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Reward program

A reward program for frequent buyers

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Submitted

3rd party application

Deco store API has all the functionality to show its products on a 3rd party and non-deco website but the submitting order is a little incomplete for that kind of application. There should be a way to get the deco line item id without going to the deco store; just by making an API call. If this is implemented, any application can be created either desktop or online which can sell deco products without ever going to the deco store website.

By farzoqe on 02 December 2014 Submitted

Proofing and approvals

Add a step for artwork proofing and approvals to the hub. 

How I envision this working:

Orders go into a proofing queue like the digitizing queue (optional).  In my workflow I download the order artwork files from deco, do any manipulation needed to get them ready for production, also make a rendering of how the item will appear (since this is laser engraving), and export that as a png.  Then I send them the png for their approval or to ask for changes or approval.  

With deco, we could upload the png to their order (order attachments could be part of this) and have it email the customer about a proof being ready.  Have a place for comments, and buttons to Approve or Request Changes.  If approved it moves into the production queue.  Otherwise it stays in proofing queue and notifies us of changes requested.

If there is no response to the email after X days it should automatically send another message.

Bonus: If the customer requests too many proofs it could warn them that an additional charge is required to receive more proofs.

By Sara on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

Define Screen Printed Colors Automatically

Currently we rely on our customers to select the correct number of colors. It would be nice to have the upload process define the number of colors Automaticlly.

By Dean Carson on 29 August 2014 Implemented!

Product Pricing

Can we have the option to display the lowest price possible for each product?  Or display a price range?  Displaying the default minimum (highest possible) price can be a deterrent.

By Will Ozier on 15 April 2015 Implemented!

Share Designs on Social Media

Need the ability to share a design on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & G+. This will help drive traffic to sites and increase sales.

By Andrew on 17 May 2015 Implemented!

Barcode Scanner

My inquiry about barcode scanners was directed to this platform.  I've been long hoping to implement barcode scanners in the production/shipping/receiving workflow, especially when dealing with single custom orders.  Since it seemingly looks like the capability is there to use barcodes in Deco, I'm making it part of this wish list.


By Eva on 01 August 2015 Implemented!

Drag and drop file uploads into the designer

I think it would help if our customers could drag and drop artwork files into the designer and specific decoration areas for an overall easier UI


This has been implemented in 8.001. 

By Corey Hyde on 21 April 2015 Implemented!

Better Coupons...

We should be able to define if/then statements for promotions for order criteria (ie IF a customer orders this specific shirt + this specific jacket THEN this will happen. This could be useful for 'grouped product' promotions and all sorts of other clever stuff.)

We should be able to limit coupons to a specific color of a specific item if we want. Go nuts with specificity here.

There should be custom messages to the customer when a coupon is applied/when it fails to apply about criteria for that offer being met/not being met. These should be store-owner defined on a per coupon/promo basis.

There should be a way to auto-apply a coupon/promotion based a specific URL or query string (ie customer clicks on 20% off _______ PPC/Email/Social ad, and that pricing discount is automatically applied to their session for that item (or whatever items are included in the promotion) while keeping the regular list pricing the same for other visitors)

By Adam on 27 August 2014 Submitted

Remove White background from bitmap images in the designer

If a customer does not upload a transparent background image, on a black shirt it has a big white box. Would be nice to have a feature that removes the white area from the artwork. I noticed this feature on other designers..

By Dean Carson on 29 August 2014 Implemented!

Instant Price Quote

Is there a way to leverage the quote function from Business Hub on the front end of our websites that would offer our visitors the same kind of "Quick Quote" function that InkSoft and Custom Ink have?

Here is an example of what you see on every product page at Custom Ink: http://www.customink.com/quotes?product_id=04600


By Mark Holland on 05 September 2014 Implemented!

Bundle items for offer

Allow shop owners to create a bundle sale item eg 3 Polo shirts and 1 jacket for £80.00  The customer can then choose colours and sizes as well as add a logo in the designer etc.

By Justin Pugh on 16 October 2014 Submitted

Ink change fee in screen printing module

It is very common in screen printing to allow someone to print the same design on another color shirt in a different color ink and just charge an ink change fee to clean the screen. I would like to see an color overide in the deco designer that would calculate this fee and allow people to change the color of a design using the same screen (there currently is a color overide but you cannot actually change the color). I would also like the ability to provide quotes showing the same thing. 

By Corey Hyde on 27 August 2015 Submitted

Team Stores

I would like to be able to create basically a bulk order form that a high school team can log in, order, and pay for their specific order and then have a batch order for the period of time the store is "open".  For instance,  I would like to offer the same design over possibly 10 different products.  I would like a user (student/family/fan) to be able to log in and purchase the products that they want to.  I want them to be able to pay.  I then want their individual order tallied into a que for the total order.  In this instance I would open the store for a given period of time and when that time ends it would trigger the batch order.  I would then run the order and deliver to the team.  I would also want total, EASY control over the pricing of the decorated products.  Please help this would be a hit for local high schools.

By Andy Gaerte on 08 May 2015 Implemented!

-= Please vote=- Please add multiple contacts within one company

In today's businesses this should be standard. Within a company contact I should be able to add multiple contacts. We are primarily contract decorators and it is extremely common for us to do contract work for "Company XYZ". Under Company XYZ I have art designer, sales people, managers, accounting people, etc that I need to deal with. It needs to be where each one of XYZ's sales people or other employees can have there own login to track and work on their orders, but all of the billing is sent to their accounting department. The way it is right now is very cumbersome and gets my clients accounting department confused resulting in late or missed payments to me. I know I can create a separate contact for each sales person, but then I am having to run several monthly statements for company XYZ instead of just one. In result it makes my company look like it is not organized or professional. Sooner rather than later would be preferred. Just about every other job management solution can do this with ease.

By Travis Tollefsen on 15 September 2018 Implemented!

Customer Merge

Customers forget their passwords all the time. Many of them prefer to just create a new account rather than recovering their password. We need a way to merge those accounts, otherwise searching by customer is much less effective.

Also, perhaps limiting email addresses to one account only, and providing the customer an easy was to open the old account if they try to create a new one with an existing email?

By Carl Schenkenberger on 19 September 2014 Implemented!

Printing of Work Order or Invoice

You should be able to print the work order or the invoice without having to download the PDF file first. 

By Jeff McClure on 21 April 2015 Implemented!

Calendar View on Order Due Dates

Would be AWESOME if we could view order due dates in a regular calendar view, shown either by order number or order name.


I don't know about anyone else, but I know that schduling using a list view is extremely annoying, however having a calendar view would make things MUCH simpler. You could even go a step further allowing us to integrate this with our google calendar (or your preferred calendar) so we can combine order dates with dates people are booked off and shipment dates, etc.

By Rylan Grose on 13 October 2015 Implemented!

"COPY DESIGN to another product", feature added to the online designer & "INVERT COLOUR" feature

1. It would be soooo goood for a quick easy way for our customers to click 'copy design' and then apply that design to a different products without having to go through heaps of steps.

2. Also, being able to invert your logo would be so good!

3. And if you upload an eps file and you have 'strokes' and 'fonts', automatically converting them to 'shapes' would be great, so the customer receives the print they intended 

By Jared Fullinfaw on 11 November 2015 Submitted

Third Party Themes

It would be awesome if we could use themes the way Joomla or Wordpress uses them. For instance www.themeforest.com could provide us with thousands of themes if they could work into the deco platform easier. 

By pete on 26 August 2014 Submitted