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Price Per Size

Make possible to have on Quotes, Orders, Invoices and such that are sent to the customer list the prices for each item by size rather than have an average price for an item


Gildan 8000 
S - 15.00
M - 15.00
L - 15.00
XL -15.00
2XL - 17.00
3XL - 18.00
4XL - 19.00...

Right now all you get is an average cost for the 8000 rather than individual prices per each size so it would show

S                    16.45

I don't know why it is done this way on invoices as I have customers who want to know the price per size and the only work around is to make an new item for each size that has a different price which then means having to add the decoration to each and also makes the work order confusing to the productions staff.


By Brian Schneider on 19 November 2018 Submitted

Decorated Products: Decoration Process Min Quantity Override & Select Price Table

Pre-Decorated products require the same minimum quantities that are set for the Decoration Processes used.  This does not work for online stores where people are ordering indvidual products.  The current work-around from support is to make a copy of the product and use a different decoration process that is set-up with a minimum of 1. This is very time consuming requires many additional work arounds, and is not efficient.

I have 2 ideas that would help solve this issue:

  1. Add an option to Decorated Products: Decoration Process Minimum Quantity Override
  2. Add the option to Decorated Products: Select Decoration Process Price Tables 

These 2 options would allow:

  • The use of the correct decoration process
  • Customers to purchase decorated products at quantity of 1
  • Manage Decorated Product pricing in pre-formulated uniform way.
  • Reduce the number of duplicate products that need to be created and managed in the product catalog.
By NICOLE DORR on 07 March 2019 Submitted

Implement more of the top 100 voted ideas

Implement more of the top 100 voted ideas

Would be great to see some of the ideas implemented from the top 100 ideas section. Such as

  • 'single page checkout' that was suggested in 2014. This is still very relevant and has been best practice for years now.
  • sign in with facebook
  • shopify integration
  • realistic printing preview
  • afterpay integration
By Jared Fullinfaw on 15 September 2019 Submitted

Net product price on the quote screen missing

Customer called me to get a quote on 100 t-shirts with 2 color print. I started a quote screen while customer is on the phone, enetred the t-shirt and his design so now I see unit price and a discount 7.5% and then a grand total. Where is the NET PRICE of the product. He doesnt want to hear that the price is $8.00 minus 7.5% discount. he wants the net price. I had to pull out a calculator to give him the net price which is preety dumb. However, I noticed that the customer does see a net price on the quote that was emailed to him. So why not make the same number visible to me on my screen. Even I as a salesmen would like to see what is the final price I am charging them for the product before I email them a quote.


By Mozi on 21 October 2014 Implemented!

Internal email notifications configuraton

The Business Hub internal email notifications need to be managed. Our administrative users email inboxs are cluttered with dozens of Deco notifications. Sifting through emails to determine what is pertinent information is time consuming and counter productive.

The ability to turn off specific notifications for users would be a smart addition so as not to bombard users with information overload. From the User/Login console add radio buttons for each type of notification update. Turn on what you want the user to receive, turn off what they don't need to know.

Simple, but productive idea, 

By Barry Carter on 28 January 2015 Implemented!

Product listing Order

Edited: Found that if all products are selected, four arrows are displayed.

On the Manage Fulfillment products page, the sort mode arrows only move the product to the top or bottom of the selected list, not up or down the list one product at a time, when you have selected a category from the left. If you select all products, four arrows are shown.

Need to have the extra arrows that move the product one place up or down the list, added for individual category selection.

Would also be great to be able re-order groups of products using the selection tick boxes on the left of the product listing to select the products to move and use the bulk action or drag and drop to move them.

By Andrew Smith on 07 February 2015 Implemented!

Smarter free form product

I would like to see size/qty field little more advanced so that if we are entering mulyiple sizes and qty it automatically updates the qty field. The way i suggest is that you can give us an optional popup table with 2 colums for size and qty. Your program then automatically updates the qty field by adding all the numbers from the qty column and ofcourse it also deactivates the qty field beacuse its now dynamic. follow the link to view the mockup I have created as a suggestion

The reason I find this feature beneficial is that we are dealing with hundreds of products not setup in our deco system. especially bottoms. Bottoms sizes range from 28-48 then tall/slim styles are seperate. So to create a product with that many size option for 1 customer is too much work. Also they keep changing the style every now and then. so it may not even be woth it. A popup table feature would be a perfect solution for this task. This way we wont have to add sizes manually and therefore no chance of making mistakes with numbers.


By Mozi on 13 July 2015 Implemented!

Record E-Mails Sent to Customer from Account Page

Absolutely need the ability to record e-mails sent direct to a customer through deconetwork, when sent from the customers account page!


Before I get replies to this telling me this is already a function and before you skip over voting for this I just went through this scenario and was informed by Deconetwork that this function is not included in Deco yet.


We e-mailed a customer from their account page (Business Hub -> Customers -> Click on Customer -> Click on either "Request Payment", "Resend Welcome E-mail" or "Generate Statement"). In our case we used the "Request Payment" button since we wanted to remind the customer of their 3 outstanding orders they had (hence why we went through here instead of each individual order). After a couple days I got a phone call from the customer about the e-mail that was sent to them so I went in to try and review what was said to them in the e-mail (as I did not send it) and I found out that these e-mails are not saved unless they are sent directly via the "order" or "quote" screen. Paper trails are extremely important, especially for accounting purposes. Now the customer could claim they were never sent payment notification and we have to wait another series of months before being able to collect from them.

