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Auto Complete Address Form

I feel like when creating a new customer you should be able to auto complete the address form based on a small about of information like the street. I see this all the time on other websites. 

Here is a stack overflow about it.

By Matthew Kustes on 16 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to print screenprinting/emb/etc. seperate.

Having the ability to only print work orders/invoices that include screenprinting or whatever decoration process. We print the sheets and send them out to production but have to highlight the screenprinted items when the job includes both screenprinting and embroidery. There's also a ton of pages that print, which is kind of unneccasry when half of the pages are emb. I know we could select which pages to print, but having the option would be a cool feature.

By Hunter Strine on 15 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Customer Review

Please, guys, support this idea.

Allowing customer to leave a review just like any platform out there.

This would be a great impact or boost on our SEO especially on creating JSON-LD or schema mark-up.

Thank you

By jhon geric on 14 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Auto fill discount code on checkout page

Great for marketing, and popular on e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Auto discount be applied from URL

By Zhen Lim on 10 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Display Customer discount in Business Hub

It would be nie to know that a custmer has additional discount set to their account. It would be an important information for the sales staff to know before they start negotiating price with the customer. Please see my attachment for visual




Added field on inventory settings - Stock Location

Moving into a new warehouse we would like to set all correct and make all easy to find - any chance on adding a stock-location-field on the inventory page? Just a simple text-field would be sufficient so one could add a code as such.

If this was possible adding the content of field into the worksheet (and packingslip) would make it easy when pulling stock on an order. 

Hope it is a easy to acchive

By Jeanette K Qvarfot on 09 January 2019General ideas Submitted

Upselling products

Some way is needed to be able to add productus for upsale right a product decoration page.    I did one out of necessity for adding a "Matching Hoodie" to a fishing jersey in Custom Fields.  While is works great and have sold more in the last month than we did the previous year.   It does cause a problem in that the quantity still shows 1 item and is easily overlooked.  (Don't ask me how I know that bumble.)  That way it is also not added to purchase order and no way of tracking item sales.  



By Dreamer Dahlgren on 08 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

External Account Payment

add an option in to payments for "to be dealt with by external accounts facility" so those of us who use a "proper" accounts package aren't duplicating work / payment receipts etc smiling w/ sunglasses 

By Richard Mattinson on 03 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Set Out of Stock Behavior on product level

As part of our product lifecycle, first they are added to our web sites and inserted with stock. After a while, they will be discontinued and moved to a Closeout or Clearance category where customers can order until all stock is eliminated. We would like an option at the product level (or category or even website level) where we can prevent customers from ordering more than what is currently in stock. We are aware of the global setting in the Products > Inventory Settings menu, we would just like this added to a lower level than global.

Thank you for your consideration,

Geoff Moldenhauer

By Geoff Moldenhauer on 28 December 2018Store front ideas Submitted

ability to set store availability for custom fields.

ability to set store availability for custom fields.

so, you can use the same product across a number of affiliate stores but giving different options.

for example, we have a hoodie we use across most of our sites some stores want the option for initials on the products as where others want name on the back and initials 

to create this i need to create a copy of the product for each website i make 

this has some down sides for example

we have a long list of the same products when on business hubs making it difficult for my production team find it hard to put on an order to use the right one 

also, this stops us being able to use the inventory features because we use the same product in the same colours and just embroider the correct logos onto them

By Matt Moore on 17 December 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Any way to print all the month's invoices in one go? 

In Accounts, at the end of each month, I have to print (preferably to pdf) the month's order/invoices (can go up to 250+ in peak season).  This is currently taking AGES as I have to manually open each Order invoiced one by one and hit print.  Then (several hours/days later), I currently have to split the pile into manageable groups of 25 pages to scan from our printer and email them to myself in pdf format.  All very long-winded.  In previous system (French EBP), I was able to selecte from xx date to xx and print ALL INVOICES into a single pdf file.

