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Artist royalties

Artists can be paid royalties or markups for their art without needing their own store.  

By Sara on 25 August 2014 Submitted

Shipping Partner Integration

Our only option for shipping integration right now is to export a CSV file.  It would be great if there was API/XML access offered to make things more automatic.  

Integration with GoShippo.com or Shipworks would be a start.

By Sara on 14 September 2014 Submitted

Batch Upload Capability for Store Designs

We really do need the option to do BATCH uploads of our own Store Designs just like we can with Stock designs. At the moment the only option is to upload them one by one or import into stock first which means all stores have access to them.

At the very least if batch uploads have been done in Stock and then 'copied' to Store they should actually be copied rather than linked so that they can be either deleted or disabled from stock if you don't want all stores to have access to those particular designs.

As is stands the files remain linked so if you decide to delete them from Stock they also get deleted from Store. 

By Syl Cinque on 23 October 2014 Submitted

Individual Store Affiliate Transaction Fees

It would be nice to have the ability to customize the Affilaite Transaction Fee for each store. There are some stores where we don't want to charge a transaction fee and others that we do not and at the moment we have no way of declaring who gets hit with a fee and who does not. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 02 April 2015 Submitted

More Options for Generating Reports

It would like to see more options for what can be exported in the Reports section.  Specifically, I would like to be able to export Shipping Weight in the Order Line Items report.  Maybe a bood solution is allowing people to create and save their own reports.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 21 April 2015 Submitted

Applique Option

I want a option just like DTG, Silkscreen, Embroidery, and Sublimation.  But add an option for applique function and module to design it. For those that don't know Appliqué is the ability to sew fabric on to garments, such as jerseys, Greek Apparel, collegiate gear, High school HSS...ect. I have a Ioline 300 that’s what I use it for. Applique you apply it in layers, I think this idea is grand for shop like mine.

By Michael Smith on 27 February 2016 Submitted

Save layout to customer's account

When creating an order for a customer, using their name, in the business hub, we would like to "save layout". Then the customer would have access to it in their account as a "saved layout, and could order from it. 

By Deb Russell on 04 March 2016 Submitted

Campaign Integration with Shops

I'd like to be able to offer pre-order function provided by the campaign function within my shop.  Here's a competitor that has this function implemented:  http://www.rangerup.com/neverapol.html  Pre-orders and non-pre orders are fulfilled together, streamlined checkout process.

The idea is to provide the ability to offer a product in my store, along side all of my other products as a pre-order.  If the pre-order tips, I print it, if it doesn't, cancel the pre-order and no one's card is charged.

I think this would be a nice feature to have after perhaps Campaign 2.0 is delivered.

By Kimberly on 15 March 2016 Submitted

Single Page Invoice

If you have a customer shop with a pre-decorated product, it isn't necessary to generate all the product details - all that is required is a single page invoice to go out with the customer order. It would be good to either be able to customise the existing template, or simple have a single page invoice as a standard option. Please vote for my idea!!!

By Paul on 20 April 2016 Submitted

Coupons for specific product

Coupons and specials are expected by online customers. The coupon system needs more flexibility and options for creative use in promotional activities.

A much needed enhancement is the ability to create a coupon that is specific to a product or group of products, as opposed to the current inflexible one size fits all global discount.

By Website Admin on 02 May 2016 Submitted

Decoration Pricing Table Enhancement

Please add a way to offer price differences in print materials (i.e. htv, glitter, flock, pattern, etc). 

This could be handled in many ways (color categories that add to the price, more decoration tables, etc)

For Example:

HTV Vinyl and HTV Glitter are different prices.

Screen Pinting and Foil are different prices

Embroidery regular thread and metallic thread are different prices.

By NICOLE DORR on 12 May 2016 Submitted

Shipstation integration to automatically fill out address labels

It would be great if labels were printed automatically to your shipping providor.

deco can set this up easily here...




By Jared Fullinfaw on 05 August 2016 Submitted

Migrate platform to Magento, Shopify or Wordpress

This platform should be migrated to Magento, Shopify or Wordpress where there are more apps and developrs avaiaible to take websites to the next level. If such isn't possible, the DecoNetwork design tool should be aviaaible as a plugin on such platforms instead.

By JP on 18 November 2016 Submitted

Order Tracking Widget

Customers should be able to track the status of existing orders and returns without logging in to their account.

By JP on 18 November 2016 Submitted

Embroidery Design Grouping Like in Screen Printing

Add the funcitionality to continue using the same design on multiple products in all decoration processes, like in the screen priting module.

This will reflect accurate quantity discounts and make building orders in the Business Hub Faster.

See also....Embroidery design Recognition ( Same as Screen Print).  This is the same idea.

By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017 Submitted

Screen Set up Pricing


I think it would be useful to have the screen set up cost in the new colour count screen to inform clients decision as to how many colours to choose for their design, as now they get a surprise after adding to cart with 8 colour design that they have to pay for screen set up for each colour. All clients are not educated in the screen print process and do not understand this charge so it would be nice for them to make an informed decision at the design stage rather than the checkout stage. 

By Andrew on 15 October 2017 Submitted


We all have a problem. Our Deconetworks online designer is not state of the art and therefore we loose business. You all loose business. We can not compete.

We need an online designer like this here:


1. A simple design process any user understands, even the 50 year old secretary.

2. A great look of embroidery logos uploaded by users. It actually looks like real embroidery.

3. Great user friendlyness  on mobile devices.

4. Simple order process.

Folks, we need to act now or this is all over in two years.  

By santafetex on 08 December 2017 Submitted

Facebook Ad Pixel

Give customer ability to add a Facebook Ad Pixel so that they can track their campaign.  Competition is providing this service.  Thank you

By Lita Carpenter on 19 December 2017 Submitted

Add notes to line items

It would be really handy if there was the option to input notes for each individual line item.

I know there is the generic notes box at the bottom, but this can get confusing if you are referring to only one or two items in the order. 

By Joe Tickner on 30 January 2018 Submitted

Add Stitch Count and Thread Colors/Names to Quote/Sales Order/Art Approval

Need a way to be able to add the stitch counts on a design in a location where the customer sees it right off not buried several pages into the quote, plus it doesn't show up at all on the art approval.  Also would be nice if the thread colors/numbers showed up there as well.


By Brian Schneider on 22 October 2018 Submitted