By Rylan Grose on 31 December 2015 Implemented!

Filters (color, size, frabric, brand, price, etc.) on Catergory/Product Listing Pages

Add support for filters (by color, size, frabric, brand, price, etc.) on catergory/product listing pages.

By JP on 12 January 2016 Implemented!

Mirror/flip objects in Designer

There needs to be a button in the designer for mirroring an object. I don't know how it can be done otherwise. 

By Ben Qualls on 28 January 2016 Implemented!


It would be nice to import your fonts into deconetwork. because when you design templates in Corel draw, then you upload it, but if deco does not have the font you have on your template, it defaults to another font messing up your template it would be nice to upload your own font from your computer. So the template looks just like it does in Corel Draw.

By Michael Smith on 27 February 2016 Implemented!

Additional email address in Customer

The majority of our customers use different email addresses for the person ordering and the accounts depart who need the invoice, it would be great if when you setup a new customer you can list two email address so that when sending quote/order/invoice etc you can select the relevant email address or both.


By Liana Hendy on 12 March 2019 Implemented!

Idea Difficulty level

I think each idea should be "rated by difficulty to complete" by a deco team member eventually. This could include how long each project may take to complete if the idea is accepted.  Or the reasons why it's not possible to keep people from further voting. Some of the ideas on here are way way easier to implement then others. 

By pete on 29 August 2014 Submitted

Sell Non Printable Products

I want to be able to sell non-printable products. I want to sell Fabric Markers for instance, I want to be able to keep inventory on this product. 

I want DecoNetwork to add options beyond selling printbale products. I want to click on an option so the printing design feature of a new product does not come up. This is just a product for sale and I can add the image and sell the product. No need to add shipping info, sizing, quantity, etc. etc. 

The best way to describe this, is selling a product that just like a Shopify, SquareSpace, or any E-Commerce selling website. 

Hope this makes sense to people. 


By Soleiman Bolour on 12 September 2014 Submitted

Personalization Validation

There should be a validation at either check out level or order confirmation level which shows what customers have entered on each product for personalization fields. We get so many customers complaining that they have no way to know that what they typed it got to us correctly since they dont ever see it. 

By Kevin on 23 September 2014 Submitted


This could probably be lumped into "PowerClip Editing Contents" by Ruben, but I view it a little differently.

Cropping is really nothing more than supplying a clipping mask and then removing the "masked area"  The function already exists.  We use it when we set a custom product decoration area.  Essentially, what I am looking for is the ability to select a clipping mask and supply a background from stock images or uploaded images.  The "masked area" would be below subsequently added text or images allowing for "layers" of decoration.

I am not asking for a custom clipping mask, just a basic circle and rectangle that can be sized without regard to proportion.  This would allow for most "cropping" functions.

The primary application is photographs where we want to drop out a background or select one idividual in a goup photo, etc.

The next step would be to place the mask image behind the "cropped" image with a 4 or 6 pt stroke and apply a gausian blur to feather the edges into a white or black border, so it doesn't look so much like a "cut-out".

The obvious advantage is to allow a retail customer to upload and crop an image as part of their decoration without having to involve the "art department".  If it could be treated as a design image element, it would allow for it to be a "chargeable" feature much like adding a custom piece of art from a pay as you go source.

Alternatively, if it would be possible to upload a template to accomplish this, but that would be limiting.

By jim freeman on 22 October 2014 Submitted

Store-specific payment gateway

I would like to have the ability to assign payment gateways at the store level. This would greatly enhance the fulfillment center owner's niche marketing capabilities by allowing us to launch branded stores to highly targeted niche markets while maintaining the niche store's branding throughout the purchase and billing process.

For instance, if I were selling shirts to summer camps, I would probably attract more customers if I marketed the line with a relevant name (i.e. CamperShirts.com) than I would with a more generic parent company name (i.e. AcmeAdvertising.com). At present, we can launch these niche stores but are forced to bill the niche store's customer under the generic parent company name's payment gateway.

By Mark Holland on 09 January 2015 Submitted

Screen Set Up Fees

I would like the ability to turn off the screen set up fee for my affiliate stores. Or at least be able to turn it off when creating a decorated product.

If it is a decorated product, it would make sense to create and burn the screen ahead of time and only do it once. However the designer will charge the set up fee for a decorated product everytime it is purchased. What I've been doing is using a dye sub price chart to bypass the set up fee but then that overcomplicates things in my business hub and product catalogues. This solution was suggested by a deconetwork support staff. 

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 15 January 2015 Submitted

Change document size for shipping label

Nobody uses a4 shipping labels, let's make the size customizable.

By Mike on 07 April 2015 Submitted

Make the Campaign designer bigger

Have the campaign designer as big as the "design your own" designer. It looks lost on the screen when you change from one designer to another. Big and simple like the teespring designer. If someone was comparing the two services the look and size of teespring designer would attract them over our Deco designer.


By Andrew on 24 February 2016 Submitted