our orders are being purchased as gifts and the ability to let customers add gift notes and other requests at checkout allows us to better satisfy our customers wants and needs.

By ZACH DEWHURST on 23 March 2016 Submitted

Apply Design to all items on quote


I would like to see an option to apply the customer design to all items in your quote, I know you can copy the line items but would be better if a customer changed there mind, you could edit one then apply to all line items in the quote or select and apply to these lines only.

Thanks Daren

By Daren Wright on 13 February 2017 Submitted

Add "Invoice Due Date" & "Date Shipped" to Customer Invoice

Currently, the invoice going to the customer through Deco shows them the date the job was created and the proposed ship by date.  These dates are needed internally when the order is in process, but are not very valuable on the customer's invoice.   Please vote to replace them with "Date Shipped" and "Invoice Due Date" (Date Shipped + customer's terms i.e. Net 30) once the order is marked as invoiced. 

This change would be easier if the idea for  Separate templates for Invoices and Orders (B2B Solution) is also approved, so please vote for both!

By Jon @ MCC on 01 March 2017 Submitted

Add ability to sort Product Colours

Can we please add the ability to sort Product Colours, so that they can be in chromatic order, rather than in the order they were added. This would make customer selection easier and look tidier. 

By Niki Merrett on 25 October 2017 Submitted

Design feature options

Need Urgently Feature In the create/design process for customer to select the Number of Colors in each print location for a quick quote feature. Without having to load an image. This is a feature CONSTANTLY requested by ALL OUR CUSTOMERS. Without this type of feature we can not compete with other systems that offer that feature. 

By Kay Eberhart on 08 December 2017 Submitted

Allow Mixed products When Minimum Qty is Enabled

mix sizes and garment and color on order when the minimum qty is set.

It would be great to allow users to mix Color & different size and garments as long as it’s the same print.

If we set the minimum at 50, the customer wants to place order on  


10-Small black hood
10 medium grey hood
5 medium grey t-shirt
25 pink polo


By Daniel Listerud on 06 April 2018 Submitted

We should be able to choose what items can be available for rush fee and others can not

We have items that are in stock that we can do 24 hour on most but we also sell stuff that we can get in our hand in 2 days to 5 days and we should be able to activate rush fees for the products we want and not on the item that we do not want to offer rush

By Eser T on 30 August 2018 Submitted

Dedicated Customer/Deco Liaison - aka Deco Updater!


This idea is simple to integrate and takes no coding at all...

The most frustrating thing thing being a client is just not being heard.  I think that goes for any businesses, espcially one with some sort of monthly subsription.  

I, and hopefully other users, would like to have a dedicated person that will go on the message boards and update us with all the many questions we have. ie... when we can expect certain features?.. we dont even need exact dates but we just want to know that these things are being worked on.  Are some of our ideas being implemented? Are they being heard, much less considered? 

When users say things like "is anyone listening?" or "this forum is dead is Deco even around" this person can step in and give users a little bit of comfort instead of feeling so abandoned. 

Yes, we are well aware of the dangers of saying something will be ready on a future date.  We know Deco wants to put out 100% working code and not be held to a due date.  However, saying "something is in the works" then waiting OVER A YEAR for this something is also not acceptable.  I rather now it has been in the works, that it is a year away, or a deadline needs to be pushed back because of X Y Z reasons. 

I have no idea why Deco thinks this kind of sub par customer service doesn't severely hurt there business.  I think many people would leave to inksoft if it weren't for their initiation fees.  But I think it is just a matter of time before the frustration sits in as I have already come close to my own threshold.  If there is a much better option I would have left already... maybe Deco just banks on that very fact - ignore the customers because they know they are one of the better products out there. It's just a matter of time..



By Justin Rodriguez on 21 January 2015 Implemented!

Add predecorated products in business hub

We need the ability to add predecorated products to an order or a quote. Sorry if this is a repeatitive idea, I probably already posted it myself.

Vote here for "my ideas"


By cindy on 17 August 2015 Implemented!

Exclude Paypal from Business Hub quotes

We would like to be able to remove Paypal as a payment option on selected Business Hub quotes where we have offered a higher discount. 

This is to avoid extra fees from Paypal.

Currently we mark the invoice terms as payment by bank transfer only, but because the quote gets sent with a Paypal link, some customers still pay by Paypal. It would be great to have terms that are bank transfer only, and remove any link to Paypal. 

Please vote if you agree!

By Niki Merrett on 29 September 2015 Implemented!

Production Stages / Status

it would be nice to have a way to customize or change the production status settings.. We get emails all the time asking us why an order is still "awating processing" even though it is in production. If we can not edit these, then at least add a "IN PRODUCTION" setting so customers can feel at ease and know we are still working on the order. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015 Implemented!

1 time use coupons

It would be great to limit the # of times a user can use a coupon. Of course they can keep signing up with new emails but at least allow us to limit the use per user. 

By SDPH on 30 December 2015 Implemented!

Customer>Orders>Duplicate/Clone past order

This feature could prove to be very beneficial for those of us that write similar orders repeatedly for the same customers. From the Customer screen and Orders tab. select any past order and "Duplicate" or "Clone" the order. Even though when creating a new order the function "Previously Ordered Product" is available, it's not always practical.


By Barry Carter on 07 April 2016 Implemented!

Better Search Options

It would be great to see better search options implemented. Here are a few I think would be great:

1. Search by garment color

2. Search by garment size

3. Search price range (Ex: $9 - $12) 

4. Search by print method


By SDPH on 27 May 2016 Implemented!

Order Actions

It would be very convenient to "Duplicate", "Clone" or "Copy" past orders as opposed to using the "Previously Ordered Product" function, as when using the latter it's impossible to know which product has what design on it. Either that, or address the visuals within Previously Ordered Product view by expanding the design with a rollover function.

Thank you.

By Barry Carter on 25 November 2016 Implemented!

Integrate Let's Encrypt for free SSL on all DN sites

As the title said. Please install Let's Encrypt, this service is free SSL for all. Easy to enable and every website will be SSL secured.

By Mike Sies on 14 August 2017 Implemented!