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Amazon Pay

It would be nice to integrate Amzon Pay into the DecoNetwork site as a method of payment for customers. Easy clicking for the customer to check out and makes the sale much quicker.

By Andrew Hendrick on 09 April 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Player Names & Numbers should NOT have one cost

PLEASE VOTE!!! Names and numbers shouldn't cost the same. Those should be 2 different processes with 2 different costs. Most people stock numbers and cut names. Losing money by charging the same price. PLEASE VOTE!!!

By IVAN ONTIVEROS on 03 April 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

----POP-UP's for Store Front----

The fastest way to convey an idea or a sales promotion is a pop-up. The ability to have specific pop-up appear in specific pages are 100% necessary in today's industry. Pop-ups with a purpose, not just a regular pop-up will do. Action based pop-ups with specific page landings are paramount.

By IVAN ONTIVEROS on 03 April 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Electronic invoice

Hi, in Italy we have to make an electronic invoice, so we don't use DecoNetwork nvoice. Is there a way to add the "invoiced" item to the order screen? For example in "status"? It would be more evident and easiest for us to manage!

By Irene Caset on 03 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Fundraising site wording not clear.

On the fundraising site. when you reach the set pricing page with the slider. The headline price shows the maximum amount the customer would pay. This is misleading as it inevitably comes out as the most expensive price they would every pay ( for 1 Shirt potentially! ). As the customer increases the volume, the price goes down, but this headline price stays the same. The bottom profit figure goes up as the slider is moved, but the this is not exlplained either. So the customer has to work out for themselves what they are paying per unit.  Just need a clearer explanation that the unit price will go down as the quantitiy goes up.

The thoery is great, its just not clear enough for customer to see what is actaully happening. Its such a great tool, but I feel there is a blockage withthe explanantion the customer sees.

By Jan Richardson on 03 April 2019General ideas Submitted

Create decorated products from quote

Hi there, ive created a quote for a customer with around 25 line items, each is decocoated as per the customers needs. They have now asked me to 'add these procuts to our store' as a decorated product allowing their users to then visit the store to purchase and add names etc. It would be great if the item thats already been decorated in the quote can be saved as a decorated product. 

By Shane Nelson on 02 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


I think it would be awesome if there was a calender feature on the business hub where the prodcution manager can create the scheduel.  Often customers are questioning when their job is going to get printed or completed - even when the production time is stated.  The calander/scheduel would be a nice feature so the customer service people and prodcution manager can be on the same page within the program. 

By Taylor Mountjoy on 01 April 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Insert new lines in a quote / Move lines quickly

It would be really useful and time saving if, within a quote, there was an option that could move a line to an other position in the list by typing the new number of the line, rather than clicking Move up/down several times.

On the same idea, it would be nice to be able to include a "title" line: for example, we have sometimes different categories within a same quote. Creating a free form product and disabling the sizing does the trick, but the line still is assigned a number, and the price (though zero) still appears so title lines could be useful.

By Melissa Bengorine on 28 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add shipping notes

It would be great to be able to add notes to the shipping section in the business hub. We have an option for 3rd party account and it would be nice to add in the shipping number right there. Also if it is blind shipping or other notes...

By Timothy Pipp on 25 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Connect inventory

we have the necessity to combine some products' inventory.

I'll explain our problem with an example.

We have this product (1) that in some stores can be decorated, so it's ok that the photos are simple and "neutral" (1a).
But in other stores, this product can't be decorated, we sell it with our design, so I would like that the photos be more appealing, but I don't have the possibility to change the photos for each store.

So I found another method, that is:
I uploaded other products (2) with customized photos (2a).

Is there a way to unify the inventory of the product 1 with the inventory of the product 2, since the product is the same?

By Irene Caset on 25 March 2019General ideas Submitted

OPen orders in a new tab

It is very frustrating that you cannot "open orders in a new tab." This is solved by giving each order it's own unique URL.  We are often working on multiple things at once and not being able to open orders or quotes or production in new tabs slows us down tremendously

By Micha Weinblatt on 22 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Import/manipulate Colour palette

Please, please, please can there be a way of managing the product colours. We import a lot of our products and our colour palette is a complete mess! It would be great if we could simply either create a CSV and update that way (so for example whenhave a new brand) and how cool to be able to modify a palette afterwards. In our custom palette we have loads of colours that should be moved against a specific brand or are no longer required. 