By Pascale Florin on 13 December 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Purchase Order Naming and PO updates

We would like to be able to choose the name of the purchase order rather than a random number - we would use the date, or job name that way we can combine pos, rather than raising 20 a day. So if we have a PO for AlphaBroder, we would just keep raising POs to what we name it. Right now, we would have to figure out if that was raised today or yesterday - but having the ability to "free form" the PO#/name it would give us freedom to name it what we want. Also, when we raise a PO and then there is a change on an invoice, the garment that is changed stays on the po. I would like the ability to automatically remove that with an invoice change. So if a customer orders 2 M and wants to change it to 1 M and 1 L the PO still reads 2 M and 1L and I would have to manually delete the 1 M. I think a simpler way to do this would be a recall PO button or somethign like that. Where you click it and it deletes those items from the invoice out of that PO and then you can re raise the PO. I have so many open POs from changes and not cleaning it up as we went.

Last thing along the same line - check box on the left side so you can select multiple POs without having to open each one. Sort of like marking produced or shipped on the invoice side. Sometimes we have 4 or 5 pos and have to open each one to recieve but all 5 are in so we wouldn't need to go in and open it up.

By Timothy Pipp on 06 December 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Store owners should get an email notification when the fulfilment centre has sent them a notice

Please can you enable it so that store owners get an email notification when the fulfilment centre has sent them a notice, and tell them where to find it?

Or even better send the notice by email instead of it being only visible once they log in to their store and happen to look at Messages (which should be called Notices or Notices should be called Messages so it's consistent.


By Niki Merrett on 30 November 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

UK Shipping Intergration

Hi Guys,

We are expanding all the time so it is important to us that our platform (Deco Network) is as streamline as possible to keep customer enquiries/quotes/orders to an efficient level.

We curracntly use DPD and would love the Deco network team to seriously consider setting up some UK shipping Suppliers so as we can book on shipments with ease and keep the system down to one system for 80% of our work so as we can streamline the process from order/production/shipment.

If you need any further information from us then please let me know.

I would love to hear from other UK suppliers using deco network as to if this would benifit them also.


Daniel Blake

By Daniel Blake on 30 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Payment method

It would be helpful to include the payment method in the Export Order Payments to help qith reconciling Quickbooks.

By Adam Danish on 23 November 2018General ideas Submitted

Price Per Size

Make possible to have on Quotes, Orders, Invoices and such that are sent to the customer list the prices for each item by size rather than have an average price for an item


Gildan 8000 
S - 15.00
M - 15.00
L - 15.00
XL -15.00
2XL - 17.00
3XL - 18.00
4XL - 19.00...

Right now all you get is an average cost for the 8000 rather than individual prices per each size so it would show

S                    16.45

I don't know why it is done this way on invoices as I have customers who want to know the price per size and the only work around is to make an new item for each size that has a different price which then means having to add the decoration to each and also makes the work order confusing to the productions staff.


By Brian Schneider on 19 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Credit Advice (after invoice sent to client)

As most accountants will tell you never ever change an invoice after it has been sent to client  (for legal reasons as well as for good accountency housekeeping) a way to send the client a proper credit note/advice on for ex. returned clients would be greatly appreciated.

If this also adjusted the stocklevels for any return products it would be even greater..

Anyone else feels the same?

Thank you

By Jeanette K Qvarfot on 19 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Change Reorder process to make it clearer

Hi team, is there any way to make the reorder process clearer?

Eg at the moment its not very clear at all. There are no instructions. 

They need to work out themselves that they have to click the checkbox on the left and then the Reorder button on the top right and then add to cart before they can edit it.

I've tried to see if there's access to the page so that I can add some instructions but I can't access the page.


By Niki Merrett on 18 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add Upload image icon, and change function

Hi team,

Would it be very tricky to add an icon next to Upload image in the Designer?
Like how the Facebook and Instagram text has an icon?
See screenshot attached - if it could be an upwards facing arrow that would be great.

It is also a bit weird that when you click on this text Upload Image, you don't get taken to the upload image section, you get the 2nd screenshot which has a search bar, and then you have to click Upload Image again in order to upload an image.

Is there a way to remove this step so that when you click on the first upload image, you go straight to uploading an image?

By Niki Merrett on 18 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Turn off shipping method over or under certain weight

Currently all shipping methods go from 0 up to infinity.  I sell some items that are small and some that are oversized.  For the smaller items I need services like Priority mail.  The oversized items are not allowed to ship through USPS because they are too large.  I would like to be able to setup shipping options from x pounds to y pounds as oposed all live shipping options being an option for all orders.  For instances, I would like to be able to say that USPS is only available up to 5 pounds and UPS services would go on to infinity.  

By Clara-Marie Hemrick on 15 November 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted