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Job numbers included with item numbers


We are running two Kornit printers and we need to get our work flow in place so that we can run efficiently, what we need is to have the job numbers included with the item numbers on each job (either at the front or the back) We do need this pretty urgently

DecoNetwork Client ServicesSaturday at 02:57
Hi Marino,
Each production file is the combination of 3 automatically generated elements:  Order Number - Unique Product Line Number - Product View. In addition to that with the Kornit, you can setup which Kornit machine you are using plus margins, and that will also be included in the production file. Please see this article which shows how to setup you DTG process specifically for Kornit (We have this functionality just for the Kornit machines):

We don't currently have the functionality where the files could be set up for two separate (if they are different) machines.  This is all that can be done with the naming of the production files at the moment. 

If that doesn't help, we would like to find out more about how would are you including the job numbers in the production files on your end so that we can keep this feedback for the future in mind. 
Marino TribuzioSaturday at 07:49

The easiest solution for us would be to include the Job Number with the item number example: this is how it currently comes in 2453971533-Front-Chest-DTG we would like a job number in front like 741987-2453971533-Front-Chest-DTG so when the job goes with the job ticket to the printers and is qued in the kornit they know what job the item number relates to. Otherwise the way it works now they would have to try and match the item number to the job.

By marino tribuzio on 29 November 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Price Rounding

The ability to choose when the price is rounded. ie before or after Tax. Currently the rounding is done before Tax with no option to change.

By Stuart Lord on 27 November 2017Store front ideas Submitted

Art Work Fee

Please have an field added to each decorateable item giving customers the option to add an art work job for their design. If selected, the art work job should be listed as seperate line item on the order with relation to the dependent design. As like as the screen setup fee. Also prices for artwork fees should be individually adjustable on store-level.

Best way practice would be to automatically create an artwork job for the graphic-team if this option is selected and set "no artwork job required" if this option hasn't been choosen.



By Denis Schaufl on 15 November 2017Store front ideas Submitted

Price table for different locations

It would be nice to be able to have different price tables for different locations. Our company charges different prices for sleeve prints leg prints and embroidery.

By Joey Pettyjohn on 14 November 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Colour Sort

Life would be so much easier if colours within products automatically sorted to (for instance) alphabetical order.........

By Richard Mattinson on 14 November 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Customers products

Option to have the previously ordered products when you open a customers details in the 'customer' tab. 

Like it shows the layouts and designs have a 'ordered products' tab

By Lloyd Rees on 06 November 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add ability to sort Product Colours

Can we please add the ability to sort Product Colours, so that they can be in chromatic order, rather than in the order they were added. This would make customer selection easier and look tidier. 

By Niki Merrett on 25 October 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Screen Set up Pricing


I think it would be useful to have the screen set up cost in the new colour count screen to inform clients decision as to how many colours to choose for their design, as now they get a surprise after adding to cart with 8 colour design that they have to pay for screen set up for each colour. All clients are not educated in the screen print process and do not understand this charge so it would be nice for them to make an informed decision at the design stage rather than the checkout stage. 


New Supplier Company Catalogs for Import

We use a supplier called BSN Sports Supply that provides many of the Under Armour and Nike performance products that our customers ask for. Can they be added to the available catalog import suppliers in order to utilize their products? There are currently no Under Armour providers in the list and very few Nike products. Thank you.

By Logan Johnson on 12 October 2017Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Adding sqft to pricing

So I'm a sign guy and everything for signage is by sqft. Banners is so much sqft, vehicle wraps is so muct sqft. please add sqft to options. thx del

By Del DIngle on 10 October 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Hide shipped line items on the production screen

Please make it possible to hide shipped items on the production page, as if you have one item on back order this can take up a whole page and sit there for weeks, have the same option as in shipping and be able to hide line items that are shipped.


Thanks Daren

By Daren Wright on 06 October 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Tax Display Alternative

Currently, the tax on the items in the cart is displayed on a per-item basis. Please add an option to display only the TOTAL TAX amount, as is more commonly done. Thanks!

By Tom DeSoto on 26 September 2017General ideas Submitted

Show taxes consistently

On the Shipping options screen, it shows the shipping method price including GST, but the Rush Order on the same screen shows the price without GST. 

This means that the customer gets to the next screen (Payment) and suddenly sees the extra 0.65 GST added to the Rush Order. 

Are you able to make it display consistently on the Shipping Options screen, including the GST prices?

It doesn't make any sense that on the same screen there is a tax included charge and a tax excluded charge.

By Niki Merrett on 26 September 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV 


  • Financial management and accounting

    Manage your cash, assets, and banking.

  • Supply chain, manufacturing, and operations

    Track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors.

  • Sales and service

    Manage your contacts, sales opportunities, and service contract.

  • Project management

    Create estimates, track projects, and manage capacity.

  • Business intelligence and reporting

    Get a holistic view of your business and make informed decisions.

  • Support for international currencies

    Compete globally using multiple currencies and languages.

  • Flexible deployment

    Deploy on-premises or in the cloud,whichever model best fits your business.


By Daniel Listerud on 21 September 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Contract printing

A module that will allow you to designate which customers are contract printing customers, which will automatically switch to contract printing pricing and no bill the price of the garments. 


By Colin Shane on 19 September 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Taxes on Decoration

My other software allowed you to be able to remove the tax from decorations as in most U.S. states it dosent need to be taxed. There are so many items you can mark tax exempt it would be nice if screen printing, etc. could be set as tax exempt.

By Joshua Mills on 19 September 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Print the overview tab

can we please get the overview tab to be printable.


By Lloyd Rees on 12 September 2017Business Hub ideas Submitted

Hide Store Focus

Store owners currently have the option to change their store focus and there should be an option to hide these options or limit them to one or all of the options.  


Decoration detail summary

Quiet often we write quotes with lots of different design details and sometimes when we have to review or edit such quotes, its always difficult to trace back the design details. You have to go back in edit mode and drill down in you decoration to figure out what decoration was applied and if the price makes sense etc.

It would be nice if when I hover my mouse over decoration price a flyout pops out summarizing all the design details. I have attached a sample of what it could look like. I know that in the  my prices won't add up. I just made up numbers for demonstration purpose only.




Paypal payment reference

We recognized that upon receiving payments using PayPal no reference is transferred from DecoNetwork currently. Of course the responding order status changes to "paid" in DecoNetwork, however this still becomes a struggle for our accounting department to evaluate for which order this payment was received and therefor creates additional manual effort.

It would be upmost beneficial to have the DecoNetwork order # automatically populated and transfered as reference when customers using PayPal payment methods. This will not only help us to keep track of your payment records but also our customers.


*Implemented in v7.5.11

By Denis Schaufl on 16 August 2017General ideas Implemented!