Please vote for this and make life easier for all!!!


Bulk Import - Supplier Field

Bulk import has a limited number of fields and this really needs to be increased. Couple of options that need adding as a matter of urgency: 

1. Supplier field - this is not the same as a brand - this is where you may purchase a product from, so Gildan is the brand, Ralawaise is the supplier

2. Discount - we have multiply options on discounting, but as a mimimum we should be able to choose from YES = discount NO = no discount

3. Availability - we run multiple store fronts, but not all products are across all brands. Again the minmum could be = BUSINESS HUB ONLY; YOUR STORE ONLY





Tax Exemptions Choices

As you know most countries have 1 or more taxes. Also, many countries allow for tax exemptions of different kinds. Example:  Businesses can be tax exempt on one or more taxes, There are tax exemptions for purchase for children under certain ages. If a country has a VAT tax and a local tax it would be important to be able to choose what tax is exempt for what customers. Deconetwork only allows for a global tax exemption. This is not good when you need to provide a quote that requires tax exemption status. 

By James Taylor on 21 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Payment on/off feature

It would be great to have a payment on/off feature on business hub invoices. This will help when you are juggling between wholesale and retail orders. `````````

By Michael Santiago on 18 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Just like the title says. We should be able to assign a custom background color to each individual template design to display our template designs in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Also the available organization system for templates is atrocious. It does not allow for more than one level of hierarchy. For instance, we have a section called "business" for company logo templates but can not be any more specific(ie: plumbing, restaurant, hvac, construction, etc) than that without making 40+ more tabs that would display on the page. This forces us to lump it all into one category. In volume this is just messy and ugly to the end-user. If we had 1000 designs lumped onto one page how would they find the right one for their business?


CLIPART for the DIYers instead of TEMPLATES ONLY

The business hub is awesome but our websites' designer functions are still not super great and are clunkier than others with less stock artwork avilable.

I don't have a design team on staff that I can afford to pay to sit and make templates all day. Inksoft provides like 15000 free stock designs or something. Look at what custom ink,  uberprints, and others are doing. We need to simplify the designer view a bit by removing the clutter and make the buttons/links larger and more prominent and add a clipart library our customers can use.

Right now its templates only. I find that my customers usually want something fairly simple yet very specific and it would be awesome instead of having to make each and every design for them to just give them a library to choose from and they can pop in whatever text they want.

The best way to make a product is to completely put yourself into the end users shoes, so that would be DN's customers' customers. Once you do that, use the end product and see how intuitive it really is. 


customer store credit - TOTAL REVAMP

I think customer/store credit should automatically be available as a payment method once a customer logs in to his or her account. Our tedious policy now is to count misprinted or shorted tems and tally up the price and manually add a credit to a customers account. Then, when they reorder, we have to manually make a line-item on the order with a negative balance for that credit amount and delete the credit from the customer account page. It needs to be simpler than this.

I personally like the credit option much more than the refund option because we don't take as much of a loss due to the mark-ups. 

I would also like customers to have a clear view of their store credit and be able to spend it on whatever they want or let it compound into more. This could make refunding order shorts easier and give the customer incentive to order again sooner.

Also we could use this funtion to set-up a loyalty program with repeat customers. It's great because of the margins.

We could offer say a $100 store credit per $1000 spent. If our profit margin is 60% then that $100 is really only $40 out of pocket. Most of our orders average in the $600-$1500 range so that $40 is fairly insignificant at the end of the day and a great way to keep them coming back for more.


Additional email address in Customer

The majority of our customers use different email addresses for the person ordering and the accounts depart who need the invoice, it would be great if when you setup a new customer you can list two email address so that when sending quote/order/invoice etc you can select the relevant email address or both.


By Liana Hendy on 12 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Team Names

We are finding more and more customers are wanting individual names 'embroidered' ont there garments however the Team Names function only allows us to select print. It would be great if this function could be opened up to embroidery as well.

Many thanks

By Liana Hendy on 12 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted